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Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between July and September 2020

By William J. Dodwell

  • ·GOOD BYE FOX, HELLO NEWSMAX.  I have been calling for a genuinely conservative alternative to Fox News for a long time.  Finally, there is a promising prospect in NewsMax.  Its growing presence on cable tv, consisting of more than 10 million viewers, is testament to a large demographic hungry for honest, unadulterated right-wing content and opinion. 

    Fox caved to the #MeToo crowd in firing Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and others, and radically feminized the enterprise, all in reaction to lawsuits over “sexual misconduct”.  This change marked the beginning of the network’s drift to the left, led by a liberal son of founder Rupert Murdoch and a woman CEO.  In March, Fox fired Trish Regan for the obvious assertion that mainstream media exaggerate the corona virus pandemic to hurt President Trump’s reelection. In June, the network fired stalwart Ed Henry because a former employee accused him of sexual misconduct.

    The silver lining is that the Fox transformation encourages a growing share of its audience to move to Newsmax.  That network features solid right-wing hosts including Greg Kelly, Grant Stichfield, Steve Bannon and Michele Malkin who are not dupes for such politically correct shibboleths as climate-change, #MeToo, LGBTQ, and “systemic racism”.  The news void is closing.  9/25/20

  • HOW FAR LEFT WILL FOX NEWS DRIFT?  A really eye-popping segment appeared on Harris Faulkner’s show last week with Melissa Francis and Marie Harf.  They interviewed Newt Gingrich. Gingrich who spoke most indignantly about George Soros funding radical leftists, including those behind the riots and looting, as well as many candidates for Attorney General. Francis and Harf interjected to object to bringing up Soros in the conversation.  Gingrich was not happy.   

    Purportedly, they did this so not to stoke anti-Semitic sentiment.  What?  Soros has expressly stated his dedication to destroying America deploying many billions of dollars to do so.  And we’re not supposed to talk about it because he’s Jewish?  Give me a f***in’ break!!  It’s like those who say any criticism of Obama is racist.   

    It is not clear whether this cowardice reflects Fox policy or is just Francis and Harf editorializing.  A couple of days later, not mentioning Faulkner’s show, Tucker Carlson extensively denounced Soros for exactly what Gingrich decried.  But as the host of the leading program in all of cable news with historically high ratings, is Fox just giving him a pass?  Is Soros fair game for other commentators?  If not, this is good reason to say, Hello Newsmax.  9/24/20

  • DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD.  As endless media tributes honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life, hard-core conservatives celebrate the liberal jurist’s death and the Supreme Court seat it opens.  But we wish her well in her celestial endeavors.  Her demise presents a prime opportunity to thwart ongoing attacks on constitutional principles, including individual and religious freedom, self-defense, and sovereignty for decades. Appropriately, President Trump wastes no time starting the replacement process.

    The president is legally entitled to fill vacancies until the end of his term, even if he loses reelection in November.  While Trump is dependent on Senate Republican votes to launch confirmation hearings, he refuses to capitulate to calls to defer the process to the next administration.  Current Republican control of both the presidency and the Senate justifies rejecting demands to wait for “the people’s choice” in November.  

    Senate Republicans in tight reelection races in November face a dilemma in appealing to swing voters in respect of both the timing of the nomination and the vote on Trump’s conservative nominee.  The president and conservatives have to convince them of the primacy of upholding the now vulnerable Constitution through another strict constructionist on the Court.   9/21/20

  • A WELCOME SETBACK FOR ESG.  The U.S. Department of Labor just proposed proxy voting restrictions on investment fiduciaries that would thwart the left’s effort to establish ESG factors in corporate operations. Consider this a welcome blow against politically motivated touchy-feely ESG investing that compromises economic benefit.

According to Reuters, the DOL warns that fiduciaries and proxy advisers “may be acting in ways that unwittingly allow plan assets to be used to support or pursue proxy proposals for environmental, social or public policy agendas that have no connection to increasing the value of investments.”

Adding to government, media and academe, Marxist operatives try to carve out yet another beachhead in the investment community.  The DOL proposal would be an important check against shareholder activists and capitulating corporate managements.  Too many cowardly CEOs have caved to liberal social justice warriors.  Consider their craven consumption of snake oil concerning climate change, #MeToo, diversity, racial inequality and renewable energy.  Now they embrace the patently Marxist Black Lives Matter movement contributing well over $500 million dollars, $100 million from Apple alone. Some of it finances the violence now occurring in many Democrat cities.   9/2/20

  •  AMERICAN DECADENCE:  THE DEMISE OF THE NECKTIE.  In 1968, conservative presidential candidate Alabama Governor George Wallace encountered a shaggy male hippie on the campaign trail screaming at him.  In response, he yelled back in his deep southern drawl, “What you need is a haircut!”  My sentiment exactly as I witness one man after another in media appearances today sans cravat.  I bark at the screen, “What you need is a necktie!” 

It is difficult not to suspect the retiring of this badge of gentility as yet another reflection of the left’s influence in the erosion of tradition, along with suppressing history, the flag and references to God.  Globalists must relish the passing of this Western sartorial emblem.  To be fair, comfort doubtless has something to do with the tie’s demise.  But today, feel trumps appearance to an extreme.

One might say the open neck is simply a new fashion.  But serial aesthetic changes like this can lead collectively to a larger degenerative transformation on a slippery slope that ultimately undermines discipline and self-respect to the detriment of societal wellbeing. No tie today.  No shirt tomorrow.  Wearing pajama bottoms in public has become acceptable.  And consider how tattoos displays have gone from a small image in a hidden spot to increasingly common facial disfigurement.  What’s next, a tusk through the nose?

By no means a fashion plate, I just call for traditional, tasteful, form-fitting, color-coordinated attire.  By this austere standard there is no place for: baggy hip hop pants falling off the rump, jeans with holes, untucked shirts, jeans with an expensive suit jacket, or news anchors wearing expensive shirts/blouses accompanied by jeans not so well concealed under the desk.  Ok, I’m not exactly mainstream.  Hey, if I had my druthers, casual Friday at the office would be formal Friday in celebration of a culminating head of steam achieved through the inertia of a week of daily incremental diligence.  Tux, tails and a top hat would be the dress code.  Working from home?  No matter.  Rules are rules.

And then there is tie choice, about which I am generally quite flexible, but there are certain conventions.  President Trump is an inveterate tie-wearer who chooses appropriate, but limited, color schemes.  However, he wears his tie too long, as the tip should meet the center of the belt buckle.  Tucker Carlson frequently dons a particular green, yellow and red stripe combination against a plaid shirt.  Ughhhh!  He seems to make a mere token gesture to the neckwear custom.  Or, maybe he’s rebelling against it.  Recall his early years when he always wore a bow tie. Now he denounces it as displaying the equivalent of a raised middle finger on the throat. 

I’m not alone in my support for the tie.  At a speaking engagement about monetary policy I attended, Steve Forbes opined similarly after playing a brief video produced by the Federal Reserve.  A leftist institution obsessed with diversity, the Fed featured comments of dozens of employees of various ethnicities in all manner of dress.  Afterwards, Forbes aptly pointed out that every form of diversity was represented, except a guy with a tie.  8/31/20

  •  IS TRUMP PLAYING LEGITIMATE HARDBALL THROUGH THE POST OFFICE?  The Democrats want to maximize mail-in voting because reportedly 46% of their voters plan to vote by mail out of concern about COVID-19, versus only 11% of Republicans.  What’s more, turnout among Democrats is expected to be low out of a lack of enthusiasm for the ticket.  To compensate, Democrats capitalize on “universal voting” where election officials mail unsolicited ballots to all registered voters.  

    Republicans support controllable absentee voting.  But they decry the obvious potential for fraud in universal voting as millions of undeliverable ballots become available for fabrication. Is Trump using his control over the Post Office to combat this inevitable Democratic scam?  Newly appointed Postmaster General DeJoy immediately adopted new practices which have created serious delays in mail delivery.  Before Congress, he denied accusations of interfering with the November election and said he will discontinue the changes until after the vote.  

    Is President Trump orchestrating Post Office delays to limit the count of mostly Democrat mail-in ballots within the legal timetable?  Is this tactic ethical in view of the obvious fraud the Democrats are trying to create?  Call it fighting fire with fire. 8/26/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  One-stop viewing for all your right-wing needs concerning politics, culture and the economy.  http://www.williamjdodwell.com  8/26/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  He is the most politically incorrect gadfly on the web.  http://www.williamjdodwell.com/  8/20/20
  • WHY DID I SUDDENLY LOSE 30 CONNECTIONS?  I just lost 30 connections overnight without apparent provocation.  This has not happened before.  Is Linked In playing political games as the election approaches?  http://www.williamjdodwell.com/   8/19/20
  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  He thinks the federal government should be reduced in size to operate in a Motel 6 with the porch light on to welcome the corruption monitors.


He’s so conservative his idea of splurging is to order a bowl of soup instead of a cup at the diner.

http://www.williamjdodwell.com/   7/29/20


    He’s so conservative he waters the lawn while it rains, just to be sure a spot isn’t missed.  7/22/20


I just saw a post citing a study that finds those working at home these days put in up to 20% longer days. Really?

Recently, I drove past a public basketball court and saw it filled with middle-age white guys playing at 10 am. I turned to my wife pointing to the scene and said, that's called working from home. On the trip back an hour later the court was filled with adult black guys. I guess they take turns.

Racial injustice? No. Personal choice and First Amendment freedom of association. More productive workers? Hell no! 7/20/20
  • SOMEONE LEFT THE CAKE OUT IN THE RAIN.  Recalling summers past, remember this cryptic line in Jimmy Webb’s 1968 hit “MacArthur Park”?  Here’s my unabridged piano rendition I recorded in 2014.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avq7nNsYiSg  7/16/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  He fights for limited government, individual freedom, meritocracy, national sovereignty, secure borders and military strength.  As such, he wants to be your favorite right-wing extremist. http://www.williamjdodwell.com/    7/15/20
  • COVID-19 HITS HOME.  The manager of my local diner told me the business is “on the brink of collapse” because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.  Closure would end seventy years of family ownership. The diner was going to start limited indoor service two weeks ago but Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy rescinded the Phase II reopening indefinitely because of an uptick in new cases in the SUNBELT.

Of course, the increase in coronavirus cases is primarily due to greatly expanded testing.  And COVID-19 infections are serious only for those with immuno-deficient conditions, mostly affecting the elderly, especially in nursing homes. Virtually everyone else is either asymptomatic, only mildly ill, or in the case of children, immune. Deaths, the critical metric, are now down to flu rates and heavily concentrated among the aged. But governments and media continue to ignore this science and instead obsess about new cases.  Democrat states do it to defeat Trump in November. Republicans fear the reaction of constituents whom fear-mongering media have duped about the significance of new cases.

My diner’s fate is a microcosm of what is about to permeate the country as small businesses face unsustainable revenue shortfalls. This does not have to happen. Damn the politicians and the media. 7/13/20

  • TIME FOR A MUSIC BREAK.  In these times of angst over civil unrest, it is comforting to contemplate historical parallels that remind us “This too will pass.”  Today’s protests coupled with riots and looting and calls for anarchy bring to mind a 1968 analogue.  That year the country endured the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, race riots, anti-war violence, along with the havoc at the Democrat National Convention.  For perspective, it is fitting to compare the respective turmoil.                                   

    One song in particular that triggers the tumultuous memory of 1968 is Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park”.  While having no thematic connection with the events of the time, the song invokes that year like the scent of a certain perfume might summon thoughts of a beloved grade school teacher.  Recall actor Richard Harris’ hit recording, and his memorable performance of the song on the Johnny Carson Show, an experience he said terrified him.

    For some levity in these momentous days, I present my piano rendition of “MacArthur Park” I recorded in 2014.  Hang on for the duration. A long song with several movements that is tedious in the first three minutes, it gets more interesting later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avq7nNsYiSg  7/9/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  His idea of a diverse workforce is one with a bevy of scantily-clad women from around the world serving coffee. 7/7/20
  • GET THAT MASK OFF YOUR FACE!  It’s time to fight back.  The COVID-19 mask is just a badge of compliance with the left’s program to defeat President Trump in the November election.  It is a Democrat propaganda tool to create fear and solidarity over what is a minimal health threat, but for a small sliver of the population.  The mask is neither effective nor necessary, and even harmful.  It is wholly unsupported by science.

Starting immediately, challenge the government mandate by going maskless.  Force places of business that require a mask for entry to command you to wear one.  Carry a mask in your pocket in case this happens.  In time, more and more people will be seen without a mask until critical mass is reached and victory is won. Another tactic is to wear the mask hanging from one ear as hapless Joe Biden does.  Make the enforcer call a technical foul.   

COVID-19 is not about infection cases.  It is about severity as measured by genuine hospitalizations and deaths after correcting for fraudulent statistical manipulation.  The relatively few immuno-deficient, mostly among the elderly, should self-quarantine according to their risk tolerance.   The rest of us must rebel against mask tyranny now and demand our lives back. Don't be a sucker!  7/6/20

  • DR. FAUCI IS A COVID-19 FRAUD.  Why does President Trump not replace Dr. Fauci with another prominent spokesperson from the scientific community who would rebut the COVID-19 propaganda aimed at sabotaging the economic reopening and undermining his reelection?  Mysteriously, Dr. Fauci, who is corroborative or reticent about the misinformation, has been the only superstar speaking on behalf of the Administration.  A few dissenting rank and file scientists have appeared sporadically in the media, but Trump needs the regular presence of a stellar naysayer of Fauci’s stature before he was corrupted. 

    An esteemed expert under the auspices of the president must expose the truth and repudiate the fallacies spread by the media to allay the fear that deters an economic recovery.

    -        The oft-cited number of infection cases is not important. As such, the emphasis on testing and contact tracing that multiplies the count is misguided, except for computing an accurate fatality rate. But the left promotes a current surge as a pretext to roll back economic reopenings.  The virus cannot be contained substantially by its nature and even intensifies indoors such as during lockdowns.  Most Americans probably have been exposed without consequence.  The vast majority of confirmed cases are asymptomatic or only mildly ill.  Children are virtually immune and do not spread the disease. The elderly as the principal risk group by far should be the focus. (80% of deaths have been over 65.)

    -        Only rates of hospitalization and deaths are significant indices of COVID-19 severity.  Heretofore, fatalities are commensurate with the seasonal flu.

