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Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between October and December 2018

By William J. Dodwell

  • TRUMP CAVES ON THE WALL.  The president is looking for an out from his government shutdown, as that tack has failed to get the legislation for border-wall funding.  The outgoing House voted for it but Leader Mitch McConnell refused to invoke the nuclear option required to pass a funding provision in the Senate with only a 51-vote majority.  There is scant chance the new Democratic House will support the funding.  Of course, this position has nothing to do with the cost as Democrats claim, but rather to deny the president a political victory.  Also contrary to public statements, the left knows the wall would be very effective in permanently stanching the flow of illegal aliens whose votes through eventual amnesty liberals covet.  Combating drug smuggling, human trafficking, crime, disease, overcrowding, and other pathologies is purely ancillary to potential votes.  The opioid crisis be damned.  The people be damned.  This is truly a perversion of the republic. 


    Trump has been weak on the wall issue asking for only $5 billion out of some $25 billion needed.  And it is rumored he is willing to negotiate it to under $2 billion.  The word is that now he will accept “border security” measures in lieu of a wall and call it victory.  While that might improve migrant detection, it would not seem to do much to prevent crossings unless border agents can engage with gunfire or other force, which is unlikely.  What’s more, unlike a wall, future administrations could easily deactivate alternative infrastructure.  This is why Democrats expressed support for a short fence (that could be dismantled) instead of a high permanent concrete barrier.  In fact, Trump’s acceptance of a fence in lieu of a tall wall is a trap.  The term fence in the legislation would preclude a wall by definition, as they are two different things.   Invoking the letter of the law, Democrats could challenge wall construction and win.  In any case, eminent domain legal challenges by property owners would likely prevent building for years.


If Trump were serious, he would consider selling some agency assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars, such as a massive portfolio of loans to farmers.  This is property of the executive branch.  Moreover, he has talked about taking funds for the wall from the military budget and foreign aid, as well as confiscating foreign remittances and imposing a special tariff, but no action.  Congress might challenge the constitutionality of these options but they are worth pursuing.


This outcome is most disappointing.  It hurts Trump’s credibility.  Whether this signature issue now adversely affects his reelection prospects remains to be seen.  12/31/18


  • MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  May your wildest right-wing dreams come true in 2019.  Here are a couple of my piano solos to capture the season’s spirit.


        “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” at

         “Jingle Bell Rock” at


  • WOMAN OF THE YEAR.  The Comprehensive Conservative announces its first Woman of the Year tribute.  Drumroll please …

Stormy Daniels

2018 Woman of the Year

As a prominent figure in the news throughout 2018, Stormy Daniels is a fitting ballast to the concurrent #MeToo horror which she embodies as its very antithesis.  While the movement admonishes men not to touch women, Ms. Daniels refreshingly symbolizes a primordial reality:  woman as sex object.  Although humanity has evolved well beyond that singular focus, it is not enough for the feminist left which punitively negates basic instinct to disempower men for political advantage.  Therefore, it is appropriate to invoke in juxtaposition the movement’s diametrical opposite.   As such, Ms. Daniels is to be celebrated as a theoretical antidote to the puritanical #MeToo model that has garnered so much blind support to the detriment of human relations.

As to her image as a nemesis to our great president, we now know that Ms. Daniels did not authorize her sleazy lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to file her failed lawsuit.  So, that move should not be held entirely against her. In fact, she has become a largely sympathetic figure as she swings from poles in strip clubs across America to raise some $300,000 to pay multibillion-dollar Trump’s legal defense fees according to court order.  Fortunately, her national publicity has multiplied her performance fee, which might say something about what some people really think of #MeToo.  12/18/18

        He exposes the truth that has destroyed men’s careers, reputations, families and finances in the wake of false and frivolous accusations of sexual misconduct         brought forth by grifters, vengeful colleagues, man-hating lesbians, spurned spinsters and corporate vestal virgins.  Mr. Dodwell blows the whistle on                     dubious allegations treated as fact by a media standard which holds that a woman accuser is always right and due process be damned.  #MeToo fraud was          borne out in the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the faltering Harvey Weinstein prosecution.  Of late, the movement is taken aback by those                 embarrassments, as well as growing public support for the accused, and some media acknowledgement of the widespread injustices this horrible feminist             crusade has wrought.

        In honor of his heroism Mr. Dodwell will always be prominently recognized by The Comprehensive Conservative that he founded and for which he is the             sole writer.  12/17/18

  • ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE MUSIC INTERLUDE.  Once again I emerge from the think tank to smell the roses.  Accordingly, I share some more of my piano solos that illustrate the conservative culture inherent in The Comprehensive Conservative mindset.


My first selection entitled, “Cute”, is a 1950s Neil Hefti composition and jazz standard I recorded in 1991.  Hear it at


“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a timeless inspirational song by Richard Rodgers featured in the 1945 Broadway production, “Carousel”.  I recorded it just last week.  Hear it at


Finally, I present “A Sunday Kind Of Love”, a 1940s standard I recorded in 2017.  Louie Prima wrote it in collaboration with three other composers.  Hear it at


For a large sampling of my piano recordings see my You Tube channel at   12/12/18

  • GO AHEAD.  CALL ME A RACIST.  That is the attitude America must adopt to disarm the left in its effort to intimidate the public into submission.  The charge of racism shuts down debate rendering easy victory for the accuser, and for liberals writ large.  Conservatives, afraid to resist, fall for the gambit hook, line and sinker.  Even though the epithet has become devalued as the left invokes it so gratuitously, the charge still imposes dreaded social and professional banishment on the accused.  As such, fear of the race card has to stop through a grass roots challenge to its power. 


Casualties of the race card


Many absurdly claim that criticism of Obama is racist.  In particular is the verboten questioning of his birthplace despite abundant indications of his foreign origin that would have rendered him constitutionally ineligible to be president.  But the media and legal authorities never allowed that evidence to see the light of day as everyone on the left and right still shuns the topic because of supposedly racist implications.   Anyone who dares to raise the issue is ipso facto racist, the Constitution be damned.  In addition, citing any differentiation between races on the basis of physiology, genetics or statistically proven social facts is impolitic.  For example, those who contemplate the subject of highly disproportionate black crime and a predisposition for violence are summarily dismissed or vilified.  And, of course, they are called racist with all the injustices that might ensue.


Celebrities are especially vulnerable because the racist moniker applied to them sends a message to large populations, even if it has no basis in fact.  As such, the left makes examples of them in illustrating the wrath it visits upon those who dissent from its fascist orthodoxy.  The media silenced well-known oddsmaker Jimmy the Greek in the 1970s for pointing out certain innate physical advantages of black athletes.  Meghan Kelly lost her job for speaking benignly about wearing black face on Halloween as a child.  ABC fired Rosanne Barr for a comical quip about Valerie Jarret’s appearance, inferred by the media as a slur on her black heritage. (How many even knew Jarret was black?)  Kitchen maven Paula Deen lost her longtime television program because of a racial slur she uttered thirty years prior. Papa John’s co-founder, John Schnatter, had to resign because he used the N word in a conference call about how to deal with the fallout from his public lament about the adverse effect the NFL national anthem protests had on his business.  In fact, in mentioning the word Schnatter simply referenced chicken king, Colonel Sanders’ past use of the term with impunity, suggesting the alleged racial implications of his anthem protest complaint were unfounded.  Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ron DeSantis took heat for referring to his black opponent’s “monkeying around” with existing good policy.  LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was crucified by the media and forced to sell his team.  All he did was make a negative comment about blacks to his half-black girl friend in a private phone conversation she exposed in an extortion attempt.  The hit list is endless.


The left’s dependence on blacks


Twenty years ago I overheard a long telephone conversation between a college professor and an associate about having to recruit a black instructor.  The white speaker kept repeating that a particular candidate was “articulate”.  Several times in the course of the conversation he said, “… but he’s articulate”.  Desperate to add a black to the faculty, apparently under pressure from the administration, he figured that speaking well was enough to make the candidate seem credible in the position and thus allow the college to further demonstrate its diversity.  His background and expertise did not seem to matter as it was not discussed.  Surely, if the candidate is articulate everyone will assume he is a qualified academic.  Blacks play a major role in the diversity game by which the left tries to divide and conquer.  In fact, their grievance is stock in trade for the left.


The left is desperate to maintain the monolithic black Democratic voting block.  It is said that if it falls under 85% from the historical 90+%, the party cannot win at the ballot box.  Liberals also depend on black pathologies to justify trillions of dollars of government assistance.  That largess empowers liberal politicians through the black votes it garners.  It also enriches the institutions that get lucrative contracts to deploy the goodies in exchange for political donations.   Blacks are a major meal ticket for the left.  The last thing it wants is a cure for poverty and other black ills.  Indeed, the left uses black voters as pawns, dupes, or as Marx would say, useful idiots.  As such, liberals are extremely protective of blacks, vilifying all who refuse to pander to them and their allies.  The race card is a major weapon for doing this.   


But the black electoral monolith that Democrats have taken for granted for so long may be weakening.  Witness the relatively substantial black support for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  Also consider influential Kanye West’s public support for him in a call for blacks to rethink their political loyalty.  On the other hand, this serious threat to the Democrats might cause them to double down in their charges of racism in an effort to curry favor with questioning blacks and thus minimize defections.  All the more reason to marshal a resistance to the race card.


Fighting back


The public must fight back against the race card the left uses as a tool to silence political opposition.  Rational debate is not enough as the left is wedded to selfishly protecting blacks against criticism no matter what, and it will lie, distort and defame as necessary.  Truth means nothing to the left and political expediency is everything in which intimidation is an important propaganda tactic.  The solution therefore is to challenge, not shirk from, accusations of racism, not to just disprove it, but to mock the charge as meaningless.  (The same resistance model can neutralize the left across the spectrum of intersectional political identities in the battle against institutionalized victimhood.)


Show that the accusation doesn’t faze you and that you will not give in to the intimidation.  Respond insouciantly in a firm tone with, “Yeah, whatever you say.”  Ask the accuser if he knows what a racist is, or to define one.  He will look foolish at his loss for words. Then turn it around by calling him a racist because of some analogous behavior of his.  Or, just jokingly call him a racist repeatedly, every time you see him, especially in the presence of others.  Say loudly, “Hey racist, what’s up?”  That accuser will soon become very defensive and retreat.  But even after he relents, keep taunting him by saying, “Aren’t I a racist anymore?  I’m insulted.  But I bet you’re still a racist.”  Use your imagination.  The scenarios are limitless.


