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Current Commentary 1

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between April and June 2019

By William J. Dodwell    

  • #MeToo REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN IN THE BIDEN FLAP.  After a period of seeming hibernation following the embarrassment of the Bret Kavanagh debacle, the #MeToo movement re-emerges to capitalize on Joe Biden’s physical proclivities toward women.  During the retreat many women finally have awoken to speak out about the excesses of the movement.  Interestingly, this attitudinal change coincides with the publication of my anti-#MeToo manifesto last September  at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary

    I like to think that treatise was influential in driving the movement underground for a while, and inspiring an epiphany among many women.  You’re welcome.


Was Biden’s now infamous behavior weird?  Absolutely.  Is it disqualifying for his possible presidential run?  Absolutely not.  As expressions of affection, his tactile impulses are anomalous as a matter of decorum, but heretofore considered harmless.  Now #MeToo gets involved to construe his physicality as predatory behavior against women, calling for the vilification of any man who would similarly engage.  On that front Biden and his fellow grabbers must be defended.  Of course, sudden concern about Biden’s behavior is partially borne out of an effort by Democratic presidential candidates to keep him from joining the race.  But #MeToo is bent on exploiting the issue to advance its radical feminist agenda.


Men have harbored sexual thoughts about women since the Garden of Eden.  It is quintessentially natural.  In fact, most women want that attention.  But #MeToo and the political left proscribe the so-called objectification of women in order to empower women and disempower men through the hyper-politicization of frivolous offenses.  Women who cannot navigate or tolerate common, albeit inappropriate, libidinous forces in their midst should get thee to a nunnery or join the LGBTQ brigade.  They should not expect equality in the workplace because in a #MeToo atmosphere they pose a serious threat to men’s careers.  As such, those women deserve circumspection, avoidance and even expulsion. 


How bad is it?  Amazon recently cancelled a four picture deal with Woody Allen because of his comments characterizing #MeToo cases as potential “witch hunts”.  Amazon claims that heresy diminished the benefit the films could be expected to deliver.  Such is the perverse power of the movement.  Fair-minded people must stand up to this rein of terror by ensuring #MeToo gets no further traction through such opportunistic incidents as Joe Biden’s unorthodox touching practices.  4/8/19

©2019 William J. Dodwell