    -        COVID-19 deaths are inflated by co-morbidities and an expanded definition that now encompasses not only confirmed cases, but also those having only coronavirus symptoms, or contact with one who has tested positive. For example, one report cites a sample of seventeen cases of which only one tested positive. In addition, some have suggested that Democrat governors are incented to occasion deaths to save on Medicaid costs.

    -        Hospitalizations are inflated by government financial incentives to use ventilators and classify deaths as COVID-19 related. In addition, hospitals are admitting many mildly sick patients and extending their stays unnecessarily.  This is to shore up profits by maximizing capacity utilization.  The current faux surge in hospitalizations contributes to public hysteria the left tries to promote.

    Dr. Fauci has lost credibility because of inconsistent statements and his failure to acknowledge the factors above of which he must be aware.  As a liberal Democrat government bureaucrat, he is inimical to the president, regardless of his expressed objectivity.  During the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s Fauci waffled over time on the question of whether heterosexuals were seriously at risk.  The propaganda then preached that the general population was vulnerable when, in fact, AIDS always has been a gay disease that also afflicts intravenous drug abusers.  Current CDC Director, Robert Redfield, was firmly in the propagandist camp at that time. 

    President Trump must appoint a prestigious truth teller to combat today’s propaganda and justify a complete return to economic and social normalcy that could save his presidency.  7/3/20


He’s a table-pounding, fire-breathing, bomb-throwing, frothing-at-the-mouth right-wing zealot who scares liberals into silence (and some conservatives too). 

http://www.williamjdodwell.com/   7/1/20

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between April and June 2020

By William J. Dodwell
  • ESG: THE LEFT AT WORK.  The growing movement on the left to promote environmental, social and governance considerations in company management is aimed at co-opting the business sector in government’s ongoing pursuit of a new socialist order. Having institutionalized political correctness toward that end, and having indoctrinated youth in leftist politics through public education, government and mass media extend the Marxist model to business in the name of corporate social responsibility.

    At bottom is the newfound “stakeholders” model dedicated to constituents besides traditional shareholders, to include customers, employees, and the community. Indeed, this mindset has companies doing government’s bidding with respect to diversity, income redistribution, racial inequality, green projects, and immigration, under the guise of better operations.  Of course, this comes at the expense of profit in favor of supposedly nobler social benefits.  But those ultimately redound to more controlling government.  To ensure compliance with the new egalitarian corporate ethos, regulators impose increasing ESG reporting requirements.

    Some good notwithstanding, the seemingly benign ESG mandate undermines the capitalist archetype and incrementally empowers the state in typical Marxist fashion. 6/30/20

  • THE MASK HAS BECOME THE COVID-19 FLAG.  Suddenly mask mandates proliferate everywhere.  Pelosi and her lackeys grandstand with one around their necks all the time now.  Dr. Fauci, who mocked the effectiveness of masks initially, now wears one.  And Biden now says that as president he would order everyone to wear a mask in public.

    The impetus behind the drumbeat is to promote the mask as a symbol of the leftist COVID-19 movement to derail Trump in November through renewed mass hysteria and continued economic sclerosis.  The mask has become the rallying flag.  It is also a meme by which to condition the public to ongoing obeisance to imperious government, a signature of the new Democrat Party.

    In any case, the mask is unhealthy as it traps harmful carbon dioxide and bacteria that has caused pleurisy.  The mask is also ineffective as it contains pores that are hundreds of times larger than the virus that escapes through them.  Once a sign of virtue signaling for good heath, the mask is now a political statement.  What’s needed is a standard stenciled image.  How about a government jackboot on the people’s neck?  6/29/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  He’s so conservative he works from a 1958 calendar with a pinup photo of Brigitte Bardot. http://www.williamjdodwell.com/  6/23/20

  • CORRUPTION IN THE COVID-19 COMMUNITY.  · In March I wrote an article entitled “Can We Trust the COVID-19 Scientific Community?” bit.ly/2N8yOxU

          Although skeptical, I was not ready to impugn that group’s integrity.  But less than three months later, I conclude that, like climate-change and the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, the COVID-19 community is seriously compromised.  This charge applies to certain scientists, hospitals, researchers, elected Democrat officials, medical literature, pharmaceutical firms, and health experts who have politicized or otherwise exploited COVID-19.  How so?  Let us count the ways. 

    -        The World Health Organization (WHO) consorted with China to conceal the initial impact of the Wuhan coronavirus. Properly, President Trump withdrew U.S. membership costing the organization some $440 million annually.

           -                Many American epidemiologists openly support China’s prohibition against investigations into the Wuhan origin of the COVID-19 virus out of solidarity with the profession.  This pandering to China undermines the search for a vaccine and adds to the death count.  Could payoffs be at play here?

    -        The U.S. inaugurated nationwide lockdowns based on a now discredited 2.2 million U.S. coronavirus deaths projected by researcher Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London.  But oddly, that was 100 times his projection for the UK, even though the U.S. has only five times the UK population. That error, on which President Trump relied with concurrence of Dr. Fauci, led to national alarm and grossly overestimated hospital capacity, equipment and supply requirements.

    -        Leading COVID-19 expert, Dr. Fauci, and Democrat governors kept moving the goal posts for a return to normalcy.  Starting with just “bending the curve”, mass mitigation continued according to various timetables, including a wait for a vaccine in some quarters.  The apparent attempt to delay economic recovery until November to hurt Trump’s reelection became increasingly transparent.

    -        Two prestigious medical journals, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, published articles about COVID-19 based on fraudulent data that bypassed the standard peer review process.  Following objections raised by the medical community, the authors withdrew their works when they could not get the cooperation they needed from their data provider to respond to critics.

    -        Inflated death rates make the disease seem more serious than it is.  They encourage longer and more draconian mitigation practices that suppress the economy to the detriment of President Trump’s reelection.  Health officials redefined death to include comorbidities coincident with COVID-19.  Some doctors said hospital authorities forced them to classify deaths as COVID-19 against their will.  A particular motivation for hospitals is a government payment of $13,000 for each COVID-19 classified death, and $39,000 for each patient on a ventilator.  In addition, some hospitals harboring COVID-19 patients proactively admitted and comingled non-COVID patients.  What’s more, New York Governor Cuomo and other Democrat governors ordered nursing homes with non-COVID residents to accept COVID patients rather than send them to newly erected near-empty facilities.  More than 5,000 deaths occurred thereafter in New York. To induce the nursing homes to comply, Cuomo surreptitiously enabled legislation that protected the owners from legal liability in exchange for a $1 million campaign contribution.  What was the motive of these governors, hospitals and nursing homes?  Might it be to swell the death count for political and economic purposes?  Hey, they were going to die soon anyway.

    -        Johns Hopkins University epidemiologist, Jennifer Nuzzo, Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and others crusaded for social-distancing only to support an exception for Black Lives Matter protesters. Astonishingly, Nuzzo said the dangers of systemic racism exceed the virus.  So much for science.

    -        Scientists, governors and media have engaged in a concerted effort to dismiss cheap hydroxachloraquine as a COVID-19 therapeutic, despite promising trials.  Has the pharmaceutical industry orchestrated this cabal to permit the emergence of a new and much more lucrative substitute?  What’s more, the media dismiss the drug simply because President Trump supports it.  How’s that for journalism?

    -        Dr. Fauci and others support delaying school openings under the ruse of protecting children from infection and avoiding the spread to family members, despite evidence children are virtually immune to the virus.  The political goal is to keep one parent out of work to care for a child and thus hamper the economic recovery.

    -        Reticence in the COVID-19 community about certain realities is suspect.  Issues include: 1) The self-attenuation of the virus according to its genetic life cycle that one researcher says is about eight to ten weeks.  2) A considerable majority of cases are asymptomatic or involve only mild illness.  3) Asymptomatic cases do not transmit the disease. 4) Silence about indefinitely deferring a return to school, even though evidence shows the coronavirus does not affect children.  5) Studies show the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and masks.  6) The coronavirus does not spread efficiently in open air, especially in warm weather.  7) There's little mention of declining infection and death rates as aggressive testing programs identify undetected cases. This revelation would make the coronavirus seem too much like the seasonal flu.

    -        The contradictions about the effectiveness of masks.  Both Dr. Fauci and Surgeon General Jerome Adams initially dismissed the need for masks only to revert to wearing them in public in response to the political winds.

    -        The left savors the prospect of a “new normal” founded on fear mongering and resultant acquiescence to government mandates, as well as on a new reliance on government assistance.  This experience sets the stage for invoking COVID-19 again as a pretext for future malicious government interference.

    -        A unified force currently promotes an oncoming COVID-19 second wave to create alarm in the hope of blunting the reopening phase.  In fact, certain researchers project hospitalizations and deaths that are orders of magnitude beyond both actual experience in the first wave and cases identified during a reopening.  At one point, Dr. Fauci said definitively that a second wave is inevitable.  He recanted later partly based on new testing results. The left misleads by reporting new cases identified from more extensive testing are actually second wave cases.  In fact, they may be first wave cases that were not detected before the new testing regimen.

           Mistruths and omissions about the nature of the Wuhan coronavirus, its scope, its severity, projections, mitigation protocols and therapeutics, abetted by economic and political interests, contributed to a grossly misjudged cost-benefit calculus.  This has resulted in unnecessarily cratering the economy and spending several trillion dollars on stimulus.  And the left continues the artifice in an effort to stall the recovery by delaying the reopening and propagating fear about a second wave to hurt President Trump in the November election.  Indeed, like climate-change, and AIDS in the 1980s, much COVID-19 reporting skirts science in favor of self-interest. 6/18/20
  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  I lean so far to the right, I keep falling over.  http://www.williamjdodwell.com/

  •  RACIAL INEQUALITY:  A VIEW FROM THE FAR-RIGHT.  The George Floyd killing initially generated a clarion call for rectifying police brutality and alleged systemic racism in law enforcement.  Then it transformed into a societal self-flagellation over racial inequality.  Here’s my contrarian view. 

Five years ago, I wrote an article in The Comprehensive Conservative entitled, “Black Scholar Tells It Like It Is About the Race Problem”. See  bit.ly/3cVFJ

It was a response to a public speaking engagement of Jason Riley about his then new book, “Please Stop Helping Us:  How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed”.  In my article, I discuss certain inherent limitations to black equality, and the necessity for blacks as a class to change their behavior radically to have any hope of significantly closing the social and economic gap. 6/15/20

  • ·BEWARE THE HYPE ABOUT A COVID-19 SECOND WAVE. Democrats and leftist media have exploited the Wuhan coronavirus to destroy the economy.  Now they try to sabotage the reopening phase by hyping a second wave on the basis of reported upticks in infections.  The left hopes to extend the malaise closer to the November election to hurt Trump. 

Increased infection mainly reflects greatly expanded testing that exposes pre-existing cases not previously identified.  Many originate in high-risk nursing homes and Native American reservations.  And, that testing reveals a radical drop in the infection rate to under 7% as the virus self-attenuates. In any case, infections are not a primary metric because the vast majority of victims have been non-contagious asymptomatic or only mildly ill.  Greater hospitalizations are more concerning, but now ample capacity and plenty of ventilators ensure a better capability to handle a spike.  Most importantly, the falling death rate, now at .4%, is de minimis.

We now know a serious second wave can be contained by isolating the elderly and others with underlying immuno-deficiencies. Therefore, lockdowns are unnecessary. The left promotes a second wave to stifle the economy further by scaring people into staying home and by restoring lockdowns to sabotage Trump's reelection. 6/12/20

  • ·ARE REPARATIONS NEXT?  First demands called for police reform.  Then liberals howled for defunded police departments, new social programs and expanded affirmative action, largely administered by hopelessly corrupt inner city poverty operatives.  This, all in the name of one black thug, George Floyd, killed at the hands of a sadistic white cop. Government, media and corporations now prostrate themselves to accommodate the black community in a national guilt trip about racial inequality.

As the left pulls at America’s heart strings capitalizing on newfound empathy for black equity, it is just a matter of time before it plays its ace.  Current virtue-signaling by politicians and a commiserative citizenry could conceivably lead to reparations legislation that might be amenable to a newly sympathetic Congress.  And, in the circumstance, President Trump may feel considerable pressure to sign it, under threat of the race card, to protect his reelection chances. 

Look for an effort to place (hide) reparations in a future COVID-19 stimulus bill. An extra trillion relative to the multiple trillions spent on blunting the impact of the coronavirus might not meet the resistance it used to amid all the mea culpas over George Floyd.  Taxpayers, watch your wallet. 6/11/20


The left capitalizes on the racial implications of George Floyd’s horrific death. But race was not necessarily a factor in the killing.  The disreputable victim is a grievance proxy by which to trigger unrelated accommodations to blacks.  Those concessions extend well beyond police reform to constitute massive capitulation and virtue-signaling by government and business .  No doubt the left will lever this incident to garner more support for reparations.

Black Lives Matter is a front for directing government funds, most of which will be stolen and squandered by notoriously corrupt ACORN-type groups and black churches.  The funds will also finance Antifa and other violent groups aimed at destroying the social order and sabotaging Trump’s reelection in November, with the full support of Democrats.  Sadly, many cowardly Republicans and gullible citizens assent.  6/10/20

Once again see Candace Owens’ video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtPfoEvNJ74#video_1

    Nine-term Congressman Steven King (R-IA) recently lost a primary challenge in a bid for reelection. Because of his "nativist" positions, particularly on immigration, the left branded him a racist, and even his own shunned him.

    Steve King stood up for long-standing American values. His so-called "white nationalist" statements were expressions of support for the nation's sovereignty through secure borders,. They're made in opposition to leftist forces that work to suppress the white population by changing the demographics of the country, ultimately to diminish it through consequent social divisiveness and economic decline. His comments about the serious threat of drug smuggling at the southern border, including the use of children as "mules", is an obvious truth. Everyone knows it.

    The problem for too many Republicans, and even conservatives, is that political correctness trumps truth. If they don't cave they become pariahs even among themselves. More concerning is how much the electorate has been intimidated and brainwashed by left-wing operatives and their media allies. Unfortunately, the politicians capitulate to get elected. Steve King was the kind of fighter we need in this radicalized environment. He'll be sorely missed.  6/9/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE:  Do it the right way – the right-wing way. Link to website.        
  • ·THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM.  A singular act of universally condemned police brutality by a white police officer on a black offender precipitated nationwide protests of systemic racism in law enforcement. Now that grievance has grown to calls for broad racial reform.  The catalyst is a combination of peaceful protests along with violence perpetrated by organized Antifa thugs, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts, and released prison inmates, all in the name of the original police victim, George Floyd.