Those who invoke the race card too much lose credibility.  Indeed, they are viewed as having no argument, and even as stupid. That reality must suffuse the public consciousness.  Bill O’Reilly when he was with Fox News said his tactic for dealing with the accusation is to look sternly into the accuser’s eye, say nothing, walk away, and never speak to that person again.  Good start, but people have to be more proactive to win the war.


Of course, reacting to the R word on a one-on-one basis is one thing.  A bigger problem is when an employer or a social affiliation gets wind of the charge. Their dread of guilt by association can result in immediate expulsion for the accused.  Not because they think there is anything wrong, but because they have to pretend to think so in order to avoid serious backlash from the left.  And if the media get involved, forget about it.  A public drubbing is anathema to anyone.  


The solution is to effect a popular revolt to get institutions to overcome their fear of media backlash and join the grass roots, bottom up resistance described above.  This attitudinal revolution can start with individuals adopting the aforementioned turnaround tactics en masse in their daily lives as to declare a resounding collective No! to political correctness.  And blacks can help the cause enormously to the extent they renounce the race card and their historical fealty to the Democrat Party as they embrace political alternatives.


In time, institutions will see that the emperor (the left) has no clothes as critical mass sets in and fear abates among the people.  Cowardly corporations will no longer fire employees frivolously accused of racism, and advertisers won’t pull their business when they see that gratuitous charges of racism are not taken seriously anymore by the public.  The people have the upper hand if they would use it.  If they do, the charge of racism will go the way of “Your mother wears combat boots.”  And America will say, Go ahead.  Call me a racist.  12/10/18

  • DON’T DONATE TO YOUR ALMA MATER.  One effective way of protesting academia, that Marxist bastion, is to withhold donations.  So, when your alma mater calls for that annual alumni fund, stiff them – and tell them why.  Starve that beast. Your money is used to promote multicultural, environmental, LGBTQ and anti-American awareness, as well as the rest of the radical left agenda.  In particular, it goes to free rides for minorities which enable the colleges to tout their diversity and burnish their liberal bona fides that sustain government funding.  Meanwhile, tuition for whites rises unabated. It’s a typical socialist wealth redistributionist scheme.  Some colleges are declared sanctuaries for illegal aliens who get free or discounted tuition. A number of them join gangs that maraud over campus.  Cowardly administrators refuse to quell disruptive behavior by naïve brainwashed students.  Don’t be a sucker. When the endowments fall maybe the indoctrination will abate in favor of academic freedom and campus discipline. Money talks.  12/6/18

  • CELEBRATING SIX YEARS OF RIGHT-WING PONTIFICATION.  This month marks the sixth anniversary of “The Comprehensive Conservative”, the website dedicated to the proposition that the best antidote to political correctness is POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS. If you yearn for a conservative firebrand who takes no prisoners in the war on liberals, check out The Comprehensive Conservative at .  This website obliterates leftist shibboleths regarding race, climate change, #MeToo, and all political correctness, while promoting individual freedom, limited government, the rule of law, the sanctity of the Constitution, political and cultural sovereignty, fiscal austerity, free markets, and personal responsibility.  In the interest of unadulterated truth, content focuses on the glass half empty for a change with no apologies for the offended. It also condemns cultural deviancy that has undermined classic standards of language, behavior, appearance and music. Atavistic? Anachronistic?  So what?  Let’s celebrate in honor of the norms of yore that built this nation, in particular the meritocratic model now lost in the egalitarian cesspool of liberalism.  11/30/18

    • TRUMP VS. THE FED.  Here is the dilemma in a nutshell.  The Fed continues to raise, and normalize, rates to gradually deflate overpriced financial assets created by the investor flight to higher-return assets in reaction to chronic near-zero short-term rates.  Or, the Fed defers rate hikes and risks eventual inflation that will raise long-term rates fast.  This would cause inflated asset prices to plummet precipitously and trigger a recession.  Unlike Trump, I call for the former. 


      In addition, the Fed should gradually sell off its $4 trillion securities portfolio amassed from its post-crisis quantitative easing policy.  This will raise, and normalize, long-term rates as well.  The net result would be higher (normal) interest rates for savers, lenders and investors who fund the real economy of goods and services.  It also would produce lower (normal) prices for investors in stocks and other riskier assets that comprise the casino that is the financial economy. 


      Of course, a higher interest-rate environment all around threatens current GDP growth which most concerns Trump.  But we must endure some disruption and at long last pursue a return to normalcy in the financial markets.  This will help to ensure sustained and more balanced economic growth in the future. 11/28/18

    • CELEBRATING SIX YEARS OF EXEGESIS FROM THE FAR RIGHT.  Today is the sixth anniversary of the shot heard ‘round the world with the launch of my website, “The Comprehensive Conservative” at      Dedicated to the proposition that the best antidote to political correctness is POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS, it defies liberal sacred cows, shibboleths and third rails to expose truths no one dares to broach.  Covering politics, culture and the economy from the perspective of the far right, it embraces a truly comprehensive view of conservatism that decries a range of ills from government intrusion and corruption to artistic and behavioral deterioration.  No one is spared in this most impolitic pursuit of truth and propriety lost in the massive encroachment of the left that has eroded individual freedoms, diminished America’s exceptionalism, and degraded the quality of life.  “The Comprehensive Conservative” invokes the way it was in the hope of restoring a meritocracy consistent with the principles of the founding, and reviving cultural standards of yore.  Indeed, it’s about doing it the right way – the right-wing way.  11/27/18


    • AMERICA:  DUMB AND DUMBER.  Despite victories giving Republicans the presidency and complete control of Congress in 2016, as well as retention of the Senate in 2018, the country is dangerously close to a newly radical Democratic Party permanently taking over.  The checks and balances inherent in government provide some solace.  But the declining reliability of an electorate that has largely succumbed to systemic political sabotage and cultural erosion is call for alarm.  Closet socialist Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the last presidential race, while open socialist Bernie Sanders garnered huge support in the Democratic primary.  In 2018, Arizona radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema won a senate seat, and Florida gubernatorial candidate and avowed socialist, Andrew Gillum, lost by a whisker. Socialist “Beto” O’Rourke came close to winning a senate seat in formerly pure-red Texas.  In addition, once solidly conservative Orange County, California has gone completely Democratic.  What is going on with the American voters to produce this outcome?


    To be sure, significant demographic changes have contributed to the leftward electoral drift. Witness the growing Latino influences in Arizona, Texas and Florida, all rich in electoral college representation.  One wonders how much of this derives from illegal aliens in the voting booths.  But liberals from the northeast also are moving in droves to those states, perhaps by some political design.  It would seem that ethnic and ideological changes could create certain structural transformation that might interfere with the historical swing of the political pendulum.


    Another problem concerns the longstanding collaboration of the media and the educational establishment to suppress serious thinking.  This campaign aims to defuse challenges to liberal orthodoxy, in particular the call for the ever-growing size and power of government at the expense of individual freedom and thought.  The mass media shroud truth while promoting identity politics to balkanize the country and thus blunt its potential resistance.  The schools and colleges have cravenly promoted the liberal agenda, infecting young minds with propaganda and diluting academic standards to quash critical thinking.  In particular, the academy has largely ended the study of civics and American history to suppress that which made America great and to extinguish the notion of sovereignty and patriotism.  The result is a largely ignorant America that elects far too many radical Democrats.


    The left diverts public attention from serious issues by celebrating sports and entertainment to render the populace uninformed and thus predisposed to liberal propaganda.  As a consequence, we have a citizenry that wallows in frivolity, shuns reading, and mocks scholarship.  Indeed, the culture rejects serious introspection and embraces the interests of the least common denominator in society, all with a new technological impetus.  This is not a prescription for preserving American exceptionalism.  But that destruction is exactly what the left wants – a borderless, globalist amalgam of insoluble cultures beholden to a few government elites presiding over the spoils that could be a massive underclass.


    The country’s obsession with sports is symptomatic of a cultural malaise that undermines a seriousness essential to combating the nefarious incursions of the left.  Wherever parents are heard talking about their kids’ school activities it seems conversation always centers on the teams they belong to, including those of the girls, and never their academics anymore.  We must revert to the values of yore and forge radical cultural change.  Imagine a country engaged in a cultural sea change in which empty sports stadiums and arenas dot the landscape, and sports bars convert to brain bars that feature televisions locked into Fox News, C-Span and InfoWars while Sinatra music streams over the sound system.  On a massive scale, that is a recipe for a thoughtful cultivated electorate that will save the nation against the onslaught of the radical left.  Election Day would be much different.  (I can dream can’t I?)


    Make America think again!     11/26/18


    • #MeToo QUASHES SEXUAL REALITY IN THE WORKPLACE.  The recent Google employee walkout in protest of sexual harassment is testament to the groupthink and naivete of the movement’s sycophants.  Even the CEO publicly embraced the event, although intimidated workers would not speak with reporters.  Never is sexual harassment defined, and the woman is always to be believed.  It would seem that any overture is off limits, and a mere allegation is enough to banish an accused.  In fact, the Google CEO announced that no payments will be made to anyone named in a sexual harassment claim.  What a travesty!


    The nouveau puritanism imposed by #MeToo denies the natural sexual dynamics of the workplace. Indeed, what was normal male pursuit is now considered sexual harassment.  As such, the new mores leave little room for starting relationships.  The fact since time immemorial is that women want and expect to be wooed, especially if still disposed while the biological clock winds down.  Oftentimes the workplace is the only venue available to them, and men, as time constraints and circumstance preclude alternatives.  But for the #MeToo crowd emasculating men to empower women is more important.


    Historically, women rely on the workplace to meet men in the hope of marriage, children, and yes, sexual recreation.  Middle age women can’t go to clubs anymore.  And they may not be interested in adoption, surrogacy, childlessness or maidenhood.  Men instinctively initiate the interactive process that accommodates women’s desires.  Perhaps, it’s a prolonged gaze, an innocuous touch, mutually furtive knee contact under a conference table, or a slightly salacious double entendre with a smile.  This is not sexual harassment.  It’s flirting.  It’s sexual reality in the workplace.  Indeed, it’s life.  So, get out of the way #MeToo!