Mayors and governors have told police to stand down out of fear of uncontrollable escalation, vilification by leftist media, and charges of racism.  Even some police themselves pathetically kneel in solidarity with protestors.  Many demonstrators justify looting and destruction simply because property is “replaceable”. Antifa operatives funded by George Soros and some Hollywood celebrities threaten to invade residential areas, and now even train to gouge eyes out of their victims.

The destruction is reminiscent of urban civil rights riots in the 1960s.  Like now, violence and looting nearly leveled particular major cities, some of which never fully recovered.  Such is also the case in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, still devastated from unrest in 2014 and 2015 following fatal altercations between white police and black perpetrators.  Also in the 1960s, anti-Vietnam War and free speech protests wreaked havoc on college campuses and elsewhere, but interestingly stopped when the military abolished the draft in 1973.  Unlike today, elected officials in the 1960s generally supported the police in using appropriate force against the rioters. But like some mayors amid current protests, cowardly college presidents cravenly caved to student demands.

After nearly two weeks of continuous disorder including massive property damage, it appears police finally have freer reign to contain the violence, although in the face of popular and official opposition.  National Guard troops have intervened in some cities, but Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser summarily ejected them. In addition, President Trump offered military troops followed by the public disagreement of his defense secretary and some generals.

Meanwhile, George Floyd, deplored in life, is celebrated in death.  Encomiums abound for this drug addict who spent many years in and out of prison. And corporations are once again intimidated into reassessing their policies regarding racial representation on boards and in the executive suite. The call for yet more affirmative action will create in-house tension, but large companies seem eager to placate the threatening left.  And, of course, governments promise to open check books for more social programs.

In fact, the left is conducting an increasingly popular campaign to defund or abolish police departments by transferring their budgets to new boondoggles that inevitably will spawn corruption like the former Acorn groups under President Obama that Congress defunded.  The resultant law enforcement void could plunge cities into anarchy and set the stage for a new Marxist state coveted by the new Democrats.  An attempted coup is underway.

Strong resistance in the streets is essential to ending the mayhem, ruffled political feathers notwithstanding.  This includes military troops as needed.  Senator Tom Cotton (R-ARK) said it best in a controversial op ed in the New York Times in which he called for military intervention:

“One thing above all else will restore order to our streets:

                        an overwhelming show of force.”       6/8/20

    • REASSESSING THE GEORGE FLOYD CASE.  There is universal outrage over the way Floyd died, and officer Derek Chauvin and his ilk must be held accountable. But mitigating factors now paint a different picture.

      Besides a record of multiple prison sentences including one for assaulting a pregnant woman, an autopsy report reveals that Floyd was high on fentanyl and had recently consumed amphetamines when apprehended.  This brings to mind the 1992 LA police encounter with Rodney King who was similarly intoxicated while resisting arrest.  The famous mass media video showing the police beating King did not show King’s preceding violence on arresting officers.  That part was enough to exonerate the cops in court.  Déjà vu?

      The obvious question from the Floyd video is why Chauvin didn’t put him in the police car.  Many presumed the cop instead engaged in wanton torture motivated by racial hatred.  But did Floyd, like King, pose a danger to cops?  While this would warrant extra manhandling, it does not justify unrelenting pressure on Floyd’s neck, which Chauvin should have known (but probably did not) was potentially lethal.

      In this context, Floyd’s death is reprehensible and demands accountability, but may no longer qualify as murder. See Candace Owens’s video at https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/06/04/candace-owens-lights-social-media-ablaze-with-hard-hitting-confession-on-george-floyd-tragedy-929748   6/5/20

    • WHAT IF GEORGE FLOYD WERE WHITE?  Protests against George Floyd’s alleged killing by white police officer Derek Chauvin are premised on the cop’s presumed racial animus.  But the real issue is undisputed police brutality.  If George Floyd were white, would there be any protests?  Probably not as this is just another chance to claim systemic racism in law enforcement.

      This, despite that adjudication exonerated the police in comparable incidents, including those involving Rodney King, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Freddy Gray, etc. Similarly, recall the black cheers for OJ Simpson on his baseless murder acquittal, predicated on a racially biased jury. For the protesters, were these cases about racial injustice, or defending black perpetrators no matter what? 

      Blacks engage in crime at a highly disproportionate rate relative to their numbers (13% of the population).  As such, black resistance to police action resulting in death is inevitably disproportional. Hence, the misguided perception of racial injustice.

      So, protestations about George Floyd’s death should concern police brutality, not race.  Protesters presume racial hostility motivated Chauvin. But he might have treated a white offender the same. The lesson is to weed out bad cops.  Race is irrelevant. 6/3/20


      Relying on an extremely erroneous UK statistical model that projected 2.2 million U.S. deaths from the Wuhan novel coronavirus, scientists and governments committed an unprecedented blunder. Concomitantly, nefarious Democrats and liberal media seek to level the economy to remake it in their socialist image, and sabotage President Trump’s reelection as a catalyst. Accordingly, the left promotes damaging lockdowns and other unproven restrictions costing trillions of lost revenue, tens of millions of jobs, and untold damaged lives.  

      The left stokes public fear to foster acquiescence to state mandates, even apropos of riskless children.  Leftists also capitalize on multitrillion-dollar Treasury stimulus to advance an unrelated redistributionist agenda, and to bail out profligate debt-ridden blue states.


    • I WANT MY DINER BACK.  Everyone yearns to return to a favorite activity when COVID-19 passes.  For me, it’s Saturday morning breakfast at my local diner.  I pine for the bacon and eggs with assorted accessories as I sit for four hours at the end of the counter in a packed room.  With Fox News on the television before me in closed captions (at my insistence), I pour through several publications - I’m sure to the wonderment of thousands of patrons who have seen me there over the years.                                                          

But now, still longing to get out of the house, I have to eat take-out in my car with the steering wheel in my lap.  Instead of television news, I listen to successive radio broadcasts of NY Governor Cuomo and NJ Governor Murphy giving coronavirus updates. Dropping food, spilling coffee, and clumsily maneuvering newspapers, it’s not the same experience. 

When I get home, I spend another four hours at the grand piano, relishing the thought that, unlike breakfast, the government can’t take this away.  But I had a scare. Last week while playing, the doorbell rang.  Answering it, my wife said, “There’s a federal official here.” For what?, I asked worriedly.  “It’s the census taker.”  Whew!  5/26/20
    • PERMANENT COVID-19 SOCIAL-DISTANCING AND MASKING:  A LEFTIST RUSE.  As the nation transitions from lockdown to reopening the economy, one has to question the need and effectiveness of continued social-distancing and masking to contain the spread of the Wuhan virus.  Given the miniscule statistical risk of serious illness or death in the non-vulnerable population, the economic and social costs of these practices far exceed the health risks.  As such, governments may reasonably eliminate these mitigation mandates while protecting the vulnerable elderly population, especially those in nursing homes. What’s more, the novel coronavirus is likely approaching the end of its natural lifecycle, perhaps irrespective of mitigation, as some studies indicate, especially amid warmer weather.                                                    

      The cost-benefit calculus

      Like sheltering-in-place, the effectiveness of masking has been challenged.  See

      https://www-theblaze-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.theblaze.com/news/2020/05/15/former-neurosurgeon-masks-ineffective/amp  In fact, the CDC, the Surgeon General and Dr. Anthony Fauci himself had declared face masks ineffective before reversing themselves later when the politics intensified.

      Unlike lockdowns and masking, scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of social-distancing.  But the practice does not stand up to a cost-benefit analysis because the risk to the non-vulnerable population is so low.  The relatively few deaths and serious illnesses that occur without social-distancing do not justify the mandated economic and social sacrifices of reduced capacity in all businesses and public venues.

       Ongoing post-lockdown restrictions imposed on the non-vulnerable population will continue to throttle economic activity and suppress the quality of life unnecessarily.  Also, government mandated social-distancing and masking foster public fear that inhibits a return to normalcy by creating the perception of a disease that is more serious than it is.  The healthy should have the option to resume normal lives with no restrictions. This would contribute to a herd immunity that eventually can ward off future infection without the severe costs of mitigation measures.

      The government ruse

      Outdoor mitigation protocols and the closing of schools, whose young occupants are at virtually no risk, lack scientific validation.  But that fact flies in the face of the left’s strategy to create the impression that everyone is at serious risk forevermore. That pretext justifies continued government mandates aimed at suppressing the economy in the hope of harming Trump’s reelection chances.  In addition, exaggerating the danger facilitates long-term efforts to expand authoritarian control by which to advance the left’s socialist model. 

      Now the left wants to protract mitigation until a vaccine exists.  But that will be no panacea.  Like flu vaccines, half the population won’t get inoculated, and it likely will be ineffective for a substantial portion of those who do. When the vaccine is available the left will doubtless point out this limitation as an excuse to continue mitigation until a cure is discovered, as long as it is not the very promising Trump-endorsed hydroxychloroquine.   

      The return to normalcy

      Restoring the pre-coronavirus economy requires removing all restrictions while protecting the elderly, in conjunction with their personal responsibility. Universal mitigation is unwarranted given that singular risk group.  Continued mitigation mandates will prolong recovery indefinitely to the long-term detriment of the economy and the quality of life, and to the benefit of the left’s destructive agenda. 

      Mass refusal to comply with social-distancing and masking orders, considerably more than seen in reaction to lockdown directives, could be the solution.  Ultimately, political pressure would force government to relent, as it did to ubiquitous civil disobedience during Prohibition. 5/21/20

  • THE LEFT’S DREAM:  COVID-19 IN PERPETUITY. Democrats and their media allies pursue their dream of a permanent COVID-19 pandemic to justify ongoing control, government stimulus and other unrelated spending.  Officials repeatedly extend mitigation protocols to condition a fearful public to a false enduring coronavirus threat. Governments mandate continued lockdown, social distancing and mask-wearing despite no scientific basis for their efficacy. And nothing is ever mentioned of the natural dissipation of the disease, already in progress, that renders mitigation and testing superfluous.  Indeed, any possible near-term fix is anathema, such as herd immunity and hydroxychloroquine.
The gradual reopening of the economy is underway with continued mask and social distancing mandates that preclude normalcy. In fact, authorities tout a “new normal” that will institutionalize those practices. Accordingly, businesses operating at fractional capacity could mean long lines to get in and a stopwatch atmosphere to prevent lingering inside. And, of course, smaller profits threaten their viability.

But failed commerce is part of the left’s game plan, which is to hurt Trump’s reelection bid, and continually shift societal reliance from the private sector to government. 5/18/20      

  • IS A COVID-19 SOCIAL REVOLUTION BREWING?  Growing disaffection with COVID-19 lockdown mandates has bred animosity toward elected officials that yield increasing incidents of civil disobedience.  Tyrannical governance could set the stage for massive backlash, as austerity breaks the orderly interaction between employee and employer, consumer and business, citizen and government.  Political strife intensifies as nefarious leftist forces sow distrust for government as it uses the economic shutdown and authoritarian tactics to forge a new socialist order, and derail President Trump’s reelection.

    The citizenry has become increasingly suspicious of scientific pronouncements based on bad models and manipulated death statistics.  In particular, doubts grow about the assertions, contradictions and possible political motives of one Dr. Fauci.  Is he in bed with the leftist enemy?

    Could mass social angst flowing from lost freedoms and ruined livelihoods spur a revolution akin to the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s?  Today’s authoritarian COVID-19 intervention seriously undermines the individual's enterprising legacy that undergirds the nation's prosperity. The response evidenced in protestations and acts of defiance can escalate quickly amid resistance. Is that on the horizon? 5/14/20

  • RIP - BARRY FARBER CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOW HOST.  Barry Farber, longtime conservative radio talk show host, died last week at 90. His amiable manner provided a certain ballast to the fire-and-brimstone style of most right-wing broadcasters. He embellished his Southern gentleman persona with colorful language that invoked vivid, but sometimes inscrutable, similes such as “…like the June bug on the jalousie glass.”, spoken in an endearing North Carolina accent.

    Dedicated to truth, he took some positions other conservatives dare not broach.  For example, notwithstanding some injustices of the McCarthy era, he pointed out that the Wisconsin senator did a service in exposing existential communist infiltration in the U.S. government and culture.  Farber also reminded his audience of the atrocities perpetrated by Nelson Mandela against his political opponents.  To wit, he ordered “necklacing” whereby a tire was placed around an enemy’s neck and lit afire.

    Such a charismatic and volubly articulate figure was destined to run for public office.  Indeed, he ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1970.  He also ran for New York City Mayor in 1977 on the Conservative line. Unfortunately, he garnered only 4% of the vote but almost beat the Republican candidate. 5/13/20

  • FOX NEWS WIMPS OUT. Fox Business fired Trish Regan in March for featuring a segment on how liberal media are capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic to damage President Trump.  She claimed the media exaggerate the seriousness of the virus and blame Trump for its cause and effects, particularly the economic fallout.

    On Sunday night Steve Hilton presented a panel to comment on the coronavirus.  Kimberly Strassel of The Wall Street Journal addressed why liberal media constantly vilify the president.  She said it was political, but offered no specific suggestion about the goal.  Neither did Hilton or the other guests broach the particular anti-Trump motive.

    Obviously, leftist media use pandemic coverage to undermine Trump’s chance of reelection in November. But Fox does not permit that storyline.  Is this the kinder, gentler Fox hatched by the Murdoch kid?  The restraint seems right out of the political correctness rulebook that proscribes questioning one’s motive, or judging another.  Or, perhaps Fox is loath to entertain conspiracy theories, as if there could never be a legitimate one.

    Fox’s core audience wants kick-ass right-wing content.  The network’s refusal to expose the truly sinister motives of its leftist counterparts is an affront to that constituency.  5/12/20


    Liberal delay tactics

    The left is trying to prolong COVID-19 lockdowns as much as possible to hurt President Trump in the November election.  Leftist celebrities en masse promote staying indoors. Democrats and the liberal media ignore studies that challenge the efficacy of lockdowns.  They also vigorously oppose the very promising prospects of hydroxychloroquine that might inconveniently end the pathogen quickly.  Mysteriously, even Dr. Fauci is a naysayer, despite his past praises for the drug as a treatment for corona viruses.  Governors move the goalposts for reopening the economy from bending the curve, to fourteen days of consecutive declines in deaths, to maximum testing for infection, to completion of contact tracing, to waiting for a supposedly imminent vaccine. Lockdown advocates emphasize the danger of a second outbreak which inhibits austerity relaxation. With no scientific basis liberals even speak of a “new normal” to condition the citizenry to a permanent pall over social and economic life that lends itself to ongoing government control.  This socialist mindset underlies the Democrat craving for evermore government stimulus to further the left’s agenda, virus related or not.

    Liberals carp about President Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic, particularly the testing programs.  In fact, impracticable universal testing and associated contact tracing as a condition for restarting the economy conveniently deter a return to normality.  The media promote fear mongering about the danger of prematurely reopening the economy, even saying Trump will kill people by taking that risk.  Anything to delay economic recovery before the election and otherwise tarnish Trump to influence the vote. Fortunately, continued lockdowns are producing a growing backlash to the detriment of Democrat governors.

    Inflated death counts

    Death tolls are inflated by expanded definitional criteria, including co-morbidity factors, which exaggerate the impact of the disease.  Media mislead the public by reporting a mortality rate of about 7% of infections, ignoring valid extrapolations to account for the untested that suggest a real rate of just a fraction of 1%, comparable to seasonal flu.  Media rarely report about inflated deaths caused by deliberate misclassifications by hospitals induced by extra Medicare payments that slow the flattening the curve and reopening the economy.  Hospitals get $13,000 for each COVID-19 related death and an additional $39,000 for use of a ventilator, which sports an 80% fatality rate.

    The cure is worse than the disease

    The economic and social costs of lockdown far exceed the dubious benefit of risk mitigation, especially considering exaggerated death rates.  At this point the virus is waning on its own and probably becoming less potent.  What’s more, it may have been resistant to mitigation all along.  Nonetheless, the most vulnerable population must be protected, i.e.,  the elderly, especially those in nursing homes.  In addition, certain precautions are still warranted in the New York metropolitan epicenter.  Officials can closely monitor signs of a second wave of infections and act upon it immediately given appropriate preparations.

    With that caveat, largely politically motivated restrictions should be lifted now and everyone should be allowed to act according to his risk appetite. People will continue to die, albeit at a declining rate, as the virus is powerful to be sure.  But now we know the price of the disease is consistent with past scourges and that expectations of Armageddon are unfounded.  America, start your engines.  5/11/20   

  • NO MORE #METOO SHAKEDOWNS?  #MeToo is dead.  Behold the hypocritical silence of its advocates in the face of Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden.  Where are the grandstanding Democrats and the corrupt media that hounded Brett Kavanaugh and so many others?  Where is the despicable Gloria Allred?

    My 2018 anti-#MeToo manifesto at LINK posits that sexual misconduct less than rape or genuine assault is a nothingberger.  In fact, only 5% of claims meet legal standards in court. Bogus #MeToo lawsuits brought by grifters, misandrists, corporate vestal virgins, and their sleazy lawyers have destroyed lives. Indeed, many accused suffered serious career, marital and financial losses amid politically motivated media and cowardly employers.  The Biden case should end this injustice in a return to normalcy.

    Nonetheless, Ms. Reid’s sexual assault claim is a legitimate grievance.  Although not initially credible, subsequent corroboration makes her testimony more compelling, especially her mother’s contemporaneous call to Larry King (if authentic).  But if Ms. Reade’s allegation merely claimed #MeToo-style sexual harassment, such as an innocuous “grope”, she does not deserve support.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  5/5/20     


    The left’s mute reaction to Tara Reid’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden has rung a death knell for the #MeToo movement as it exposes its shear hypocrisy.  All credibility is gone.  The Democrat and media quietness following the claim, true or not, lies in stark contrast to the baseless witch hunt the left waged against Brett Kavanaugh.  Indeed, the silence corroborates the true agenda behind the plethora of false or frivolous #MeToo accusations against so many men in recent years.  Now the left protects Biden as one of their own, a liberal Democrat, who happens to be his party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

    The demise of #MeToo affirms my 2018 manifesto denouncing the movement.  See LINK.  This feminist cabal is dedicated to empowering women by disempowering men.  It relies largely on gold-diggers, man-hating lesbians, scorned women, and their venal lawyers who embellish or fabricate accusations to coerce lucrative out-of-court settlements.

    Because of this corruption, #MeToo’s mantra, “Always believe the woman.”, has become “Never believe the woman.”  No longer can anyone credibly invoke this fraudulent crusade that perpetrates gross injustices against the falsely accused for political and economic gain. 5/4/20

  • COVID-19 ABATES ON ITS OWN, SO HOW IMPORTANT IS MITIGATION?  4/28/20 http://www.williamjdodwell.com/special-notice-16/special-notice-20/special-notice-21/special-notice-22/special-notice-23/special-notice-24/special-notice-25/special-notice-26/special-notice-27/special-notice-28/special-notice-29/special-notice-30/special-notice-31/special-notice-32

  • LEFTIST BASTIONS SEEK COVID-19 STIMULUS MONEY.  It is so satisfying to see ultra-rich Marxist universities and well-off publicly-traded companies shamed into returning coronavirus stimulus funds.  Waiting for the next round of handouts are media companies, and state and local governments.

    The media industry seeks aid to compensate for ad revenues decimated by COVID-19.  It laughably justifies the help by their (selective) stewardship of the First Amendment. Ninety-percent of journalists are avowed liberals. All local papers today are owned by large leftist media organizations that mime the politics of the New York Times. That gold standard has become a vapid hodgepodge of climate-change, diversity, inequality, #Metoo , and LGBT. The only honest content in local papers are the obituaries. Taxpayers must not fund these propagandists.

    Spendthrift Democratic state and local governments also arrive at the federal trough.  They too need to cover tax revenue shortfalls resulting from coronavirus-related unemployment and business shutdowns.  If successful, they don’t have to cut bloated payrolls and outsize unfunded pension liabilities, or worry about raising taxes on a shrinking tax base.   

    Republicans in Congress must not cave to these pillars of the left.  Let them eat cake!  4/24/20


  • THE LEFT WANTS TO DESTROY THE ECONOMY.  The left wants to prolong the Chinese coronavirus lockdowns to maximize economic damage they hope will kill the president’s reelection bid.  Indeed, mass media are in lockstep in opposition to re-opening the economy.

    Leftists work to inflate death rates by ignoring comorbidity factors, thus justifying continued mitigation. The left also is united in opposing the promising hydroxochloroquine which possibly could end the pandemic almost overnight.  In addition, the left is monolithically critical of Trump’s every move, while trying to drive a wedge between the president and his health advisers.  The current mantra claims Trump did not act soon enough, even though mass media dismissed the threat early on.  Democrats try to exploit the crisis by forcing into aid packages liberal policies that failed in past legislation.

    Leftists dream of continuing austerity right up to the election, preventing Trump’s effective rallies in the process.  But there are indications the virus is abating.  In fact, a new Israeli report claims it has only a six to eight week life span regardless of mitigation measures. This means all restrictions could be lifted soon allowing for significant economic recovery before the election, and for plenty of Trump rallies.  4/16/20

  • COVID-19 FINANCE:  A REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT.  See  April 13, 2020        COVID-19 Finance:  A Review and Assessment

  • GOOD PROSPECTS FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY.  Once the COVID-19 threat is over, the stage may be set for a robust economic recovery that could restore pre-crisis prosperity fairly shortly, albeit not without fits and starts.  Unlike past recessions, the current malaise occurred on the heels of good economic fundamentals in respect of employment, consumption, production, housing and inflation. And unprecedented government assistance will sustain workers and small businesses through the storm.

    Some expect massive pent up demand to fuel a full recovery.  However, there is some uncertainty about the timing of demand and supply coming into balance.  This will depend on coordinated re-hiring, spending, and business investment amid renewed consumer and business confidence.

    The price is unexpected trillions added to the national debt and tens of billions of unrelated wasteful spending, some of which will be baked into the budget baseline for years. What’s more, already overleveraged companies will be further indebted from government credit facilities. In addition, a possible doubling of the Fed’s inflated balance sheet from new crisis lending and additional quantitative easing will further complicate a normalization of ultra-low interest rates still distorted from the Great Financial Crisis. 4/8/20

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between January and March 2020

By William J. Dodwell

          • UPDATE 2 to my article at LINK.  President Trump in his press conference 3/29/20 indicated what seems to be a return to his original reliance on Neil Ferguson’s 2.2 million projected U.S. deaths if no action were taken. That projection strongly influenced Trump’s decision to declare a 15 day social distancing period in mid-March.  But on 3/22, Trump seemed to lose faith in the number because of Ferguson’s model revision, and consequently decided to consider gradually lifting restrictions starting April 12th.   

            Now Trump invokes the 2.2 million figure again (interestingly without reference to Ferguson anymore)  as reason for an extended lockdown, also claiming it justifies his restrictions to date that have kept U.S. deaths to only about 2,000. Perhaps this means Ferguson’s model adjustment only applied to the UK death projection of 500,000, which he lowered to a maximum of 20,000, while leaving the U.S. projection unchanged. 

            If so, the question becomes, How can estimated U.S. deaths of 2.2 million be more than 100 times UK deaths at 20,000, considering the U.S. has only 5 times the population of the UK?  Are the respective population dynamics that disparate? My skepticism of the 2.2 million projection continues, and as such, my original question as to whether the COVID-19 scientific community can be trusted. 3/30/20

          • UPDATE ON MY IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON CORONAVIRUS POST YESTERDAY.  Yesterday I posted an article   LINK  about my skepticism concerning 2.2 million U.S. coronavirus deaths projected by epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London.  Several hours after my posting, I saw reports that on the same day he radically revised his calculation because of a model error. 

            His changed U.S. death estimate does not appear to be reported.  But he lowered his UK death projection from 500,000 to 20,000, and possibly much lower, he said. This 96% reduction would translate proportionately to 88,000 U.S. deaths, instead of 2.2 million.  The current U.S. death toll is about 1,400. I don’t know if a strictly linear adjustment to the U.S. figure is valid, but clearly the revised projection is a small fraction of the original estimate, that I viewed as way out of line.

            My article whimsically challenged the original 2.2 million projection in the context of a possibly politicized prognostication aimed at harming Trump’s reelection prospects.  But I stand by my warning of the potential danger of a compromised scientific community as evidenced in the AIDS crisis and by the climate-change hoax as I detailed. 3/27/20
          • CAN WE TRUST THE COVID-19 SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY?  The Wall Street Journal and others reported that the main impetus for President Trump’s social-distancing and lockdown strategy was a report published by Imperial College London. Shockingly, it projected 2.2 million coronavirus deaths in the U.S. absent a rigorous containment and mitigation policy.  To date about 1,000 have died.  Does this study pass the smell test?  Apparently not for Trump anymore as he anticipates ending his lockdown by Easter. 

            Scientists and business people fundamentally differ in how they perceive problems.  Scientists tend to seek clinical near-certainty according to rigid protocols to validate conclusions. Oftentimes risk-taking is tempered by a fear of failure because human life hangs in the balance.  Business people rely on a less empirical risk-reward calculus that may entail uncertain tradeoffs of human, economic and political variables.  Hence, the apparent divide between commercial-minded Trump and his COVID-19 health advisers regarding the resumption of normal business activity amid the still extant coronavirus.

            Of course, politics by its nature inevitably pervades all aspects of life inasmuch as selfish motives always loom.  COVID-19 medical experts may honestly recommend action according to their clinical findings that ignore massive economic consequences.  But in view of the dubious outcome projected by the Imperial College London study, one might suspect an anti-Trump political agenda, even outside the U.S.  Prescribing a strategy that would destroy the U.S. economy and unseat Trump in November could be just what the (dishonest) doctor ordered.  Or not. Has the scientific community politicized the coronavirus against Trump?  

             This speculation about using the coronavirus as a tool to influence the 2020 presidential election has become as politically sensitive as questioning Obama’s birthplace.  In fact, even conservative Fox News suspended (fired?) host Trish Regan for passionately opining on it.  Indeed, the left has intimidated the right into shunning conspiracy theories regardless of merit.

             A COVID-19 cabal would not be the first special interest to compromise the scientific community.  Recall bogus statistical extrapolations in the 1980s that projected AIDS would wipe out much of the American population. Propagandists democratized the disease by scaring the public into believing the general population was at risk, including children.  This was to hide the fact that, with scant exception, only gays and drug addicts contracted the disease, then and now.  What’s more, some health officials expanded the definition of AIDS to inflate reported infections to inspire more donations for research. 

            And consider the climate-change Cassandras in media.  They pressure compliant scientists who fear losing their research money and jobs if they stray from green orthodoxy.  Predictions of widespread temperature extremes, receding Arctic ice and underwater cities never materialized.  Researchers manipulated data to skew results for political benefit as exposed in the University of East Anglia’s bombshell revelations in 2011.  How many scientists support the canard that we have only 12 years to save the planet?

            I’m not ready to impugn the integrity of the COVID-19 scientists. But history shows that when the political stakes are sufficiently high , there are few saints, even in the laboratory. Is the intense, even worldwide, hatred for President Trump enough for science and media to join forces once again?

          •  FREE THE CORONAVIRUS.  It is time to consider the economic side of the COVID-19 equation.  After a 15 day commitment to a health policy of social distancing involving lockdown restrictions, President Trump is ready to end the austerity and permit all business activity.  This is particularly fitting in view of the Democrat attempt to hold the economy hostage in order to extort Republicans into caving to unrelated concessions in the coronavirus economic stimulus bill. They include such accommodations as more union representation on corporate boards, and higher airline emission standards.

            The new approach should let the coronavirus spread naturally and then taper off and die like all other diseases.  Meantime, the elderly and others with autoimmune deficiencies may be voluntarily sequestered and fully accommodated for needed amenities. Experience shows that the vast majority of non-elderly likely will manifest little or no symptoms. Hospitalizations should be reevaluated for a home care alternative. On this basis all economic activity should be restored while monitoring the tradeoff against the death rate. If successful, this plan would restore prosperity and save taxpayers several trillion dollars as it renders the economic stimulus bill largely unnecessary, much to the Democrats’ dismay.  3/24/20
          • ARE COVID-19 SCIENTISTS SELFISHLY AVOIDING A BETTER WAY?  Can health policy arrest the coronavirus without requiring economically devastating mitigation measures? Since the vast majority of non-elderly carriers suffer little or no symptoms, why the disruptive restrictions?  Officially, it is to suppress ALL infection so it does not spread to the immunity-compromised elderly (and non-elderly). Alternatively, why not consensually sequester that group for the duration of the outbreak and lift restrictions on everyone else?  This would relieve the current economic and social upheaval.

            Officials assert that since COVID-19 is more contagious and deadly than predecessor viruses, illness and morbidity among the vulnerable elderly would increase exponentially without lockdowns. Is this necessarily true?  Permitting the unfettered spread of the coronavirus (while quarantining the vulnerable) could result in a blanket natural immunity that could radically reduce infection. The policy would render lockdowns unnecessary.  This is under consideration in the UK. Why not here?