    When a few men and women work in close proximity for an extended time, such as a temporary office at an offsite function, sparks will fly.  Many men would eventually make a pass at a woman in that circumstance.  And many women would be disappointed if they didn’t.  But #MeToo makes that quite dangerous today.


    I know of one man’s experience that is instructive as a microcosm of sexual reality in the workplace.  On three separate occasions in different years, he cautiously indicated sexual interest in a woman colleague.  In each case, she appeared with a plunging neckline the next day exposing abundant cleavage.  The message was clear:  You started it, so you complete it.  Today, such a scenario might prompt a woman to cash in through a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit.


    #MeToo deprives women of important emotional experience because of its taboo against sexual expression in the workplace, as it deters many men from behaving normally as women would expect.  The movement is supposed to benefit women.  But in reality it probably makes many of them quite unhappy.


    See my manifesto, “War On MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” at



    • A PERSONAL APPEAL TO SAVE THE NATION.  Vote Republican on November 6th.  Turnout is vital! It’s all been said but the following cannot be repeated enough. 
      • This election is mainly about keeping Democrats out so Republicans can retain control of the House and Senate.  But it’s also about increasing those majorities to facilitate passing Trump’s agenda.  Undesirable Republicans can be dealt with later.

      •  A Democratic House or Senate would undo the economic prosperity enjoyed since Trump’s election as business and consumer confidence wane and the left thwarts Trump’s reforms.  

      • The Democrats would raise taxes and abandon all immigration controls as they lead key committees that control the legislative process.

      • Democrats have lurched radically to the left in their dedication to making America a socialist nation on the order of Europe.  They are globalists.

      • Remember the corrupted Kavanaugh hearings, the caravans, and sanctuary cities all of which have shown the Democrats’ true colors.  Democrats support unbridled illegal immigration ultimately to create legions of new voters, the vast majority of whom will certainly vote Democratic if citizenship is eventually granted.  They don’t care a whit about the effect of waves of impoverished migrants and the many criminals among them.  11/5/18

    • THE NEW FOX NEWS:  ALL CHICKS ALL THE TIME.  Ever since Fox News settled several sexual harassment lawsuits last year it has flooded the zone with female anchors, contributors and panelists in desperate atonement for its supposed sins.  The news set now rivals the Rockettes conga line at Radio City Music Hall across the street from its New York City offices often appearing in the background.  What’s next, the Menstrual Minstrels?  It’s not that the women on the air aren’t whip smart and competent.  It’s a cultural thing.  There’s little testosterone left there.  Since men rule the world they are best suited to report on it, and probably constitute the bulk of the audience.


    Here are some hypothetical substitutions that would improve the already good ratings.  Retain Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Brit Hume, Mark Levin and Brian Kilmeade, and add Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Bill O’Reilly, and Alex Jones.  Want gender balance?  Keep Jean Pirro, the hottest chick in cable news, and give Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin their own shows.  As to the other Foxettes, send them to Naked News.  I’ll gladly watch them over there.  (Take that #MeToo!)  10/31/18


    • TRUMP IS WRONG ABOUT INTEREST RATES.  The president has been quite vocal about his opposition to the Fed raising short-term interest rates, even calling into question the wisdom of his appointing Jerome Powell as chairman.  This concern no doubt stems from Trump’s historical sensitivity to interest rates as a real estate developer heavily dependent on borrowing.  But now he should concern himself with the entire economy and the need to normalize interest rates long suppressed by monetary stimulus following the financial crisis.  It is time to get off the medication and end the artificial comfort. (I was a lone wolf calling for rate normalization in my writings over five years ago.)


    To stimulate the economy after the financial crisis the Fed kept short-term rates near zero for ten years.  It also tried to suppress long-term rates artificially to stimulate consumption and investment.  This was achieved through two years of quantitative easing by which it purchased over $3 trillion dollars of Treasury and mortgage bonds, the proceeds of which flooded the financial system with liquidity.  As a result of the low rates, investors sought higher returns in risky financial assets such as stocks, exotic bonds and private-equity. 


    Barring an impending recession, it is long past the time to normalize artificially low rates to redirect capital away from the inflated financial economy and back to traditional bank loans, savings accounts, C/Ds and corporate bonds that finance the real economy of goods and services, as well as to compensate ordinary savers again.  That has started to happen in response to the Fed’s rate hikes.  For example, safe bank C/Ds now fetch about 3%, enough to compete with volatile stocks, which recently have declined substantially.  But eventually, the Fed also has to unwind its $4 trillion-dollar balance sheet bloated by its aforementioned bond purchases.  This will almost inevitably raise long-term rates as capital is withdrawn from the financial system to buy the bonds the Fed is selling.  The Fed’s need to liquidate such a massive bond portfolio distinguishes today’s monetary circumstance from any in the past.


    Why normalize interest rates while the economy is doing fine with 2% inflation, 3.6% unemployment, around 4% GDP growth, a 2.25% Fed benchmark rate, and a still relatively low 10-year Treasury bond yielding a little over 3 %?  Because the Fed thinks the economy is flirting with overheating having reached its long-awaited 2% target inflation rate, the central bank wants to nip potential inflation in the bud.  To that end, the Fed seeks an equilibrium rate that is neither stimulative nor restrictive.  But some argue there is still enough slack in a possibly structurally changed economy not to warrant more rate hikes yet as unemployment has uncharacteristically declined in the face of rising interest rates.  Indeed, for the first time on record, available jobs substantially exceed job seekers this year.


    However, recent growth is primarily a result of Trump’s tax cut and deregulation that have generated new private capital in the place of banks, as well as the capital markets that have been distorted by a yield-chasing escape from low interest rates.  Eventually, the economy will need that diverted capital to support production and consumption for continued growth as the effects of lower taxes and deregulation abate.  That means raising rates to make traditional saving and investment in traditional bank C/Ds, money market accounts, bank loans and investment-grade corporate bonds attractive enough again to fund the production and consumption of goods and services.  Otherwise, that capital will continue to be locked up in the financial economy in the form of stocks and bonds.  Current economic conditions probably call for short-term rates in the 4% range and a 10-year Treasury at about 5.5%.  Mr. President, brace yourself.  10/30/18


    • #MeToo IS REELING.  The movement has not only suffered from the behavior of its advocates in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and from the lies of Harvey Weinstein accusers exposed in his trial.  Its credibility diminishes every day as more women bemoan its politicization and the risk it poses for their male loved ones.  In addition, more and more realize that the movement doesn’t speak for women any more than NOW has.  Rather, it is largely promoted by bull dykes whose worst nightmare is to be touched by a man, even as an innocent “grope”.  These women are motivated by their man hatred, not the genuine abuse of women.  


    Here is an excerpt from my manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” available at


    “What role does the proverbial man-hating lesbian play in the filing of frivolous and false sexual harassment claims?  Is #MeToo a subrosa manifestation of the LGBT community? Does #MeToo plan to emulate the activism and thuggery the gay mafia displays in its promotion of same-sex marriage and other demands?  Perhaps when #MeToo’s real identity and motives become apparent, women will realize that the movement might not speak for the majority of them any more than NOW has all these years.  No offense to lesbians.”  10/24/18


    • BEWARE THE DEMOCRAT LIE ABOUT HEALTH CARE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.  Since health care is currently the number one issue among voters according to polls, it is important to challenge the incessant Democrat mantra about GOP support for excluding pre-existing conditions in health insurance policies.  The fact is every Republican proposal covers them and not a single Republican official objects, including the president.  Of course, the left knows this but it shamelessly lies to scare many fearful citizens into voting Democratic on this basis next month.  Without constant rebuttal everywhere, this lie could do serious damage to Republican candidates.  It must be forcefully and persistently challenged on cable television panel discussions, Republican advertising, public debates, social media and grass roots political conversations.  10/23/18

    • THE KHASHOGGI HOOPLA IS ABOUT GLORIFYING JOURNALISTS.  Would we hear about this case so much if the victim were not a journalist?  Or a journalist working for a conservative publication instead of The Washington Post?  This is largely about media glorifying their own by portraying journalists as sacrosanct.  10/22/18

    • HARVEY WEINSTEIN PROSECUTON FALTERS.  The #MeToo movement may get another black eye to add to its embarrassment in the Kavanaugh hearings.  The rape trial of Harvey Weinstein, the supposed universal symbol of sexual misconduct and catalyst for the crusade, has exposed some inconvenient truths.  As it happens two of the accusers engaged in consensual, not coercive, sex with Weinstein according to revelations and an email.  In addition, the judge dismissed a leading figure of the prosecution for withholding exculpatory evidence that discredits an accuser.  With that, the leading Assistant DA resigned just before she reached a 20-year tenure that would qualify her for a pension.  Then a second Assistant DA quit. 


    It’s funny what comes to light when sexual harassment cases go to trial where plaintiff lies are exposed and the rule of law is applied.  That’s why only 25% of sexual misconduct cases go to court and only 5% of those result in conviction.  The #MeToo modus operandi capitalizes on the reluctance of both the accuser and defendant to bear the cost and humiliation of trial by forcing lucrative settlements that sustain false and frivolous charges.  They also encourage more phony accusations that collectively create the inaccurate impression of massive injustice against women.  10/22/18

    • FEMINIST PROTESTORS UNDERMINE THE QUEST FOR WOMEN’S EQUALITY.  The behavior of Kavanaugh protestors in the Senate hearing room, outside the Supreme Court, in elevator cages and elsewhere really makes women look bad.  These screeching hysterical broads are unbearable, many with crewcuts and buzzcuts that typify what one might expect in this lot.  Their fragility, self-pity and irrationality don’t inspire support for women’s equality.  On the contrary, they remind us of why women have always been subordinate.  They must be an embarrassment to the many level-headed conforming women who contribute so much.  From a man’s perspective, these demonstrations, coupled with the fraud and injustice of the #MeToo movement, reinforce the affinity for the proverbial old boys network.  Considering it is still a man’s world, all this ruckus moves women several steps backward.  It does more to send them to the unemployment line than to the board room.  10/12/18

    • #MeToo IN DAMAGE CONTROL MODE.  In the wake of the black eye resulting from the Kavanaugh imbroglio, #MeToo runs for cover.  The new mantra is to remind the world that men who make accusations about sexual misconduct also should be listened to.  Witness recent statements by Kamala Harris and Melania Trump, just to name a couple.  So now that the movement acknowledges that men may also file phony charges of sexual assault everything is supposed to be fine.  No consolation here.  Only an infinitesimal percentage of sexual charges are filed by men against women.  After all, what red blooded straight American male would complain about sexual aggression from a women?  Is this concession aimed at same-sex offenses?  In any case, nothing mitigates the gross injustices of so many he said/she said disputes that have defined the movement.  10/11/18    



    - “Rally grass roots support for a non-violent insurgency using “War on MeToo” T-shirts, hats, buttons and bumper stickers. Feature man/woman couples arm-in-arm wearing the gear.”