          Resistance might stem from fear of a greater outbreak and attendant reputational damage for participating medical officials, absent an ameliorative vaccine. But don’t the mammoth economic and social costs of mass lockdown warrant that risk?  3/23/20

          • THE MEDIA COVER UP THE INNOCUOUSNESS OF THE CORONAVIRUS.  The media seem to avoid reporting about the severity of the Chinese coronavirus.  There’s copious coverage about containing it, and about hospitals operating at overcapacity.  But how sick are the infected?  In most cases, probably not much. But the media act like the COVID-19 were equivalent to the universally fatal Ebola virus.

            The coronavirus is relatively innocuous for victims not having underlying respiratory and autoimmune problems. And rarely mentioned is the fact that victims who die are on average 80 years old who might have passed from other ailments, or natural causes.  One wonders if most victims could nurse themselves at home with OTC medications as with the flu. How many are hospitalized, not for suffering, but as a containment measure to perpetuate the obsession with contagion?

            A cost-benefit analysis that weighs the economic and social consequences of containment against the benefit of avoiding or recovering from what amounts to the common flu highlights the gross overreaction of government-mandated lockdowns. 

            Why are the media concealing the relative innocuousness of the coronavirus?  Because that revelation would nullify the justification for the lockdowns that tank the economy and threaten Trump’s reelection. 3/20/20
          • CORONAVIRUS AND AIDS.  The hysteria over the COVID-19 virus is reminiscent of the AIDS scare spread throughout the 1980s when mass media terrorized the public into believing the general population was at risk.  But in fact, only two risk groups have ever existed: male homosexuals and intravenous drug users. Some alarmists extrapolated current infection rates ad infinitum as to project the eradication of half the U.S. population. “Safe sex” was the analogue of today’s lockdowns. Propagandists also expanded the definition of AIDS to elevate the infection rate.

            The aim of the sensationalism was to dispel the opprobrium that befell the gay community as a source of the disease, and to create mass fear to attract research money.  Well into the 1990s people finally got wise to the lies, and even some AIDS activists had to confess their fraud.

            Politics suffuses the coronavirus coverage as well. Anything that projects government power appeals to the left. Government lockdown mandates and bloated government stimulus programs make liberals smile.  The left exaggerates the severity of the coronavirus to maximize hysteria.  They hope that will destroy the economy and derail Trump’s reelection.  For the same reason, the left continually discredits Trump’s handling of the pandemic.  3/20/20


          • STOP THE MADNESS!  Government mandated lockdowns in reaction to the COVID-19 virus unnecessarily destroy a great economy and a record stock market. 95% of the population sacrifices for the benefit of the 5%, that being the sickly elderly. As I previously suggested, resources ought to be concentrated on protecting the vulnerable elderly to include their quarantine, and let the rest of the country get on with their lives. 

            Contracting the Chinese novel coronavirus among the non-elderly is no big deal. For the vast majority, it’s less serious than the seasonal flu, notwithstanding the coronavirus’ higher contagion rate. Some medical people have said half the population will get the virus anyway. What’s more, the reported low death rate for the coronavirus is actually even lower because of the inability to establish the true number infected.  It is distorted because of the absence of sufficient testing kits, and a current selection bias toward the infected who are sick and thus more likely to die. The unknown is the number of infected who have not been tested, and those infected without symptoms who will likely never be tested.

            At some point the austerity will create a backlash if the coronavirus continues.  The overkill will become apparent and cries of protest will ensue.  3/19/20

          • END THE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN.  The economic cost of arresting the COVID-19 virus through blanket closures that devastate the quality of life is too disruptive.  The focus should center on isolating the elderly having underlying immune-compromising conditions.  After all, the average age of death from the virus is 80. No need to shutter schools and businesses.  

            The perennial flu afflicts and kills far more than the coronavirus without massive economic dislocation.  Like the flu, the coronavirus should be allowed to spread organically and run its course while concentrating resources on the sickly elderly.  It is reported 85% of those infected experience little or no symptoms. 

            Indeed, the coronavirus spreads much faster than the flu and kills at a considerably higher rate.  As such, mass containment aims to minimize the number of infected and thus limit the spread to the defenseless elderly. Can’t a program insulate the elderly while the rest of the population functions normally, except for the temporary debilitation of some of those infected? How about quarantine of the vulnerable elderly?

                   The severe economic and social impact of massive lockdown, as well as the cost of remediation, are too much for a policy that may not be necessary or even effective.  3/18/20
          • BLOOMBERG WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ABOUT BLACK CRIME.  Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was absolutely right in his 2015 audio about black crime relative to the stop, question and frisk policy when he was NYC Mayor.  Ironically, law and order conservatives now denounce his view for political advantage in the 2020 campaign, and even Bloomberg himself recants it to shore up his black vote. 

            Bloomberg, in response to a study commissioned by his Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, reported that virtually all crime in major cities was committed by minorities, mostly black, between 16 and 26.  Therefore, Bloomberg said, police could justifiably frisk blacks disproportionately, and in the process take illegal guns out of circulation.  Since racial blacks commit all the crime they should be subject to all the frisks.  The corollary is that virtually no whites should be frisked. Accordingly, Bloomberg rightfully pointed out that whites probably were frisked too much.

            Of course, this is racial profiling, but so what!  It’s reality.  Anecdotal evidence supports this too.  Miscreants seen breaking the law and violent criminals pictured in the newspapers are almost always black.  But in politics this truth is verboten as media grossly under-report black crime. Let's be real!  2/13/20

          • SPEECH NAZIS RUN AMUCK.  PETA, the leftist animal rights group, now says the word “pet” is derogatory and could lead to animal abuse.  Therefore, it suggests more inclusive terms like “animal companion”.  At the same time, a New York City law was enacted that carries a fine of up to $250,000 for uttering the term “illegal alien”. 

            The left strives to maximize conforming language and group-think to augment its influence in social settings and then codify its authority through legislation. As a byproduct, the lawyers get rich on new litigation opportunities.   

            Unfortunately, the public acquiesces to this oppression out of fear of adverse social consequences.  For example, I encountered a man at a diner who talked about the revived XFL spring football league.  He lowered his voice to a whisper to say that it would have limited appeal, like women’s basketball. He then quickly apologized for insinuating a denigration of women. 

            This is why the left has progressed so far!  People are so easily intimidated into caving to political correctness, and they vote accordingly.  But I did my part.  I said loudly, “Yeah, who the hell wants to watch women’s basketball?”  The wimp was not amused.  2/12/20


          • WE BROKE THE WOKE! 2020 OSCARS POSTS RECORD LOW RATINGS.  Sunday’s Academy Awards show posted its lowest viewership in history.  It attracted 11% fewer viewers than the previous record low set in 2018, and 20% fewer than last year’s program.  This is great progress for America.  Thank you for once again heeding my call for ignoring the Oscars in the quest to vanquish leftist Hollywood.  2/11/20

          • OBAMA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Democrats keep attributing the Trump economic recovery to Obama.  Rather, it was the Federal Reserve that fostered the small growth of his administration, not Obama. The Fed’s liquidity infusions through near-zero short-term interest rates and quantitative easing broke the logjam in the financial markets.  That stimulated a modicum of consumer spending and some business investment, while turbo-charging the stock market producing a wealth-effect that added further impetus. 

            Meanwhile, Obama raised taxes, increased regulation and restricted energy development – the antithesis of stimulus.  President Trump did the direct opposite and beneficially transformed trade policy to own the recovery. Give credit to Obama’s Treasury Secretaries for recapitalizing the financial system during the crisis.

            Democrats praise Obama for a greater decline in unemployment from 10% to 5%, while Trump brought the rate down only from 5% to 3.5%.  But Obama proceeded from a much higher base making more change easier.  Similarly, liberals point to some 175% stock price appreciation in the Dow Jones Industrials under Obama, versus only about 60% under Trump.  However, the Obama increase rose from a 6,500 starting point versus Trump’s 18,000 baseline.  2/10/20

          • IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN.  TIME TO IGNORE THE OSCARS.  I reprise my annual appeal to ignore the upcoming Oscar Awards.  Leftist, anti-Christian Hollywood is a major enemy of conservatives.  It promotes Marxist dreck in its films and throughout media capitalizing on the public’s ignorance and mindless infatuation with its celebrities, the so-called American equivalent of royalty. No doubt the newly chastened (not) hedonists again will invoke #MeToo and Time’s Up nonsense for political absolution, and celebrate every other stripe of wokeness.  Let’s hope eventually we see more Hollywood defectors like the great James Woods.  Ban the box office!  And, make this ceremony the lowest rated in its history yet again!  2/6/20

          • BLACK HISTORY:  THE GLASS HALF-EMPTY. In keeping with this perennial February commemoration, The Comprehensive Conservative highlights select chapters in black history:

          -        The demise of the black family 1970 – present

          -        Black crime 1970 – present

          -        Black incarceration 1970 - present

          -        Black homelessness  1970 - present

          -        Urban blight 1965 - present

          -        Drive-by shootings 1965 - present

          -        Poor academic performance 1900 – present

          -        Black illegitimacy and illiteracy 1965 - present

          -        Black drug dealing 1920 - present

          -        Government dependence 1965 – present

          -        Affirmative action 1970 – present

          -        No-bail liberation 2020

          -        Rampant corruption among black public officials 1965 - present

          -        Rampant corruption in black non-profits 1965 - present

          -        Rampant corruption in black churches  1965 – present

          -        Degrading rap and hip hop music 1985 – present

          -        Black takeover of the NFL and NBA 1980 - present

          -        Beautiful jazz and traditional music 1900 - present

          Black pathologies, fostered by longstanding Democratic policies, derive largely from personal irresponsibility and moral deficits.  I spotlight them here to invite their denunciation in the black community as to encourage a new chapter in black history founded on conservative values.  That transformation is essential to black progress.  2/5/20

  • KAMALA HARRIS’ FALL FROM GRACE.  Talk about not ready for prime time! Kamala Harris’ abominable presidential bid has reduced her to a bit player on the political stage.  Did you see Senator Schumer push her aside dismissively with a scowl at the podium last week after the witness vote in the Senate impeachment trial?  It looks like she may have to go back to servicing Willie Brown to get attention.  However, she’ll have to adjust her technique because Brown, at 86, probably needs a splint by now.  2/4/20

  • OH NO!  IT’S BLACK HISTORY MONTH AGAIN.  Why?  Will it ever end?  This has been going on since 1926.  Hell, the white man couldn’t fill that much time touting his accomplishments.  OK, the idea is to promote ongoing social harmony with blacks through an understanding of their experience.  But why aren’t they assimilated by now, especially considering all the institutional support from government, media and the body politic?  No other group is so accommodated and commemorated. 

    Huge swaths of the employment market have been reserved for blacks through affirmative action – retail, security guards, food service, loading docks, etc.  What’s more, the NFL and NBA are theirs.  And, they get free taxpayer-funded Smart-phones and usage accounts for life.  What are they complaining about?  The white man has bent over backwards to help blacks.  What are they doing to help themselves? 

    Until blacks modify their behavior to eradicate their many pathologies, all the Black History Months over the decades will not move the needle toward full integration.  To cite an apt metaphor - The ball is in their court.  2/3/20

  • WHY NOT DIVERSITY IN THE NFL AND NBA?  Recall the days when the likes of Johnny Unitas, Frank Gifford, and Paul Hornung graced the gridiron.  Also remember Bob Cousy, Jerry West, and Harry Gallatin on the hardwood.  Back then, nearly all white players populated the NFL and NBA.  But today they're a rare bird.  What happened? 

    Well, a true meritocratic standard took over. Perhaps the comedy “White Men Can’t Jump” suggests why.  That is, team owners recognize the reality of certain race-based physical prowess.  Accordingly, they hire blacks in highly disproportionate numbers based on corresponding superior performance.  But as a byproduct, these players changed the NFL culture to one often characterized by clown acts on the field, mayhem in the locker room, and criminal violence in the street. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. 

    If “white men can’t jump”, could it be that the paucity of blacks in the executive suite is because “black men can’t read”, so to speak? A meritocratic model as that properly adopted in professional sports would support unfettered white dominance in commerce.  But instead, government and politics impose diversity requirements.  Why the double standard?
         For consistency, either the NFL and NBA practice affirmative action, or business discontinue it.  1/31/20

  • THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE:  A TRUTH MACHINE.  In these days of nefarious hyper-opposition from the left, The Comprehensive Conservative remains laser-focused on reality in the face of political correctness, public emotion, lies, propaganda, and faux Kobe hysteria.  He calls a spade a spade with respect to often stealth radical left-wing forces dedicated to destroying this nation through demographic transformation, diluted education, certain discontinued law enforcement, and intrusive spendthrift government.  

        The corrupted Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the grossly politicized impeachment process, and the socialist                     platforms of major Democratic presidential candidates demonstrate how truly serious the leftist threat is to the                     republic.  The Comprehensive Conservative is a self-anointed truth machine that will not relent in exposing                         dishonesty, fraud and subversion that none dares to broach.  In view of a corrupt media, Congress and                                 administrative state, vigilance is paramount.  Acquiescence is fatal.

        Because of his comments on the Kobe tragedy, and due to his many right-wing rants, The Comprehensive                             Conservative is said to have no heart.  Let it be known that his cardiologist just gave him a clean bill of health.



  • ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE KOBE BRYANT TRIBUTES.  It’s only been 24 hours and I’m already vomiting over the incessant unctuous encomiums.  And God knows what’s yet to come. Yes, Kobe was a great basketball player and a supposedly all-round good guy.  His fate is most tragic, especially considering his 13-year old daughter perished with him.  Nonetheless, the media react to his death as if he were Frank Sinatra, or Oscar Peterson, the great jazz pianist.

I wrote a piece in 2014 lamenting the media hype about the impending retirements of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.  Ihttps://lnkd.in/dB59GUR

In that article I posed the question whether the intense media fawning would have occurred if they were white.  I raise the same question about Kobe.  The leftist media capitalize on the triumphs and misfortunes of black celebrities to garner mass empathy for that demographic writ large, and thus the liberal agenda built around it.  The more the media can get people to grieve over Kobe, the more people will tend to support the government social programs, diversity initiatives, affirmative action, and crime absolution directed to black society.  To that end, to what extent do the media create sympathy for Kobe beyond what really exists?  1/27/20   

  • THE NFL (THE NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE).  As Superbowl Sunday approaches it is fitting to reflect on a certain history of The National Football League, referred to as The National Felon League in private circles.  Specifically, consider how players’ off field behavior has transformed from the days of nearly all-white teams to today’s nearly all-black teams.  In recent decades, countless players have been charged publicly with assault, robbery and even murder, in addition to many more such transgressions concealed by the NFL.  By contrast, probably none of the white players of the 1950s ever engaged in any violent criminal activity. Indeed, this contrast is instructive as a social microcosm. When extrapolated to society at large, the NFL’s behavioral transformation has grave implications amid the political left’s effort to promote diversity through mass interracial propagation.

In yet another example of the left’s lurch to extremism, its powers-that-be have gone beyond just advocating interracial comity, to promoting genetic integration.  This is obvious in Hollywood content, Madison Avenue commercials and general media.  In addition, bank ATMs, that have featured interracial couples on the opening screen for some time, have kicked it up a notch. Now, lest the viewer think that the couple are just friends, the woman is visibly pregnant.  Message delivered. Yes, even the diversity-obsessed Federal Reserve Bank is in on it.

The left is bent on eroding the nation's gene pool in order to destroy America and build a new Marxist globalist social order in its place. The history of behavioral change in the NFL demonstrates what mass miscegenation would do to the social fabric. Through interracial breeding, coupled with open borders, the left aims to transform national demographics.  The new DNA inevitably will reduce the nation to third-world status. 

As the late great conservative radio talk show host, Bob Grant, used to say, “Someone’s got to say these things.  It might as well be me.”   1/23/20

  • ·BELOW-MARKET INTEREST RATES DISRUPT THE REPO MARKET.  See my latest article, "Below-Market Interest Rates Disrupt the Repo Market". Here's an excerpt.

    Of late, a paucity of capital in the repo market has caused short-term rates to rise creating upward pressure on the Federal Reserve Bank’s federal funds overnight rate which is supposed to be the designated benchmark for all other short-term rates. In order to keep this rate at the Fed’s desired economically optimal level, the Fed has been infusing liquidity into the financial system through repo loans of its own to borrowing banks needing cash. This reduces the repo rate to slightly above or below the fed funds rate.

         The result of liquidity infusions by the Fed is to produce artificially low short-term rates which further         discourage banks from lending to each other in the repo market. Once the Fed repo stimulus wears off,         market forces raise the rate again to natural and more profitable levels based on the supply and demand         for money.

CONTINUED AT https://lnkd.in/eP_BPRd    1/14/20

  • COMBAT ON THE 2020 CAMPAIGN TRAIL.  2020 is here and the gloves are off in the battle for a Trump victory on November 3rd.  The Comprehensive Conservative is reporting for duty and ready for combat.  It is not enough to win the arguments.  The right has to win the fist fights too.  Given the intensity of Trump haters, including Antifa thugs, conservative men should expect physical encounters.  As such, Trumpians must combine intellectual prowess with pugilistic skills.

         When a male Trumpian engages in a fight with a male leftist out of self-defense, here’s the drill. (Initiating                             violence is not approved.)

            In a rapid-fire succession of punches the Trumpian executes the following:

-        A left jab to the face.

-        A right upper cut to the chin.

-        A left blow to the solar plexus.

-        A right round-house to the head.

-        A left cross to the face to put him away.


When a crazed female leftist shouts profanities in his face, the Trumpian responds as follows.

Woman protestor:  “F—k you!!!!”

Man Trumpian:  “Do you want to?  I’ll pay for the room.” 

 After the deed the Trumpian tries to convert her in the ensuing pillow talk.  If he’ good, he might even extract a Trump campaign donation.

 Let’s rumble.  1/6/20

  • ·LOCK AND LOAD.  It’s 2020 and time to get busy.  There are only ten months left to orchestrate a disastrous defeat for Democrats at the ballot box.  Avenge the Democratic injustices of the Kavanaugh and Impeachment hearings, as well as the social decay left in the wake of liberal Democratic policies. Let’s get Trump re-elected big time on November 3rd.  1/1/20

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between October and December 2019

By William J. Dodwell

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE FAR RIGHT.  May all right-wing zealots be prepared to lead the battle to get President Donald J. Trump re-elected next November.  They must also persuade the electorate to record Republican victories that win back the House, increase the majority in the Senate, and take over the State houses.  Let’s paint the town red!  What’s more, we look forward to the Durham report, along with the ensuing convictions and imprisonment of Democrat crooks.  2020 could be a watershed year that restores the founding principles that ensure a meritocratic and judicious nation.
        May America do it the right way - the right-wing way.  12/31/19

  • ·       MY YEAREND MISSIVE:  HIGHLIGHT THE SCOURGES OF THE LEFT FOR VICTORY IN NOVEMBER.  As we face a new year fraught with political turmoil running up to the 2020 election, conservatives must establish how they will engage the enemy that is the newly emerged far-left as it systematically tries to destroy the nation.  This is not exaggeration.  At stake is the presidency of the United States and gains or losses in Congress and statehouses that will determine the success or failure of the radical liberal agenda.  Conservatives must strive to win maximum hearts and minds by next November to defuse the threat to the republic.  This requires intense focus, not only on President Trump’s many triumphs, but also on specific new pathologies of the left foisted on the citizenry.  How has liberalism wreaked havoc?  Let us count the ways.


At the federal level, leading Democratic presidential candidates attempt to legitimize outlandish proposals for tens of trillions of dollars of new spending that would suffocate the economy and thereby drastically lower the standard of living for most Americans.  Plans include such chimera as Medicare-for-all, free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, and  a Green New Deal that would abolish fossil fuels and retrofit all buildings and infrastructure.  What’s more, the left wants to relinquish America’s sovereignty in a new globalist orientation and vitiate the education system by lowering academic standards and politicizing curricula and practices that includes eradicating American history.  Ultimately, this is to produce docile uninformed Democratic voters.  And now, post-birth abortion is acceptable to many liberal officeholders, and the effort to nullify the Second Amendment gains currency among them.


In recent years, liberal politicians have relaxed the rule of law.  This comes in the form of support for open borders and sanctuary cities and states that accommodate violent crime, drug smuggling, sex trafficking, opioid abuse, as well as create overcrowding and a burden on the public fisc. Corrupted prison release programs put dangerous criminals on the streets despite promises to the contrary.  Law enforcement curtailment gives rise to widespread homelessness that poses threats to community safety and health, and the viability of proximate businesses.  Mayoral stand-down orders to police forbid them to engage Antifa thugs in acts of violence, and apprehend shoplifters and fare-beaters at great expense to local businesses and the public transit budget.  A look-the-other-way policy regarding water thrown on police officers diminishes respect for them, seriously lowers their morale, and invites escalation.  To undermine the rule of law, the linchpin of any civilization, leftist George Soros is funding ultra-liberal candidates for Attorney General throughout the country.


Government is not the only culprit.  The left also operates through a now corrupt media, including Hollywood and Madison Avenue, as well as a radicalized academe that promotes societal division and demographic transformation that subvert the nation’s heritage, identity, and ultimate survival.  Increasingly intrusive identity politics founded on a proliferation of contrived grievance groups fosters this destruction.


To be sure, the goal of the left is to destroy this nation through insolvency from government largesse, chaos in the absence of the rule of law, social strife from forced heterogeneity, and through an ongoing effort to disarm Americans.  Conservatives have to promote acute focus on this reality and constantly highlight its manifestations in drumbeat fashion to help achieve electoral success in November that will render the nefarious Democrat Party a smoldering pile of rubble.  12/30/19

  • ·       MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATIVE.  Here are a couple of piano selections from my Christmas CD to help make the spirit bright. 12/23/19


            The Christmas Song   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GivJtMPobwU&list=PLqHqmHiumqK-vT0oislpcr_UouVo6DDcq&index=79&t=0s


            Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlN8YX_uUhs&list=PLqHqmHiumqK-vT0oislpcr_UouVo6DDcq&index=77

        . MY EVENING WITH THE 2019 WOMAN OF THE YEAR.  As the Comprehensive Conservative’s 2019 Man of          the Year, I had the (fictional) honor of meeting my counterpart, Woman of the Year Heather Mac Donald.  We               compared notes over a piece of cherry pie at a cozy café amid a roaring fireplace, copious Christmas decorations             and seasonal cheer.  (Tight budget + tight host = Cheap date)  In preparation, I sent out my thinking cap for repair         and maintenance in order to fully engage this brainy lady.  Apparently, she just had a cosmetic makeover – new                 hairdo, skin treatment, sporty glasses.  Looking good!

        We are both secular conservatives but my views derive mainly from reading, observation and anecdotal evidence,                 while hers rest on research and scientific method.  Thus, it is gratifying that her more conclusive empirical analysis             often corroborates my intuitive opinion.  What’s more, we share the courage to be most impolitic about incendiary             issues. Her many media appearances make her an important exponent of conservative thought.

        Our discussion was wide and varied covering, among other things, race, #MeToo, immigration and law enforcement.          She indulged expansive monologues, some that challenged my powers of concentration and comprehension.  She even         cited a longitudinal study of comparative behaviors in Europe going back to the Peloponnesian Wars.  Finally, after             one arcane soliloquy she inquired of my opinion.  Suffering brain melt at that point, I deftly changed the subject.

        Feeling a bit amorous, I sauntered over to the grand piano nearby and played an apt Gershwin classic, “I’ve Got A             Crush On You”   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po9m1y2m7Vg .  When I returned to the table she did not             seem impressed.  Was it my arrangement?  The key?  The clinker I hit in the third bar?  I know.  The piano needed             tuning.  Glancing at the empty plates, I gazed into her eyes, slowly moving closer.  Then, lips millimeters apart, I             whispered, “How about another piece of pie?”  12/19/19


. 2019 WOMAN OF THE YEAR.  The Comprehensive Conservative names writer and commentator Heather Mac Donald 2019 Woman of the Year.  She is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal. She has written several books on controversial social issues including “The Diversity Delusion”, “The War On Cops”, “The Immigration Solution” and “Are Cops Racist?” 


A most articulate spokesperson for the conservative viewpoint, she addresses the issues, not with fire and brimstone, but with sober facts, rigorous reason, and empirical analysis.  Accordingly, Ms. Mac Donald exposes truth as she cuts through the political correctness attendant to such lightning rods as black crime, the historical racial gap in academic achievement, #MeToo fraud, LGBT victimhood, and the leftist propaganda consuming college campuses at the expense of academic rigor and intellectual freedom. 


Of particular concern to Ms. Mac Donald is the abandonment of traditional academic standards to accommodate underperforming black students, even in medical schools.  Colleges jettison such staples of civilization as language, meritocracy, objectivity and discipline for practices that artificially level the playing field.  They include significantly lowering college admission criteria, adjusting curricula, and relative grading and assessment in place of what the left considers white appropriation imposed on blacks.  Indeed, Ms. Mac Donald believes today’s academe rests on a theme of ersatz racial oppression and a rejection of the cultural past as part of the solution.


Quite visible in the media, Ms. Mac Donald does a service disseminating truth suppressed by the left and engulfed by propaganda and political correctness.  Her perspective on social realities is a welcome antidote to liberal excuses for race-based anti-social behavior and failure, and a response to contrived grievances of political identities.  Her research and advocacy are testament to conservative principles as a prescription for individual success and national comity.  12/17/19


. 2019 MAN OF THE YEAR.  For the second year in a row The Comprehensive Conservative names William J. Dodwell, its founder and sole content provider, Man of the Year.  Once again he is honored for his ongoing assault on political correctness wherever it rears its ugly head.  Last year he exposed the #MeToo movement with his shot-heard-round-the-world manifesto.  See   https://lnkd.in/d_xvnvJ

            This year he targeted the Diversity and Inclusion racket aimed at destroying America through political, cultural, and economic division, as well as by demographic transformation.              his parody, “The Problems of a Diverse Workforce” warns of diversity chaos in the extreme. See  https://lnkd.in/eeC5SJn


            Always the iconoclast, Mr. Dodwell stands at the vanguard of the anti-PC resistance producing in-your-face writings and rants that uniquely raise awareness of the left’s efforts to                 create a balkanized multicultural national polyglot ripe for the kill.  He excoriates the left for imposing identity politics that undermines national sovereignty and culture, and for                 promoting a pluralism that dilutes the very DNA that built the nation.  In the effort to tear down the old to make way for a new global socialist order, leftists seek to divide America             through racial, gender and sexuality conflicts embodied in the nefarious LGBT movement.  He denounces their destructive tactics that include open borders, sanctuary cities and                 states, massive government largess, pervasive affirmative action, large-scale interracial propagation, politicized education, and a break-down of the rule of law. 


Mr. Dodwell constantly exposes the evil of the left as it facilitates illegal immigration, dumbs down education, and indoctrinates students at all levels.  Hollywood, Madison Avenue and mass media promote widespread miscegenation in movies, commercials and television way beyond natural selection in a pluralist society. Unchallenged, the diversity cabal ultimately feminizes the patriarchy, reduces the national IQ, bankrupts the nation, and ensures a permanent Democratic voting class by maximizing government dependency amid a docile and ill-informed populace.  Mr. Dodwell condemns the leftist-inspired corporate obsession with a diverse workforce and decries the inequities of resultant reverse discrimination.  And he warns of the ultimate goal of gratuitous diversity that is to reduce America to a third-world nation subsumed into a global amalgam.


Cowed Americans fearful of lame charges of racism, sexism, misogyny, and homophobia readily submit to evermore nonsensical dictates imposed by the left.  It takes a staunch proactive conservative like William J. Dodwell to foster a backlash against indiscriminate diversity in a mass awakening from acquiescence.  In so doing, he voices the unspeakable truths that put the lie to the leftist egalitarian model that undermines the meritocratic law-abiding standard that has sustained this nation.  


Mr. Dodwell cautions against diluting that ideal in blind devotion to gratuitous diversity that creates incongruous forces that weaken the social and genetic fabric. Recognizing a benign heterogeneity that has evolved since the nation’s founding, certain diversity is accommodated out of societal comity. But it should be elective within the discrimination laws, not mandated by PC warriors in contravention to other values, or constantly propagandized by media images.  However, even willful diversity is dangerous if naively predicated on leftist influences bent on eroding sovereignty, meritocracy, family, assimilation and the rule of law.  Especially reprehensible, is the left’s dedication to disempower white America.  To be sure, conservative communication and education are paramount to counteracting the relentless onslaught of the left.