    - “Fire suspected troublemakers before they sue for sexual harassment. An employer is legally free to terminate an employee for any reason other than discrimination, barring specific contract proscriptions. Therefore, the employer must ensure that the termination does not appear to be retaliation for an anticipated sexual harassment claim. State of the art surveillance technology is available that could surreptitiously monitor employees to detect brewing sexual harassment lawsuits. For example, employers increasingly use sensors to track working performance, communications, and customer service.” 10/10/18


    • #MeToo IS ON THE ROPES. GO FOR THE KNOCKOUT.  Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a huge battle victory in the war against #MeToo as the movement’s undue influence in the senate hearing backfired.  Now is the time to leverage a public awakening about #MeToo abuses in the effort to slay this beast.  The new calls for due process involving an initial presumption of innocence and appropriate evidentiary standards for the accused must be adopted in the workplace where so many are targets of false or exaggerated allegations of sexual misconduct.  The automatic credibility of the accuser must end.  Henceforth, Kavanaugh’s name should be invoked as a caveat to every sexual harassment accusation.


    For background information about the movement and inspiration for defeating it, see my manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” at

                (It was published two weeks before Christine Blasey Ford came forward.) 10/9/18



    Here’s another excerpt from the paper under the heading “What hath #MeToo wrought?”


    “The new paradigm is a godsend for feminists, particularly the man-hating lesbians among them that give the movement impetus.  #MeToo also invites the pursuit of potentially lucrative paydays for the litigious and their lawyers, and provides an outlet for personal vengeance against work colleagues.  Now employers face potential liability amid new workplace conventions that negate natural male tendencies toward women.  Indeed, today companies hire women at their own peril.”


    As in any war, collateral damage is inevitable. As such, talented, productive women may be caught in the cross fire, even some who may run rings around their male counterparts.  But just as war is the price of national security, it is also the price of national justice.    10/3/18


    • #MeToo EXPOSED.  The #MeToo mentality was on display for all the nation in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  The Democrats and their operatives demonstrated how the movement leverages the feminist agenda for larger political purposes.  Indeed, its credo has been exposed:  Defend the accuser and vilify the accused regardless of exculpatory evidence, and perpetrate lies, concealment, and any dirty trick toward that end.  Now for the first time, commentators are defending the generic accused.  Let’s see if this change of heart extends to the countless cases involving companies and other settings where so many defendants faced gross injustice.


    The confirmation spectacle makes my anti-#MeToo manifesto all the more compelling.  See the complete paper at 





    Christine Blasey Ford


    Ever since Christine Blasey Ford came forward she has been coddled ad nauseum by the Republicans and, of course, the Democrats.  This includes the Republican senators on the committee, Brett Kavanaugh himself, the interrogator for the Republicans, Rachel Mitchell, and even the president.  Indeed, the Republicans have been loath to criticize Ms. Ford at all out of fear of appearing to bully her and thus alienate women against confirmation in the court of public opinion, and as voters in the midterm elections.  As such, Senate Judiciary Committee leader, Senator Grassley, bent over backwards to accommodate Ms. Ford’s conditions for testifying, except for an unprecedented demand that the accused appear for questioning first.  Meanwhile, the Democrats on the committee and Ford’s lawyers subvert the process through delay tactics in the hope of extending the process to the November elections and thus end Kavanaugh’s nomination.


    Under questioning, Ms. Ford appeared weak and childish, but nonetheless credible.  In fact, many say she seemed somewhat imbalanced.  Besides her odd demeanor before the committee, her statements about her state of mind, supposedly attributed to Kavanaugh’s alleged attack, are telling.  One example concerns her paranoia in installing a second front door on her house against her husband’s adamant objection.  In addition, some speculate that hypnosis administered during a session with her therapist might have created a false memory involving Kavanaugh.  Would any Republican suggest that she submit to a psychiatric examination that might call into question her wholly unsubstantiated claims about the incident in question in the face of Kavanaugh’s categorical denials?  After all, Democrats cite Kavanaugh’s alleged vulnerability to blacking out during drinking as a taint on the veracity of his firm denials.  Of course, Republicans would not dare challenge Ms. Ford.


    Her lawyers


    As mentioned, the Democrat game plan is to delay the process past the midterm elections.  This affords the possibility of snuffing out Kavanaugh’s candidacy, as well as any other conservative nominee, through a newly elected Democrat Senate majority in January. (A confirmation during the lame duck session is very unlikely.)  That Democrat majority could further diminish the prospect of a conservative nominee by keeping the vacancy unfilled until a possible Democrat presidential victory in 2020. 


    To that end, Ms. Ford’s lawyers, recommended to her by Senator Feinstein in a most unorthodox intervention, have been quite instrumental.  They stalled Ms. Ford’s appearance in Washington for ten days while insisting on outlandish demands and lying about her fear of flying.  As to the latter, her lawyers withheld from her Senator Grassley’s offer to fly a representative to her home in California for the questioning.  Her counsel also refused to present Ms. Ford’s medical records of the alleged assault.  And, those lawyers did not present to the committee the complete notes of Ms. Ford’s therapist concerning a 2012 session.  Ms. Ford says she mentioned the incident to the therapist then, but admits that Kavanaugh’s name did not appear in the notes.  One has to wonder whether these lawyers are the culprits who leaked to the Washington Post Ms. Ford’s letter she sent to Feinstein, thus denying her the privacy she coveted by thrusting her into the public spotlight for purely political purposes.


    Committee senators


    No Republican on the committee questioned the dishonesty of Ms. Ford’s lawyers in trying to delay the process, because by extension that would impugn Ms. Ford.  Might that restraint also be out of some perverse sense of professional courtesy to fellow lawyers?  Rather than confront Ms. Ford and invite accusations of bullying, the all-male Republican majority on the committee hired a female prosecutor to interrogate her, while those members remained totally silent.  What cowardice.  The search for truth should transcend political optics, which were exaggerated anyway. 


    Most reprehensively, Democrat Senator Feinstein concealed from the committee Ms. Ford’s letter to her about Kavanaugh’s alleged offense for some six weeks, raising the issue just before a committee vote on confirmation was to be taken.  This was the most egregious delay tactic.  It forced additional hearings and another FBI inquiry that could have occurred much earlier.  Now the current one-week FBI investigation of allegations against Kavanaugh could raise additional implausible or bogus allegations in an extended probe that could run out the clock on the confirmation process. 


    Committee Democrats and Ms. Ford’s lawyers subverted the process through corruption and character assassination amid the total absence of evidence supporting the complainant.  And Republicans lacked the courage to call foul on the lawyers’ dishonesty and were too timid to effectively challenge the accuser.  In an eleventh hour flourish Senator Lindsey Graham forcefully denounced the attacks on Kavanaugh to good effect.  But it was not nearly enough.  As many have said, if these hearings are prologue, justice in America is seriously endangered.  10/1/18

    Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between January and March 2019

    By William J. Dodwell       

    • MORE CONSERVATIVE CULTURE.  Here is a very different depiction of the late great pianist, Roger Williams, who influenced me for many decades.  See him play two pianos at the same time alternating quite impressively from one to the other without missing a beat.  Hold on for the complete clip to fully appreciate this performance at  3/22/19

    • MY FIRST LINKED IN VIDEO.  I retreat from the political wars again for a brief conservative musical respite.  Here I feature a just recorded video of my piano rendition of the Jimmy Webb ballad, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”.  Note that the piano needs tuning, and I’m not really as gruff as I appear (except when irked by liberals).  Access the video at  For more selections see my You Tube channel at   This is an appeal to conservative culture.  3/22/19

    • REPARATIONS?  YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING.  The word “reparations” increasingly emerges among Democrat presidential candidates.  The stated justification is to compensate blacks for slavery.  But nobody mentions the $20+ trillion of taxpayer-funded government social programs directed to the black community in the last fifty years, as well as massive affirmative action, and the anti-discrimination legislation passed on their behalf.  Imagine the reaction to a new deduction on the pay stub labeled “reparations”.  One could hear the shot launching a revolution.

        As to slavery, consider Kanye West’s suggestion that perhaps blacks willfully remained with their masters.  After all, they had a job, food and a roof over their heads.  To fend for themselves on the streets would have been quite daunting.  Not to deny real atrocities, but most slave owners, including some of our founding fathers, probably were benign.

    Maybe blacks should compensate America for the havoc they have wreaked over the years.  Call it reverse-reparations.  Consider all their violent crime and other pathologies that cost lives, deplete the national treasure and diminish the quality of life.  How about a White Man’s Restitution Fund?  Imagine blacks on seeing that item on their pay stubs.


    Let’s declare it even and move on.  3/12/19

    • STIFLE THE GREEN NEW DEAL TALK. To say the Green New Deal is implausible is to state the abundantly obvious.  The left relishes the attention the proposal is getting because, absurd as it is, it raises awareness about the general climate change issue and might even convert the extremely naïve in the process.  Conservatives should hector anyone who mentions the Green New Deal and tell them to shut up and sit down.  The Green New Deal is as preposterous as the Abominable Snowman, so why do we mention it in serious discourse?  Bury the issue.  3/11/19

    • NATIONAL WHITE MAN’S DAY.  Consistent with International Women’s Day and Black History Month it is appropriate to designate a time to celebrate the white man, the most significant identity group.  Critics would say such tributes focus on oppression and overcoming it, so the white man as supposed oppressor does not qualify for commemoration.  But his accomplishments and current plight parallel the celebration criteria of other groups.

      Since the dawn of humanity the white man has conceived and produced almost everything:  Product, businesses, technology, infrastructure, medicine, indeed the totality of human knowledge.  But now he endures serious trouble in the face of efforts by the body politic to marginalize him.  Consider same-sex marriage, gender fluidity, #MeToo attacks and cultural emasculation.  Men are overlooked for many jobs, and are the first fired and last hired with swings in the business cycle.  Recall the “mancession” in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.  Some even say there is no room for a white male on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket. 

      As such, a holiday is in order to honor the white man’s historical dominance, as well as to highlight the need to rectify the inequities he faces today.  3/11/19

    • NEW YORK CITY NOW PERMITS POT IN SCHOOLS AND RELAXES ALL OTHER DISCIPLINE.  The purpose of my many irreverent posts and writings is to create acute awareness of the scourge that liberalism has wrought and to spark public outcry and corrective action.  The deterioration of New York City public schools is an example of the societal damage that motivates my contempt for the left.

      While not officially sanctioning the use of marijuana, city school officials will no longer issue summonses to students for smoking pot on the premises, thus creating de facto acceptance of the practice.  It’s an “if you can’t beat them, join them” policy.  Now students are given a “warning card” about which their parents are notified.  The reason cited for the change is to prevent students from establishing a permanent criminal record that can later disqualify them for college, jobs and other prospects.  This problem is understandable.  But the solution is to amend the legal sanctions for possession, not adopt tolerance carte blanche.  Chronic violators of this and other offenses should be segregated at separate locations like special education students are, permanently if necessary.  They have to learn the consequences of breaking the rules, to include the possibility of life on the margins of society or even prison.

      To be sure, the new policy will result in an inevitable increase in pot consumption as the greater immediate availability of the drug, peer pressure, and an ongoing atmosphere of intoxication encourage kids who would not otherwise indulge.  How will students concentrate on class lessons, or function while taking exams?  The secondary smoke alone is debilitating.  These questions do not even seem to be of concern.  Perhaps pot tolerance is a deliberate way to further dumb down youth, along with diluted curricula and performance standards, to ensure future docile adults.  Surely, they will not challenge evermore encroachments on their freedoms by government or question ongoing media promotion of the liberal agenda.  They will not have the awareness or motivation to do that.  Indeed, the future dolts will likely vote Democrat if they vote at all, as the left declares victory.

      What about the health effects of marijuana use?  There is no question that chronic use of cannabis in one’s youth damages cognition and mental stability, some more than others, especially considering the strength of today’s brand.  And studies show that marijuana as a gateway drug is no canard.  Might the left deny these dangers because it really wants to weaken America?  Meanwhile, cigarette smoking is verboten – but nary a word about banning it because it is a huge source of tax revenue that funds leftist activities.  Doubtless, New York Democrats who dominate the governorship and legislature are chomping at the bit for the tax windfall that will come from eventual pot legalization.  Fortunately, the New York State Republican Party actively opposes that proposal.

      But wait, there’s more!  The New York City Department of Education also has stopped enforcing all other rules of discipline as a matter of policy because punishments disproportionately impact minority students.  According to one study, the suspension rate for blacks was almost three times that of whites for 2016-2017.  The concern is that constant admonishment and a long record of violations will put at-risk students on a school-to-prison path.  Now teachers report that acts of violence and gross disrespect occur with abandon, as even good students are encouraged to misbehave because of impunity.  Perversely, some school officials will take credit for a perceived improvement in conduct because of a decline in violations which, of course, are no longer recorded because all restrictions are removed.  Again, offenders must be extracted from the general student population to protect the others.

      Furthermore, New York City under uber-liberal Mayor de Blasio has abandoned the rigorous admission test for its elite high schools because minorities are drastically under-represented.  What’s more, a proposal to lower a minimum passing grade from 65 to 37 is under consideration.  Meanwhile, city and state governments resist the urgent call for charter schools.  In fact, de Blasio refuses to rent vacant space to them for classrooms while Governor Andrew Cuomo imposes restrictive caps on their number.  Despite their stellar records of performance and desperate demand for them in minority communities, the liberal Democrat establishment remains opposed to charter schools in obeisance to the odious teachers unions that fund its election campaigns.

      The left is obsessed with accommodating minorities and forging artificial racial equality at any cost for political expediency.  But jettisoning behavioral and academic standards just alienates the compliant and achieving students as to exacerbate the racial divide in the classroom and beyond.  Truth be told, blacks and whites are largely insoluble populations in the public schools and should be separated where necessary.  But the end game for the left is to destroy meritocracy to make way for its opposite, an egalitarian socialist state. And the people, and the students, be damned.   Law-abiding concerned Americans should be mad as hell, speak out, and act en masse!  3/8/19


    • THE OSCARS:  WHAT A MESS.  Of course, I did not watch Sunday’s Oscar Awards as I practice what I preach (for the most part).  So I searched YouTube clips and read articles to renew justification for my ongoing diatribe against Hollywood and for my annual appeal to “Ignore the Oscars”.  I was not disappointed.  Continuing last year’s repentance for the much criticized paucity of black representation among previous Oscar nominations and winners, Hollywood went all out down the Diversity Highway. 

            The nominations were replete with black actors, and black-themed films, including three nominations and Best Picture.  Blacks pranced all over the set like gazelles as Spike Lee,                 Samuel Jackson and others displayed their buffoonery.  And all manner of foreign winners boasted their heritage, notably Mexican actor, Diego Luna, who gave his acceptance                     speech entirely in Spanish in a supposed dig at President Trump for his immigration policy.  Sexually ambiguous actor Billy Porter appeared on the red carpet in a dress in support of         the transgender set.  The diversity festival culminated in an unctuous speech by Queen Bee, Barbra Streisand, lamenting racial discrimination as if it hasn’t changed in 50 years.


    For most, Lady Gaga was a much anticipated standout.  Her “Shallow” won Best Original Song which she sang with Bradley Cooper in the nominated “A Star Is Born”, as well as on the Oscars stage.  I ignored Lady Gaga for several years in the beginning as some deviant decadent nihilist.  Then I saw her perform with Tony Bennet a few years ago on television singing my kind of music, that is, standards from The Great American Songbook.  Wow!  She’s an enormous talent, if only she would stick to that musical genre.  See my article about her in The Comprehensive Conservative at  Scroll down to Culture, December 22, 2014.

                All said, as a life-long pianist, I have to see Best Picture winner “Green Book” featuring a segment of the life of world class black pianist Don Shirley, who I never heard of until                 this movie.  (Nor did Kris Bowers who performed the piano parts.)  But I certainly won’t see the film in a movie theater.  I’ll wait for it on YouTube.

                A major consolation is that this year’s Oscars, which attracted about 30 million viewers, was the second lowest rated show, only to last year’s program which garnered 27 million                 viewers.  At its peak, the Oscars touted over 60 million viewers.  It seems the public has had enough of political charade, but Hollywood doesn’t care.  Those folks are dedicated to             degrading our culture and dooming the republic.  2/26/19

    • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE SIDES WITH THE LEFT.  The Supreme Court ruled unanimously against state statutes that allow asset forfeiture.  The decision upholds the Eight Amendment concerning cruel and unusual punishment as it relates to excessive fines, already applied at the federal level.  Asset forfeiture is the practice where police confiscate property of individuals apprehended in a crime.  They then sell the illicit assets and use the proceeds for police expenditures, to include bonuses.  The Court’s ruling establishes that property taken by state and local police must be proportional to the crime.  Confiscating cash obtained in a drug deal is one thing.  But expropriating the house of an old lady whose grandson is caught secretly selling drugs in her basement is quite another.  Seizing a perpetrator’s legitimately purchased automobile over a few hundred dollars of drugs is also outrageous.  The disgraceful former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions supported asset forfeiture. It is great to see justice served on both the left and the right. 2/22/19  

    • LOCAL POLICE GET MILITARY SURPLUS.  President Trump has arranged for certain military surplus to be donated to local police departments, despite some resistance from the Department of Defense.  Driving down the road in my neighborhood today I saw a full size police-marked military Humvee parked in front of a middle school.  Why? This in a New York City suburb where there is probably no crime.  Put it this way - the black population is less than 1%.  That said, crime could originate with invaders from notoriously crime-ridden Newark, NJ 20 miles away on the other side of a small mountain. On second thought, maybe we do need a police Humvee.  But why in front of a school?  2/21/19

    • IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN.  TIME TO IGNORE THE OSCARS.  I reprise my annual appeal to ignore the upcoming Oscar Awards.  Leftist, anti-Christian Hollywood is a major enemy of conservatives.  It promotes Marxist dreck in its films and throughout media capitalizing on the public’s ignorance and mindless infatuation with its celebrities, the so-called American equivalent of royalty. No doubt the newly chastened (not) hedonists again will highlight #MeToo and Time’s Up nonsense for political absolution.  Let’s hope eventually we see more defectors like the great James Woods.  Ban the box office!  2/19/19

    • My response to LinkedIn comment about Amazon not paying taxes.

            My comment about net operating losses (NOL) referred to federal taxes.  Your mention of tax incentives, while legitimate, applies only to state and local taxes.  The far greater reason         Amazon doesn’t pay taxes is because of the federal tax code as it relates to NOLs as I explained.  For many years Amazon did not turn a profit during which it accumulated net                     operating losses to offset its huge current pre-tax profits. In addition, Amazon and many other companies paradoxically reported losses in 2018 because of Trump’s new tax law.                 Specifically, the aforementioned losses of prior years (and potential future tax credits) that accumulated at the old 35% corporate rate had to be reduced in value to reflect the tax                 benefit at the new 21% rate.  Also, Trump’s new tax caused multinational companies to pay U.S. taxes for the first time on repatriated overseas earnings of many years prior, now                 subject to a lower tax rate.  All this resulted in large charges to earnings that lowered or eliminated the current tax liability for Amazon and many other companies.  2/18/19

    • MY THEORY ABOUT THE DEMOCRAT LURCH TO THE FAR LEFT.  I believe the menagerie of Democrat presidential candidates, in concert with the party at large and the mass media, are orchestrating an experiment.  The goal is to rapidly accelerate a heretofore gradualist effort to impose socialism on the nation a la Europe.  The sudden turn sharply to the left on issues across the board is no accident.  The initial impetus for this move was the surprising popularity of self-described democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election, particularly among the increasingly influential millenials.  Many of that generation became disaffected in the aftermath of the financial crisis.  Others are amenable to radical change amid growing income inequality, intensified divisiveness promoted by identity politics, and in response to indoctrination by radicalized schools and colleges, and to intense anti-Trump media.  Further momentum came from the surprising successes and near-successes of many far-left candidates in the 2018 elections, most significantly, young outspoken socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) who won a small Hispanic-dominated district over a white Democrat stalwart. 