Mr. Dodwell does a public service as a crusader for truth in the face of severe opposition.  May his influence grow toward achieving that critical mass that will turn the tide in the restoration of diminished principles that, one might say, will make America great again. 


            In deference to that past and its prospective renewal here’s Mr. Dodwell’s piano rendition of “America The Beautiful”. See https://lnkd.in/e_RdrNv  12/16/19

  • PAUL VOLCKER RIP.  Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker died Sunday at 92.  He displayed unprecedented courage steadily raising rates to record highs to wring out hyper-inflation in the early 1980s.  The brief but severe recession that policy engendered turned out to be a reasonable price for the 25 years of prosperity that followed (notwithstanding the many small business failures).  In my writings of recent years I invoked Volcker's courage as a model for finally normalizing rates after ten years of near-zero levels through faster rate hikes.  That would return capital from inflated financial assets back to the real economy of goods and service, as well as to old fashioned bank CDs of savers.  Rate normalization (by historical standards) is still elusive partially because of politics, especially President Trump's Fed bashing.  The good economy with low inflation amid continued slow global growth has diminished the urgency for raising rates aggressively, but the anomaly remains.  It doesn't look like rates will rise to normal levels until after the next recession, absent an unlikely spike in inflation. Have structural changes yielded a new normal?  12/10/19

    • BRING BACK ANN COULTER I haven’t seen Ann Coulter in ages, not even on Fox. Is she banned again? In September 2015 during a GOP presidential debate she tweeted some innocuous comments that some construed to be anti-Semitic. As a consequence, she disappeared from virtually all media for about 18 months missing the entire election extravaganza. Here’s what she said: https://lnkd.in/eVFWvaS . . I thought she had done her penance but it appears Coulter faces yet another blackout in the 2020 campaign, presumably in further retribution for her 2015 “indiscretion”. I said four years ago that this censorship was OUTRAGEOUS and I say it again. Why is cowardly Fox News, not to mention all other media outlets, afraid to air this woman who had been a staple of the network for years. Maybe it’s because she had a falling out with Trump. If not, certain powers that be have a bit too much clout that should be challenged in the name of free speech. Call your local news outlets and say, "I want my Ann Coulter." 12/2/19
    • EXPLAINING MY POST ABOUT TALLER WOMEN.  I refer to my earlier post about “The Towering Girlfriend”.  I recognize that taller-woman relationships may be genuine between loving partners in the general population. But I raised this anomaly apropos of celebrity men for whom it is suspiciously common and seemingly mimicry.  The pervasiveness of height mismatches among them suggests something other than natural selection. Perhaps this is because celebrity men commonly seek gorgeous models for prestige.  Since female models must be a minimum of 5’9”, I think, and many are much taller, male celebrities disproportionately bear an anomalous height difference in their relationships.  But while one may say that love, or prestige, transcend appearance, that doesn’t change the possible absurdity of the image by conventional standards. 


    And there is the political angle. Might liberal celebrity men who accompany much taller women do so to perversely promote women’s equality, perhaps to make the oddity standard?  One cannot trust pernicious leftists. Just as they try to eradicate traditional values, including gender and sexuality boundaries, maybe they want to negate this height convention on the way down the slippery slope.  If so, what’s next, dating cows?  11/26/19

    • ALERT!  ALERT!  ALERT!  The Comprehensive Conservative is accepting nominations for its 2019 Woman of the Year Award. (Man of the Year is already decided.) This year candidates must have been demonstrably politically incorrect.  The winner earns a coveted date with The Comprehensive Conservative to discuss current events over a piece of cherry pie at a Manhattan café, amid soft Frank Sinatra music in the background.  I may even add some of my piano recordings.

      I look forward to your cards and letters.  11/26/19
    • GUYS:  WHAT’S WITH THE TOWERING GIRLFRIEND?  Why do so many celebrity men squire taller women, sometimes 6 inches or more?  They look ridiculous.  Is this emasculation some kind of status symbol?  The practice is not new. Recall Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy in the 1970s.  And Sylvester Stallone, 5’7” in elevated shoes, paired with 6’1” Brigitte Nielson.  A most grotesque example was the rotund Roger Ailes escorting a slim woman seemingly a foot taller and 50 years younger.


      If you’re Peter Dinklage, I get it. But men 6 feet are doing this.  How good can it be when a guy needs a ladder to kiss his girl?  Who do these guys think they’re impressing? What does a woman see in the little guy?  His wallet, of course. And prestige.


    Another eyesore is the couple sporting a half-century age difference.  The dissipated old man with the young nymph is off-putting and one would think embarrassing for both. Given today’s cosmetics women in their 50s and 60s can be quite attractive to an older man.  Consider Jean Pirro of Fox News.  She’s pushing 70 but still looks like she could make the bed bounce 9 inches off the floor.  11/25/19

    • ALAN DERSHOWITZ EXPOSES #MeToo.  Last week I attended a speaking engagement featuring liberal Democrat lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Of particular interest were his comments about the corruption of the #MeToo movement regarding false allegations about his involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious activities.  Dershowitz vehemently claims he was extorted by enterprising women at the behest of their lawyers. Nonetheless, now he is banned from an organization with which he affiliated for decades because of pressure from #MeToo, despite his acknowledged innocence.

      Corroborating the venality of #MeToo, Dershowitz spoke of a multi-billionaire CEO who also was accused falsely in the Epstein affair.  That man was told by the claimants’ high profile lawyer that everything would go away with a payment of $1 billion.  The billionaire made the payment and his name has not emerged since.

      #MeToo fallout is so bad that I’m hearing men are leaving their companies to avoid the risk of working for litigious women.  Others now insist they not remain alone with a woman in a room. It will be interesting to see how the growing number of displaced men will retaliate en masse. See suggestions in my 2018 anti-#MeToo manifesto under Counterattack at   https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary

    It’s time for hardball. 11/22/19

    • A POLITICALLY INCORRECT WALK DOWN CORPORATE MEMORY LANE.  In view of how the workplace has deteriorated because of #MeToo and political correctness, it is refreshing to consider how corporate life used to be in the days of yore. 


    Back in the day the few women employees were mostly secretaries who populated the typing and dictaphone pools.  Indeed, the male/female dynamic in the office was quite different. 


    Men assigned ratings to women.  Not performance ratings, but attractiveness scores.  In particular, men would rate a woman’s rack and derriere on a scale of 0 – 10.  Even the women tacitly went along.  The ratings weren’t disclosed to the women but clearly they were concerned about their scores. 


    Men would be sure to defer to a woman exiting a conference room, not just out of chivalry, but to enable a good view for scoring her ass.  There was no interference from Personnel (now HR).  In fact, the guys from that department participated in the scoring.  In one instance, a woman discovered her breast score.  Apparently, a guy inadvertently enclosed his score sheet in a sheaf of papers he presented to her for filing.  Insulted by her rating, she appeared at the next meeting with a plunging neckline as if to say, Score this!


    As Archie Bunker used to say, “Those were the days.”  11/21/19

    • CELEBRATING SEVEN YEARS OF DEBUNKING LIBERAL BUNK.  The Comprehensive Conservative marks its seventh anniversary challenging leftist propaganda in all its forms including:

                    - Diversity bunk
                    - Climate change bunk
                    - #MeToo bunk
                    - LGBTQ bunk
                    - Green bunk

    Identity politics and its offspring political correctness, as well as the ideological poison from which they derive, face unmitigated defiance in the expressions of my blog.  Join the war against the left.  See http://www.williamjdodwell.com/   11/21/19

    • A CONSERVATIVE FIREBRAND LETS HIS HAIR DOWN.  The Comprehensive Conservative steps out of his characteristically austere political and financial modes for a little levity.  Consider this a holiday prelude, but also a celebration of the lofty equity markets fostered by the policies of our great beleaguered president.

             Here’s my rollicking piano rendition of “Ease On Down The Road” from the 1970s Broadway production and film, “The Wiz”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nTGXdbgpGU .  Largely a ‘30s and ‘40s guy musically, I made a concession to modernity in this selection for wider appeal.  11/18/19


    • WHERE’S ANN COULTER?  Repeat 10/9/19 post.  (11/14/19)

    • WHY IS ANN COULTER SILENCED AGAIN?  Repeat 10/9/19post. (10/22/19) 

      • SOMETHING NEW AFOOT IN LEFTIST ACADEME.  Certain colleges are going all out to super-diversify their student bodies.  They grant free tuition to poor non-white applicants largely funded by donations from politically naive alumni who think it’s just a noble cause.  Then the schools tout such distinctions as “the most diverse private college in America”. 

      This program endows new masses of minority graduates with nominal degrees, thus enlarging the pool of minority candidates from which corporations may hire for the better positions that require a degree, heretofore unavailable to many minorities.  Apparently, the thinking is that more minorities with “degrees” diminish a pretext for legally discriminating against them in the workplace.  In fact, their larger presence forces companies to hire more of them to avoid liability.  As a result, corporations become more diverse.


      Why is this bad?  Because it’s a leftist ruse to super-charge the diversity agenda with its goal of balkanizing the country in order to undermine our culture and traditional meritocratic values.  All this aims to advance a socialist globalist mindset toward the demise of the republic.  And, let’s be clear – it’s about disempowering white America 10/21/19

      • KEEPING FOX NEWS HONEST.  Conservatives rely on Fox News to get to the truth, as it is the only major media outlet to do so.  But when it strays, it must be called to account.

              Fox has portrayed Hunter Biden as a wastrel.  In particular, Greg Jarret said his background suggests he is good for nothing but flipping burgers.  I am no apologist for  Hunter,                     but on checking his biography, I was surprised to learn that he is a lawyer out of Yale law school and worked in several substantive capacities. Despite his father’s likely                             influence, the public would be interested in knowing this background and speculate for itself as to its significance.  The guy may be a bum, but let's have all the facts.

              I have been laudatory of Lou Dobbs.  However, his recent interview with trade maven, Peter Navarro, disappointed me.  Coming on the heels of highly chronicled declines in the                 manufacturing and service sectors, I eagerly anticipated a question about how that related to Trump’s trade policy. Dobbs never brought it up!  He is purely a shill for the                             president.  And I say that as a supporter of the Trump/Navarro trade policy, regardless of the economic impact heretofore.

              We must insist on honest reporting, even from supposed allies. 10/10/19


      I haven’t seen Ann Coulter in ages, not even on Fox.  Is she banned again?  In September 2015 during a GOP presidential debate she tweeted some innocuous comments that some construed to be anti-Semitic.  As a consequence, she disappeared from virtually all media for about 18 months missing the entire election extravaganza.  Here’s what she said:   https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/09/17/ann-coulter-comment-jews-gop-debate-israel-relations/32543837/ . 


      I thought she had done her penance but it appears Coulter faces yet another blackout in the 2020 campaign, presumably in further retribution for her 2015 “indiscretion”.


      I said four years ago that this censorship was OUTRAGEOUS and I say it again.  Why is cowardly Fox News, not to mention all other media outlets, afraid to air this woman who had been a staple of the network for years.  Maybe it’s because she had a falling out with Trump.  If not, certain powers that be have a bit too much clout that should be challenged in the name of free speech.  10/9/19



      Note:  In keeping with my ongoing visceral dedication to defy political correctness in all quarters, I present the following revelations regarding corporate America’s obsession with diversity.



      I just returned from a Diversity Summit in Timbuktu.  It was a confab of mostly Chief Diversity Officers seeking to improve their methods for achieving a truly diverse workforce.  Most interesting were the comments of one particular corporate manager, Whitey.  He told me about his struggles dealing with the diversity policies of his CDO, one Ms. Zgbowgoeiw Poebtyoblbaoetn, aka Ms. Z, who hails from a hut in an Amazon rain forest.


      The Chief Diversity Officer


      Ms. Z herself is the very image of diversity.  This androgynous creature stands 6’9” with one black arm and one white, the result of some body modification.  She has a buzzcut on the right side, multi-colored tresses on the left, a chrome dome on top and a pony tail in the back.  She flaunts one 51” DDD breast, a tattoo on her neck, and wears combat boots.  And God knows what’s under that dress.  Even her speech is diverse as she alternates from black dialect to the King’s English throughout the day.  She worships at the LGBTQ altar, even painting her office in the emblematic rainbow colors.


      All hiring decisions go through Ms. Z to ensure the company maintains an optimal diversity profile, while Whitey functions as her chief operating officer.  In fact, Ms. Z strives to register the highest government diversity score in her industry, a feat she hopes would put her on the cover of Diversity Magazine and earn her an EEOC award.  She insists that all job candidates submit to skin-tone classification measured scientifically in lumens from 1 to 50 where 1 is the darkest, 50 is the lightest.  In addition, everyone must gender-identify on a wide spectrum of genitalia variations.  Accordingly, she commissioned the building premises manager to make rest room modifications to accommodate all manner of anatomical anomalies.  Says Ms. Z, “We cover every color, shape, form and subspecies in the human genome. Hell, we even got an Irishman on board.”


      She also commands month-long classes for all employees in the use of appropriate pronouns, the veritable equivalent of learning another language.  Ms. Z especially favors profile characteristics that are heavily weighted in the government diversity score, such as dark skin-tones in high positions.  As such, she tries to minimize straight white males because they produce negative points in government reporting. (We get no respect anymore.)


      Ms. Z draws from a major source of diversity enhancement that is the pool of illegal aliens who storm the southern border.  They not only jack up a diversity score, but some America-hating state and local jurisdictions provide tax incentives for hiring them.  The current invasion of caravans from Central America has been like manna from heaven for CDOs .




      Here are some of the problems Whitey experienced enforcing Ms. Z’s diversity program.


      • Risk Management told Whitey that the company has to reduce its female population because of excessive #MeToo risk.  Women are suing left and right.  Whitey asked Ms. Z what to do.  She said, “I’m not going to upset my gender ratio.  Tell Risk Management we’ll comply with the cut if we can persuade an equal number of gender ambiguous employees that they are female.  Somehow I think those “converted women” would be less troublesome.  You do the interviews.”


      • Whitey approached Ms. Z about a problem with an employee who couldn’t get along with anybody.  Figuring his behavior might have something to do with his diversity classification, she asked Whitey how the worker self-identifies.  Whitey said the employee doesn’t know because he has three di--s and two vaginas.  Ms. Z told Whitey to “throw him in with the transgenders”. Whitey said he suggested that but he took offense saying, “What do you think I am, some kind of freak?”


      • Whitey sought help from Ms. Z about a man who wouldn’t cooperate with his project plans.  Once again Ms. Z asked how the worker self-identifies.  Whitey told her he thinks he’s a bird.  Ms. Z asked Whitey if he talked to him about the problem.  Whitey told her that he couldn’t because he always has worms in his mouth. 