      The new Democrat approach to socialism involves first testing the national appetite for the radical agenda, and then determining how viable it is at the ballot box.  In the process, the Democrats are quite willing to concede some elections.  If they can garner, say, 35% of the vote in support of a radical platform in the 2020 presidential election, they will have established a benchmark by which to evaluate what adjustments are necessary to get the vote to 45% quickly, and soon thereafter to an electoral majority. Meanwhile, the radical agenda will suffuse state and local governments everywhere for added impetus.  If the Democrats get only 20% of the national vote, their plan will have failed and they probably would revert to the former norm (for a while). 


      The first step has been to stake out extreme positions throughout the party at federal, state and local levels while blocking moderate candidates.  California and New York have taken the lead through Governors Brown, Newsom and Cuomo, as well as Mayor de Blasio.  Freshman New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a de facto rabbit in the race to the left tasked with touting the most radical reforms to set a baseline from which to proceed.  These elected officials have promoted such drastic proposals as sanctuary cities, open borders, termination of ICE, post-birth abortion, Medicare-for-all, elimination of private health insurance, absurd environmental changes codified in a Green New Deal, usurious tax schemes, free college, and a guaranteed income, even for those unwilling to work.  In the process, political candidates have renounced their former moderate positions out of an epiphany of sorts.  All this with the full cooperation of newly radicalized media. 


      A central plank of the plan is to admit as many illegal aliens as possible in order to maximize the potential Democratic votes that inevitably would result in the event of eventual amnesty and citizenship.  Relatedly, Democrats strive for massive reapportionment that will ensure victory in the electoral college.  To that end, Democrats, contrary to positions taken a few years ago, shamelessly oppose border security, despite the dangers of incoming illicit drugs, human trafficking, crime, disease and the attendant scourges on communities throughout the nation.


      Most expected candidates for president in 2020 have rallied around the new radical agenda, much in response to the AOC catalyst.  But one dissenter and traditional liberal, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, is running as an independent much to the chagrin of Democrats fearing a split ticket.  Former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, also has expressed objections to the proposed economic extremism.  And House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has denounced the Green New Deal as unrealistic, partly out of concern about ceding influence to the party insurgency.  In time the radicals will likely moderate their positions in response to polls in hope of ultimately landing substantially left of the status quo with a critical mass of support for a socialist state.


      The new Democrat Party believes the time is ripe for a precipitous radical shift to the left given the political disposition of the largest demographic that is the maturing millenials, as well as successful litmus tests in recent elections, and media inspired anti-Trump sentiment.  But advocates risk overplaying their hand such that a backlash ensures a Trump reelection and a new galvanized resistance to leftist forces, now recognizing what they really want.  However, one cannot overestimate the danger of the uninformed voter and the growing appetite for free things, considering the left’s success in elections and policymaking.  One hopes the Democrats have jumped-the-shark in their current maneuver and have shaken the voter permanently back to his senses.  2/11/19

    • My response to LinkedIn comment about the deficit and national debt

    Not posted. Dick:  If government doesn’t borrow another dime, we still have $22 trillion of existing debt that has to be paid.  Taxes from economic growth that exceeds the spending rate of increase can produce future budget surpluses but not enough to retire debt before doomsday, especially considering interest.  Even more restrictive spending is necessary to pay down the debt to a reasonable percentage of GDP, which is now over 100%.  It was 40% when Obama became president.  Yes, budget surpluses as you describe can help pay off the debt but more spending cuts are also required.  To get debt back to 40% of GDP debt must decline some $14trillion to $8 trillion (even ignoring interest). Therefore, drastic spending cuts are necessary unless ongoing surpluses from growth are huge.  Just reducing the rate of spending to below the GDP growth rate for many years would fall short, especially considering inevitable periods of slow growth and recession.

    Posted.  Dick:  I see it this way.  The issue is not to balance the budget.  Rather, it is to retire or reduce the $22 trillion of debt.  Let’s look at some quick and dirty numbers.  3% annual growth on $20 trillion GDP = $600 billion annually.  Taxing as much as one-third of it = $200 billion of incremental revenue.  Compare that income to 2% growth in $4 trillion of annual spending = $80 billion.  This leaves a $120 billion annual surplus to retire the $22 trillion debt.  That would take some 183 years.   And it doesn’t take into account interest on the debt or inevitable periods of slow growth and recession.  To reduce debt $14 trillion to bring it to a reasonable 40% of GDP (now over 100%), would still take over 100 years.  Economic growth can contain future debt but it is not enough to reasonably mitigate existing debt. We must drastically cut spending to enable sufficient debt reduction to prevent it from eventually swallowing the economy. 

    Agreed.  I can’t imagine when the political will for spending reduction will return.  There have been proposals in recent years, such as pegging spending growth to GDP growth, as well as the “Penny Plan” that would eliminate 1% of spending every year.  But they never materialize.  Even Trump has been weak on this issue.  2/9/19

    • WHITE AMERICA:  WEAR BLACKFACE IN PROTEST.  The latest firestorm about blackface has to be challenged. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and AG Mark Herring are crucified for having worn blackface decades ago.  So what?  While some blacks may be offended because the media say they should be, of greater importance is the control the leftist media assume in dictating public thought.  Fighting that power takes precedence over the feelings of a few who feign offense.  If society decides the practice is inappropriate, private citizens may prevail on the offenders and they can decide whether to desist.  


      Cultural appropriation is a new bogeyman of the left advanced in the face of a long history of common practice.  Consider the many sports teams that invoke the image of the American Indian, and myriad racial representations in Halloween costumes.  Yet, Meghan Kelly was fired for having said blackface was innocuous on Halloween when she was a child.  This prohibition is just another cudgel of the left to promote identity politics as a weapon of submission.  THE LEFT MUST NOT HAVE THAT POWER.


      Therefore, white America should wear blackface in defiance of PC dictates.  But, as Governor Northam mentioned, shoe polish does not come off easily.  Try what ball players use to deflect sun glare.  2/7/19

                                        • IT’S BLACK HISTORY MONTH AGAIN.  WHY?  Why does Black History Month continue?   Advocates say it is to highlight suppressed black accomplishment, and to promote a history of oppression. But actually, the invocation is to ensure the black community remains a permanent symbol of victimhood and a pawn of the left.  The black plight helps to justify government intervention and trillions of dollars of ongoing government spending through regulation and programs that empower and enrich liberal operatives.  Indeed, this exploitation perpetuates the basis for the race card as a tool for political advantage. 


                                                Of course, if blacks were to adopt the values of the white man, they would be better off and would not need ersatz recognition.  But black success and assimilation are the last things             liberals want, as that would end black dependency on the left, and thus nullify its power.

                                                                 Black History Month is a convenient backdrop for Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project”.  This extortion enterprise occurs every February as it shakes down banks for         large donations and affirmative action hiring mainly for the black community. Doubtless under pressure from government, financial institutions readily oblige or face regulatory                 reprisals and public vilification by PUSH.  2/6/19

                                                          • ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE WIND-CHILL READINGS.  Amid record-breaking cold around the country weather reports more than ever cite wind-chill factors in lieu of regular temperatures.  Make no mistake, this practice is aimed at getting the public to buy into the climate change hoax by making them believe weather might be more severe than it really is (notwithstanding actual dangers). Indeed, the media implicitly sell the current cold as a sea change attributable to the growing man-made carbon footprint.  Reporters try to mislead people into thinking the wind-chill readings are actually the traditional temperature levels.  "What’s that, Marge, the television says it’s 40 degrees below zero?  That’s unprecedented.  Maybe there is something to that climate change talk."  In reality, the regular temperature is a quite common 5 degrees above zero. 


                                                                  The left has played a similar mind game for years in trying to substitute Celsius temperatures, as well as the metric system, for English measurements to                 promote a Marxist globalist, one-world mindset.  The public is bombarded with constant leftist propaganda from all quarters.  Can we not trust even the                 weather man anymore?  1/31/19
                                                          • THE GILLETTE AD SHOULD SEND A MESSAGE TO CORPORATE #MeToo ADVOCATES.  The tremendous backlash to the #MeToo inspired Gillette ad is a great opportunity to register a major blow to this corrupt movement.  Men should permanently boycott the company’s products to reduce sales dramatically.  This would send a message to other companies and their leftist ad agencies never to play the #MeToo card.  In fact, it might give pause to companies and their agents that have promoted societal emasculation through their television commercials for some time. 

                                                            Relatedly, sexual harassment claimants who are found to have lied, either by admission or in the course of a trial, must be prosecuted.  That has yet to happen.  More sexual misconduct cases should go to trial rather than settle in order to ferret out the many liars.  Very few cases are legitimate by legal standards.  Obliterate the “we believe” mantra. 

                                                            The #MeToo movement motivated Gillette and inspires many accusers into thinking they can profit from making false or frivolous charges with impunity.  But a growing resistance is forming as the unsavory truth emerges.  The leftist agenda to empower women by disempowering men must be defeated.  Boycotts and prosecutions can be quite effective.  1/22/19

                                                          • A WORD ABOUT ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ.  AOC looks like she needs a good lay. Why doesn’t anyone mention this? It probably explains her frenetic behavior. The chick is a tri-fecta for the Democrats: minority, woman and a millenial, who also is an avowed socialist. Bingo. That profile automatically makes her a media star.

                                                            Her joining the House Financial Services Committee chaired by Maxine Waters is quite worrisome. They will fleece the banks by forcing them to liberalize lending standards. Sound familiar? They will push new social engineering programs. Corrupt organizations like the former ACORN will spring up to distribute the largesse (largely for themselves). Recall the billions of dollars of financial crisis bank settlements diverted to the ‘hood.

                                                            In addition, the Committee will coerce banks to flood the zone with minority hires. Minorities have dominated bank teller and floor positions for years. Now the newly empowered Committee will aim for the executive ranks. Bank profits will suffer from giveaways, mismanagement and corruption. The Committee will browbeat financial executives to extract concessions. Imagine Jamie Dimon taking guff from AOC.

                                                             Maybe AOC’s new status will earn her a much needed roll in the hay. 1/18/19
                                                          • LIBERAL PROPAGANDA IN REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS.  The public has been exposed to leftist mind control in news, entertainment, sports and advertising for some time.  But now I notice propaganda penetrates even so-called reality television shows.  Generally, the only such programs I see are when I briefly leave Fox News/Business to other channels during commercials.  But over time, even that short interval is enough collectively to see the brainwashing.  Since I am not a regular viewer, my conclusions could be wrong.  But consider the following impressions.

                                                          The Profit – It seems protagonist, Marcus Lemonis, is never critical of rank and file employees when clearly at times they would be at fault for business failure or certain problems.  Rather, the criticism always falls on the ownership or management.  Is this a socialist dog whistle to put down the haves and protect the have nots, notwithstanding the capitalist theme of the show?  And now amid the #MeToo movement, a recent episode featured a requisite case of workplace sexual harassment.  I have not seen how that issue played out, but I would bet the accuser prevails.


                                                          The Undercover Boss – Just as The Profit conveys its liberal message by exempting underlings from criticism, The Undercover Boss sends a similar signal by lionizing and lavishly rewarding certain under-appreciated low level workers.  Every show culminates in a selected employee, almost always female, tearfully reacting to the boss’ life-changing monetary gift.  The message:  Celebrate the proletariat and denigrate the bourgeois.  The show seems also to promote gender equality by portraying indispensable women mainly who never get the recognition they deserve.  The program is reminiscent of the 1950s television program, The Millionaire, in which each episode a particular philanthropist anonymously gives away one million dollars to a down-on-his luck beneficiary.  Come to think of it, Was that program promoting a wealth redistribution theme?  It aired in the aftermath of the Senator McCarthy hearings that investigated communist infiltration in the U.S., to include Hollywood productions. 

                                                           Shark Tank – It seems Mark Cuban has a soft touch for black participants, as he makes deals with them he might not do with others.  In fact, people of color seem to fare better on this show.
                                                                      Deal Or No Deal – Although a game show rather than a reality show, my point applies.  In the early airings of this revived program, host Howie                     Mandel, went out of his way to insinuate that the banker is now a woman, unnaturally emphasizing the pronoun “she” when referring to her.  And,                 her shapely silhouette appears above the set throughout the show just so no one forgets. 

                                                                      Whenever animals are featured they are portrayed as sympathetic figures.  The camera does not show a close up of a killing.  And the act                 is             prefaced by the killer’s expressed reluctance to end a life, as when the animal is deathly ill, or even when hunted for food.  In one case a character                 protested an order to kill an elephant that broke loose threatening dozens of lives.  The narrative always lectures about disposing of animals                             humanely.  God forbid that one kill an animal.  

                                                                      The public should be aware of this effort to inure viewers to the liberal agenda.  The next step is to object proactively to this politicization in daily                 interactions with others, and with the remote control.  The producers will get the message when they know so many viewers see through the                         manipulation, especially when ratings drop.  1/14/19

                                                                  At this point, she seemed impatient tapping her fingers on the table as if to say, “When are we going to get down to business?”  But she seemed to look at             me as a revenue source rather than an object of affection.  I know she’s swinging from poles in the wee hours of the morning to pay President Trump’s                 legal fees he incurred defending against her failed lawsuit.  So, I thought perhaps she’s looking for a job at The Comprehensive Conservative.  Then she             turned aggressive and lascivious.  I sweated profusely saturating three napkins.  At last I got a hold of myself and asked her what would #MeToo say about         this?  Frustrated, she got up and yelled, “Who gives a !@#$^%&(z you wimp?”  1/10/19

                                                          • THE LADY IS A TRAMP.  Here’s some fodder for the #MeToo movement.  Recall the hoopla about the 1940s song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  Feminists call for its ban as they absurdly claim the song’s theme is predatory and suggestive of rape because a man amorously pursues a woman in his apartment after a date.  Well, what does the left say about a much more well-known song, “The Lady Is A Tramp”? 

                                                                  This Rodgers and Hart song of the 1930s features a woman who rejects the customs of the high class set in favor of a simple life, an independence that                 renders her a “tramp”.  Actually, the lyric could be viewed as a comment on Marxist class differentiation.  But the term tramp in today’s parlance is                     pejorative connoting a loose woman, a trollup, or a baglady.  I would think #MeToo would object to celebrating such a characterization of women.  I await         the battle cry.

                                                                  The song has been a popular classic among men and women performers.  See Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald in a duet at  


                                                                  Buddy Greco gave it his own sexist treatment at   (Take that, #MeToo!)


                                                                  Irrespective of the politics, the song is a great jazz standard.  Here’s my piano arrangement at       1/7/19

                                                          • HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW RIGHT-WING ZEALOTS.  Please join me to further badger and humiliate liberals into retreat.  In particular, let’s hope the corrupt #MeToo movement crashes and burns in 2019.  It’s already wounded.  I will continue to expose and denounce the crusade towards that end. 

                                                            The runup to the 2020 elections will require serious battle as the Democrats lurch to the hard left. We must name ‘em, shame ‘em and lame ‘em to check the advance of the Marxist juggernaut on a gullible electorate.  On the social front, we must break every PC rule in the book in a massive shift from capitulation to hardball defiance and opposition against identity politics. 


                                                          Trump’s tax cut and deregulation will likely continue to support economic prosperity in an over-ripe 10-year recovery.  This, despite the vicissitudes of the stock market, which is largely driven by anomalous algorithmic trading formulae that seemingly override positive economic fundamentals to some degree.  However, economic slowdown in Europe and Asia will challenge U.S. exports and curtail foreign investment here.  But Trump’s persistence in trade policy may finally pay off as China relents in the face of its faltering economy.  1/2/19     

                                                          By William J. Dodwell
                                                          • WILLIE BROWN TO KAMALA HARRIS:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.  Now that Kamala Harris has bolted to the forefront of the 2020 Democratic presidential race, let’s consider her roots.  Her political genesis began with her thirty-years older married mentor, paramour and knee-pad provider, Willie Brown.  He was the scandal-plagued lecherous former San Francisco Mayor and longtime stalwart of the California legislature.  While the ambitious Harris should be grateful to Brown for his professional favoritism, he too should be appreciative of her as to give new meaning to the phrase, Thank you for your service.  6/28/19

                                                          • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE DECLARES WAR (AGAIN).  Here’s my bellicose call to action in support of President Trump’s re-election.  It is important to combat the lies, propaganda and dirty tricks of the political enemy by targeting both the message and the messenger.  Ad hominem attacks?  You bet.  These are loathsome leftists we’re talking about.  Mr. Nice Guy need not apply.  It is not enough just to accentuate the positive; we must also (non-violently) obliterate the negative.  6/24/19


                                                          Transcript of video on file:

                                                          • The 2020 Trump re-election campaign is underway.  It’s time to get busy.


                                                          • The nation faces a most serious threat from the en masse lurch to the far left by the Democrat Party, which looms even larger than our 2016 opposition.


                                                          • It’s not enough just to promote our side.


                                                          • We must vigorously emphasize the consequences of the Marxist Democrat agenda.


                                                          • And we must relentlessly recount the corruption of the Obama Administration, which starkly manifests the existential peril of the deep state that undermines our democracy. 


                                                          • What’s more, we must highlight the nefarious activities of the Democrat Party to depose a duly elected president.


                                                          • We have to trash the candidates, trash their supporters, and send their nominee to the showers on November 3, 2020.


                                                          • Let’s rumble. (boxing pose and punch)

                                                          • MY RENDITION OF “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” IN HONOR OF MEMORIAL DAY.  Hear it at  5/27/19

                                                          • A TRIBUTE TO DORIS DAY.  Singer/actress Doris Day died Monday at 97.  Perhaps the last original exponent of traditional popular music, her songs topped the charts in the ‘40s and '50s.  In the true spirit of conservatism, I am dedicated to at least the memory, if not return, of this great genre of music.  In particular, I remember getting dressed for school in the mornings while listening on the radio to what would become her signature song, “Que Sera, Sera”.  Here’s a clip of that performance: .  For perspective, it played at the same time that newcomer Elvis Presley was shouting “Hound Dog”.  5/14/19

                                                          • WASHINGTON HEEDS MY WARNING ABOUT STUDENT LOAN EXPOSURE?  The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration hired McKinsey & Co. to investigate the accounting methods adopted for reporting the profitability of the federal student loan program.  In particular, McKinsey is charged with estimating the potential loan loss exposure in the student loan portfolio in connection with a possible sale. 

                                                          As it happens, in 2015 I published a white paper entitled, “The Developing Federal Student Loan Debacle and the Real Cost to Taxpayers” detailing the anomalous accounting methods of the CBO and Department of Education that grossly understate loan defaults reported to the public.  See my report at  I sent this paper to John Crudele of the New York Post, who dedicated a portion of his column to my thesis without attribution.  I also sent it to still Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., and then Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Tom Price, R-Ga.  In addition, I sent the report to The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Editor, Paul Gigot, along with a request to write an op ed piece on the topic.  Not surprisingly, I never heard from any of those recipients, but a couple of subsequent WSJ editorials some time later seemed to have drawn from my paper.


                                                          Interestingly, I was prompted to write the piece when I heard presidential candidate Donald J. Trump suggest that the sizable reported profits of the student loan program be applied to defraying costs for student borrowers.  Knowing that the portfolio really posed a potential multitrillion-dollar cost to taxpayers, I began writing.  In view of the McKinsey contract, now Trump apparently knows the truth about misleading accounting at the CBO and Education Department.  Might I be presumptuous about my possible influence here? 

                                                          Well informed citizens can make noise in Washington from scoops appropriately documented and suitably disseminated to have an impact beyond the ballot box.  This intervention should be encouraged.  5/6/19
                                                          • MEDIA LIBERALS DERAIL TWO FEDERAL RESERVE NOMINEES.  The left torpedoed two successive conservative nominees of President Trump for open seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  Former Kansas City Fed Governor and 2012 presidential candidate, Herman Cain, had to withdraw because of bipartisan objections about allegedly having hit on a few broads many years ago.  Likewise, supply-side economist Stephen Moore had to pull out partly on account of long-past statements about his disinterest in women’s basketball. 


                                                          This absurd #MeToo influence on our politics, most prominently displayed in last year’s Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, is a corrosive force that must be challenged en masse.  Ongoing vociferous grass-roots opposition would show elected officials that they should not fear this leftist cabal because it does not have substantive public support.  Rather, media propaganda sustains it and, as such, the Fourth Estate demonstrates it is indeed the enemy of the people.  Rise up America!  5/3/19   

                                                          .  #MeToo REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN IN THE BIDEN FLAP.  After a period of seeming hibernation following the embarrassment of the Bret Kavanagh debacle, the #MeToo movement re-emerges to capitalize on Joe Biden’s physical proclivities toward women.  During the retreat many women finally have awoken to speak out about the excesses of the movement.  Interestingly, this attitudinal change coincides with the publication of my anti-#MeToo manifesto last September  at
                                                          I like to think that treatise was influential in driving the movement underground for a while, and inspiring an epiphany among many women.  You’re welcome.


                                                          Was Biden’s now infamous behavior weird?  Absolutely.  Is it disqualifying for his possible presidential run?  Absolutely not.  As expressions of affection, his tactile impulses are anomalous as a matter of decorum, but heretofore considered harmless.  Now #MeToo gets involved to construe his physicality as predatory behavior against women, calling for the vilification of any man who would similarly engage.  On that front Biden and his fellow grabbers must be defended.  Of course, sudden concern about Biden’s behavior is partially borne out of an effort by Democratic presidential candidates to keep him from joining the race.  But #MeToo is bent on exploiting the issue to advance its radical feminist agenda.


                                                          Men have harbored sexual thoughts about women since the Garden of Eden.  It is quintessentially natural.  In fact, most women want that attention.  But #MeToo and the political left proscribe the so-called objectification of women in order to empower women and disempower men through the hyper-politicization of frivolous offenses.  Women who cannot navigate or tolerate common, albeit inappropriate, libidinous forces in their midst should get thee to a nunnery or join the LGBTQ brigade.  They should not expect equality in the workplace because in a #MeToo atmosphere they pose a serious threat to men’s careers.  As such, those women deserve circumspection, avoidance and even expulsion. 


                                                          How bad is it?  Amazon recently cancelled a four picture deal with Woody Allen because of his comments characterizing #MeToo cases as potential “witch hunts”.  Amazon claims that heresy diminished the benefit the films could be expected to deliver.  Such is the perverse power of the movement.  Fair-minded people must stand up to this rein of terror by ensuring #MeToo gets no further traction through such opportunistic incidents as Joe Biden’s unorthodox touching practices.  4/8/19

                                                          Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between July and September 2019


                                                          By William J. Dodwell

                                                          • THE SQUAD AND THE RACE CARD.  President Trump’s comments denouncing anti-American criticisms and lies expressed by four freshman Congresswomen of color (the Squad) became a predictable lightening rod for mass media to invoke the race card, especially as the 2020 election approaches.  Even many Republicans joined the chorus.  Of course, race has nothing to do with Trump’s admonishment. He simply pointed out the irony of two Squad members enjoying American freedom and prosperity in stark contrast to the crime, pestilence and despotism of their countries of origin.  Albeit impolitic, Trump spoke of ideological differences, not race. 

                                                            But the fear of being called a racist prevents the proper response to the four renegades.  (See my 12/10/18 post “Go Ahead. Call Me A Racist” at .)  This is why these anti-American Members are not challenged by the Democratic leadership.  The Squad even called ultra liberal Speaker Pelosi racist.  Imagine four white freshmen getting away with what these ladies are doing.  The race card also intimidates cowardly Republicans into verbally joining the media outrage over Trump’s comments.  It is what gave Obama a pass on so many issues.  But Trump displays the audacity, candor and political incorrectness to challenge the race-baiting for which he should be roundly supported.  This is how to defeat the race card.

                                                            Let’s be clear.  The Squad hates America and disdains the Constitution on which it is founded, despite claims to the contrary.  The two Muslims among them likely would hope to set the stage for Sharia law.  Meantime, they join the other two in an effort to plunge the country into socialist chaos as a prelude to that primary goal.  This development raises a serious question: How does the U.S. defend itself from foreign infiltration into the political system?  We see Muslims creating enclaves that grow to the point of legitimately electing themselves to local office and eventually to Congress in allegiance to Islam, not America.  How does the country protect itself from the nefarious intentions of this largely alien force that has no desire to assimilate, and transforms their communities to pig sties?  We see a similar threat in the invasion of Central American emigrants storming the border waving the flags of their homelands, who, if Democrats rule, would have voting rights.

                                                            The solution, of course, is to restrict entry to truly inimical peoples through sound constitutional immigration policy.  But such a program flies in the face of leftist legislative support and judicial empathy for sanctuary cities and ending border enforcement.  Democrats embrace open borders to admit new voters who eventually would ensure their permanent control of government.  They ignore the horrific cultural effects that divide and potentially doom the nation. Look no further than Europe.  


                                                             Ultimate control over immigration policy lies with Congress.  The growing open borders crowd in Washington opposes the changes to immigration legislation that would quickly  defuse the current border crisis.  And for many others, the fear of the race card undermines the effort to uphold constitutional protections against these threats to our security and sovereignty.  Imagine if enough politicians would emulate President Trump’s courage to defend the nation from destruction through alien ideology and foreign influences.  7/17/19

                                                          • MASS MEDIA PROACTIVELY MOLD PUBLIC OPINION.  Liberal media promote Kamala Harris’ candidacy as they relish the prospect of a black woman president.  At the same time, they try to eliminate front running, old white male, Joe Biden, the antithesis of the Democratic diversity model they cherish.  Accordingly, the media speak as a chorus in decrying Biden’s debate performance. 

                                                          But in fact, Biden performed reasonably well.  His response to Harris’ challenge concerning his position on school busing in the 1970s and his conciliation with “segregationist” senators was eminently reasonable for the time.  In fact, the public overwhelmingly opposed busing, thus dooming it as a policy.  And Biden looked decidedly better than he did in the weeks before the debate.


                                                          Meanwhile, the media celebrate Harris for her prosecution reflective of her role as California AG.  But all she did was raise the busing issue, with faux personal drama, to play the race card.  The contretemps with Biden was a nothingberger, but media insist it was a game-changer. 


                                                          Mass media try to mold public opinion through a constant drumbeat for Harris and against Biden.  Since the public is gullible and malleable, Harris’ poll numbers have risen significantly.  How much more can the electorate be duped?  7/8/19

                                                          • KARMALA HARRIS DISCUSSES HER KNEE-PAD POLITICS (A Parody).  I sat down with leftist presidential candidate Kamala Harris recently in a heart to heart talk.  In view of her reputation for allegedly sleeping her way to the top, principally through her past relationship with paramour and California political stalwart Willie Brown, I wondered how her expertise in carnal exploitation would serve her as president.  Here’s how it went down.


                                                          CC:  Thank you for doing this.  I really appreciate it. 

                                                          KH:  No problem.  I rarely speak with conservatives but I like your pompadour. 


                                                          CC:  Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.  Tell me about Willie.

                                                          KH:  Why do you bring him up?


                                                          CC:  Well, the public defines you by your past relationship with him, and by his role in putting you on the map in exchange for your special skills.

                                                          KH:  Willie sports an 11 ¾” tool.  But when I met him he was only 6”.  The rest came from my hard work.  People say I owe him?  Hell, I made a man of him.  Nonetheless, he long complained about falling just shy of the one-foot mark.  He never forgave me for that.  I told him, Willie, I’m 5’2” tall.  I don’t think I could handle another ¼” anyway. 


                                                          CC:  What about those legendary knee pads of yours?

                                                          KH:  Willie ordered a customized set for me with my initials.  But in those days we were pretty active, so the pads wore out quickly.  Thereafter, I had to settle for a couple of pillows from his couch.  Cheapskate.  Oh well, the poor guy’s 85 now and reduced to wooing Diane Feinstein.


                                                          CC:  Considering all your strenuous work, did Willie ever express any appreciation?

                                                          KH:  Yeah.  Once he said thank you for your service.  He wasn’t very gracious.  He thought my ambition distracted from my attention to him.  Sometimes I even thought he was racist.  I asked him if I were white would he treat me differently.  He said, “A white woman knows her place.  A white woman aims to please.  And a white woman would give me another ¼” inch”.


                                                          CC:  You served as Attorney General of California, but you cut your teeth in a variety of local law enforcement jobs.

                                                          KH:  No.  I cut my teeth on Willie’s d—k.  I thought that was clear by now.  I had to get caps after two months with the guy.  On my dime!


                                                          CC:  You were quite rough with Joe Biden in the debate the other day.  Any regrets?

                                                          KH:  Biden's a wimp.  He’s probably not worth more than 4”.  What good is that to womankind?


                                                          CC:  How do you suppose your advanced skills developed during your days with Willie will help you as president?

                                                          KH:  I slept my way to where I am, and I’ll sleep my way to where I’m going.  It’s a tried and proved formula.  Why change?  My powers of carnal persuasion and delivery will bring congressmen, senators, judges and world leaders to THEIR knees.  Heck, I’ll even get those boys on the Supreme Court to go my way.  But votes won’t be enough.  They’re going to have to pay too.  In fact, I’ll create a new revenue stream to help finance my far-left projects.  I can see it now.  Oh, my aching back!


                                                          CC:  Raw power!  Does #MeToo have a problem with your activities?

                                                          KH:  Publicly, of course, I have championed the cause.  But off the record, it’s an abomination.  If that crowd were around when I was with Willie, HE would have sued ME for sexual harassment.  Anything for a buck.


                                                          CC:  Well, thanks again.  We reside on different political planets.  But I’ve always said, even publicly, that you look like you would make a great roll in the hay.

                                                          KH:  You got that right.  But I don’t do civilian conservatives.