      • A well-known philanderer complained to Whitey that there are too few females in his immediate vicinity for him to pursue.  Rather, he’s surrounded by man-hating lesbians who, not only restrict his prospects, but also put him at risk of bogus #MeToo lawsuits.  Ms. Z told Whitey, “Gender ratios are applied uniformly over all units, so transferring him would upset that balance.  I could move him to a more hospitable environment in exchange for a gay male, but the lesbians might complain about one less target for a phony sexual harassment claim."


      • After conducting a diversity audit following a spate of departures, Whitey panicked over the results.  He ran to Ms. Z to tell her, “We have a crisis.  We’re low on hermaphrodites.!”  Even Ms. Z started sweating because this classification gets a very high weighting in the government diversity score.  She immediately told Whitey to dispatch three employees to the waterfront at 3 AM to recruit replacements from appropriately endowed hookers serving transient truckers.  That was a tough sell for Whitey.  Relations with his staff have not been the same.


      • A gay guy complained to Whitely about a dearth of homosexuals in the firm.  In fact, he suspects discrimination.  Whitey brought the case to Ms. Z who said, “The entire LGBTQ spectrum is represented in this firm.  Tell him to focus on some Bs, Ts and Qs instead of a pure play.  Hell, he might become one of them. I could use the filip in the diversity score.”


      • Ms. Z prevailed on Whitey to take advantage of the many new openings to improve the firm’s skin-tone rating.  She told him that through her connections she could get eight people from Ghana in the building by the end of the week.  Ms. Z said, “These guys will really lift our score.  I’m talking tones under 10 lumens!”  Whitey had no choice but to hire them on his staff.  Some time later Ms. Z asked him how the Ghanans were doing.  Whitey said, “They can’t read, they can’t write, and they don’t speak English.”  Ms. Z replied, “So what?  We picked up 112 points in our score.  Ah, I can see it now.  Diversity Magazine today, The New York Times front page tomorrow.”


      Whitey’s heart-to-heart talk with Ms. Z


      Exasperated, Whitey arranged a heartfelt talk with Ms. Z about his difficulty reconciling diversity compliance with executive demands for suitable people.  He explained that the firm needs dedicated competent employees who can interact well with customers and one another.  Instead, everyone hates each other and nothing gets done. The only unity centers on a collective hatred for the lily white CEO.  Whitey told her that since implementing her diversity program the company has been constantly in the red and the stock has plummeted 70%.  Ms. Z replied, “If people meet my diversity criteria they’re qualified.  The rest is for the CEO to worry about.  It’s PC over profits for me.  Between you and me, let’s hope those losses continue.  The CEO would get fired creating a bonanza opportunity to replace the honky with a sub-20 lumens black or Hispanic.  The diversity score would skyrocket!”


      Whitey seeks refuge


      Overcome by the displeasure of his job, Whitey went home to decompress with his family.  He summoned his three young sons to resume a recent discussion about career aspirations.  One had said he wants to be a fireman.  Another had said he wants to be an astronaut.  Whitey turned to his previously undecided precocious fair-headed boy, Niles, and asked if he had made up his mind yet.  Niles said, “Yeah, Dad.  I want to be a Chief Diversity Officer.” 10/2/19

      Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between July and September 2019

       By William J. Dodwell

      • DIVERSITY RUN AMUCK.  Diversity is the Holy Grail in corporate America today as companies increasingly succumb to the political left.  As such, it is fitting that CEOs rethink hiring policies for maximum PC effect.  Here’s a program that combines the pre-1970 model with the new order.

        Fill all positions from middle management upward with white males.  All remaining jobs will go to women of color from around the globe with a mandate to serve their bosses with elan.  (Use your imagination.) That leaves men of color and white women who will be assigned to a breeding pool.  This is in keeping with the left’s effort to transform demographics through mass interracial propagation, as promoted by Hollywood and Madison Avenue in today’s television, film and commercials. Those employees will be paid in direct proportion to the offspring they produce.

        In time, the societal results will be celebrated in a Hollywood re-make of the 1967 classic motion picture, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” starring Sidney Poitier about an interracial marriage. Imagine when the mother is introduced to her white daughter’s porcelain-faced beaux, she turns tearfully to the father and  says, “Where did we go wrong?”

        Like it?  Consult your Chief Diversity Officer.  9/26/19

      • THE LEFT’S PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA (Reader warning:  The following expresses some unspeakable truths banned from polite discourse.)


                  The leftists are coming! The leftists are coming!  Just as Paul Revere alarmed the colonists of the oncoming British Army bent on their destruction, so do Americans today need an             acute warning about the nefarious ideological revolution brewing on the political left.


                  Make no mistake, the goal of the left today, implicit in its evermore audacious policy proposals, is to destroy America and preside over the spoils in the creation of a new globalist                 Marxist order.  It accomplishes this with full complicity of mass media, academia and a growing number of representatives in government, as well as through the worrisome                         politicization of the courts.  The evidence is clear. 


      Immigration and demographics


      Consider the sudden call for open borders and sanctuary cities, support for orchestrated caravans of invaders from Central America, as well as systematic voter fraud.  The ultimate goal is to create virtually permanent electoral Democratic control of government by capitalizing on a large socialist predisposition that results from chain migration and eventual blanket amnesty with citizenship.  This outcome would sustain an ongoing Marxist agenda that would dismiss American sovereignty and culture.  Impoverished immigrants from south of the border and elsewhere, having no interest in assimilation, flood communities around the country to strain resources, perpetrate horrific crime, and diminish the quality of life while contributing relatively little as a whole.  A society riven by such malaise is destined to collapse.  Indeed, the left’s obsession with diversity is a ruse to balkanize America toward that end.


      The left hopes to transform American demographics on a grand scale through unrestricted immigration and a naive spirit of egalitarian tolerance.  For example, Madison Avenue, a major ally of the left, assists that conversion by subtly promoting mass interracial propagation among citizens in most advertisements today.  Of course, that prospect has grave implications for the country’s DNA as to affect global competiveness, economic progress and national security.  Countless individual exceptions notwithstanding, the scientific reality of the strategy overall dilutes the fountain of intelligence, industriousness and ingenuity that built America.  At the same time, creeping Muslim infiltration aimed at imposing Sharia law overtakes communities and penetrates institutions, even Congress now. The debilitating genetic and social polyglot that results from the left’s transformation plan sets the stage for a docile population that readily submits to the lure of largesse from an unchallenged tyrannical government.




      Consider the abysmal quality of public schools as leftist teachers unions deliberately dumb down America through diluted curricula, lowered performance standards and relaxed discipline.  In the process, they re-write or eradicate American history to degrade the country’s heritage in the minds of malleable youth, undermining their allegiance to the country.  The liberal education establishment vigorously opposes efforts to rectify failed education through decidedly more effective charter schools in order to preserve the power of the teachers unions, a self-interest that far supersedes student well-being. (But, of course, it wants them to be ignorant anyway.)  In the colleges, intellectual diversity and impolitic speech have become verboten in the face of relentless left-wing indoctrination aimed at advancing the “destroy America” agenda.


      Media and technology


      Mass media are already corrupt. The networks and liberal cable outlets distort or suppress news that does not conform to the left’s agenda, such as black crime.  Consider that 90% of news about President Trump is negative according to media studies.  What is more, 90% of journalists identify as liberal.  Media promote outright lies, such as the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that leftist news outlets continue to report as a murder despite rigorous investigations, including by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, that determined a police officer fired in self-defense.  CNN and MSNBC present gross hyperbole as legitimate commentary.  Publishers and bookstores suspiciously restrict the distribution and availability of conservative works.  And most reprehensibly, monopolistic technology companies Facebook, Google and Twitter increasingly quash conservative content on the internet to the benefit of a global socialist order, and the detriment of free speech.


      Societal emasculation


      The left promotes societal emasculation through pervasive female favoritism in the grade schools, a hiring bias toward women in the workplace, a rejection of the traditional male role in the family, a mockery of men in advertising campaigns, and of course, the weaponization of natural male behavior toward women through the #MeToo movement.  Unchecked, all this makes for a castrated, marginally employed American male that is a very prescription for destroying the nation.


      The rule of law


      The left is trying to abolish the rule of law, a principal underpinning of civilization, to foster the collapse of the republic.  Its operatives ignore immigration statutes and allow criminals to re-offend repeatedly with impunity.  They hamstring police from enforcing the law for minor offenses resulting in miscreants blatantly avoiding mass transit fares and illegally smoking pot in public places. They permit homeless encampments on public property that threaten the safety, health and viability of surrounding households and businesses.  Lawlessness has resulted in stand down mayoral orders that protect marauding Antifa thugs, citizens dousing police with water, open marijuana smoking in inner city schools, and a general decline in the quality of life that continually slides down the slippery slope. 


      Worst of all, the courts become politicized.  Consider the 2018 decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to disallow President Trump’s temporary travel ban applied to several Muslim countries for security reasons.  The Court struck it down despite explicit statutes to the contrary.  The Supreme Court overruled it, but only in a 5-4 decision.  And, of course, many consider John Roberts’ deciding vote to uphold Obamacare in 2010 a gross politically motivated legal contortion.  What’s more, the Supreme Court too readily defers regulatory cases to unelected bureaucrats in the agencies because of their technical complexities.  As such, regulators often render partisan applications of law in the rulemaking process that result in confiscation and tyranny.  This is particularly true in environmental and discrimination cases.


      Identity politics


      A principal cudgel by which the left undermines American society is through identity politics that promotes an egalitarian utopia that seeks to eradicate traditional and historical boundaries that delineate black/white, male/female, gay/ straight, and rich/poor.  By highlighting grievance between races, genders, sexualities, and economic classes, leftists try to create societal conflicts that result in a divide-and-conquer approach to their Marxist goal.  The left celebrates diversity as a holy grail branded by the LGBTQ moniker and associated rainbow color scheme.  Immigration and class warfare play to race and economic status.  #MeToo plays to gender.  Gay and transgender rights play to sexuality.  A multiplicity of grievance groups results in a hypersensitive society that becomes paralyzed by a fear of offending.  A panoply of politically correct dictates codifies the sensitivity as to render the general population acquiescent to the encroachments of the left in a growing tyranny.


      The Democrat Party


      The Democrat Party has long embraced big government.  But now in its lurch to the far left it espouses maximum government control to redistribute wealth in pure Marxist fashion.  The left hopes to expand government by nationalizing as many economic sectors as possible, such as health care, education, housing and energy.  It does this, not only by means of legislation, but also through executive regulation involving the fatuous expansive enforcement of that law.  The Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and free college for everyone are the latest voter gambits among some of the Democratic presidential candidates.  


      The left also wants to nationalize the energy industry through a chimerical environmentalist agenda that eliminates fossil and nuclear fuels in favor of extremely limited alternatives, including solar and wind. The prohibitive cost of the whole agenda at tens of trillions of dollars would bankrupt the nation.  This imperial move is about power and the economic residuals that ensue for those in control from taxation, extreme indebtedness, fees, penalties and confiscation.


      In the final analysis, a few elites will rule from the top over a massive underclass robbed of freedoms and possibly consigned to squalor. Just look at Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea to name just a few examples.  It is up to an informed and motivated electorate to avoid this Armageddon.  A tall order indeed.  9/5/19


      • “THE BIGGEST ACCOUNTING FRAUD IN HISTORY”.  The Wall Street Journal published an editorial 8/21/19 headlined “The Great Student-Loan Scam”.  Briefly, it claimed income-based repayment plans, as well as loan deferment and forbearance allowances, adopted during the Obama administration conceal the real cost to taxpayers.  Thus, the reported results of operations are grossly overstated.  In fact, The WSJ says, “This may be the biggest accounting fraud in history.” 


      Separately, the editorial reports a mere 10% outright default rate in addition to the two repayment categories mentioned.  But in my 2015 white paper entitled “The Developing Federal Student Loan Debacle and the Real Cost to Taxpayers” at https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2653119 , I detail how the CBO methodology for default accounting severely understates defaults, and thus further conceals the huge taxpayer cost of the student loan program. (I sent a copy of my report to the WSJ Editor of the Editorial Page upon publication.)  In other words, nonpayment is even worse than what the WSJ says.  Until recently, the government reported the student loan program as profitable since inception in 2010.  Now, finally recognizing the drag from the repayment concessions cited by the WSJ, the CBO reports a projected loss over the next 10 years.  But it has not fully recognized economic reality by changing its misleading default accounting method I disclosed in my paper.


      Citing statistics of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the WSJ reports that 30% of the $1.5 trillion loan portfolio is subject to income-based capped repayment plans, and 20% is in deferment or forbearance.  Adding the reported 10% default rate, this means that 60% of loans is non-performing or heavily discounted. However, my 2015 study shows that according to CBO accounting, defaults are effectively amortized over the remaining term of a loan (up to 20 years or more), rather than entirely charged off in the period incurred, as a bank would do according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  On this basis, the default rate would be much higher than 10%.


      The Trump administration recently hired McKinsey & Co. to analyze the accounting for the student loan portfolio, particularly with respect to a possible sale. Given a 60% effective non-performance rate, the $1.5 trillion face value would decline to only a $600 billion valuation.  This would result in an immediate $900 billion write-off added to the already projected $1 trillion FY 2019 budget deficit.  But considering the greatly underestimated 10% default rate, that charge would be significantly larger. 


      This massive portfolio devaluation renders the loan forgiveness political argument almost moot.  Heck, the government has forgiven most of the loans already in the form of foregone repayments.  But the public would not know this from CBO reporting.  8/26/19

      • THE LEFT PUSHES THE 3 Rs: RACISM, RECESSION, REPARATIONS.  Democrats are hellbent on pushing Racism, Recession and Reparations to defeat Trump in 2020.  Mass media constantly portray the president as a racist based on his immigration policy and a gross mischaracterization of his comments about last year’s riot in Charlottsville, Va.  “White supremacism” has become a faux topic de jour. 


      At the same time, the left tries to convince the public that the economy is on the brink of a recession despite data to the contrary.  Liberals hope to trigger a huge sell-off in the stock market that will cause consumers and businesses to retreat, making recession a self-fulling prophesy. 


      And there is reparations.  It’s a topic much infused in the Democrat presidential campaigns.  Look for a show of hands for reparations during one of the upcoming televised debates.  What’s more, The New York Times has just launched “Project 1690” invoking the arrival of the first slaves in America 400 hundred years ago.  As if on cue, other publications are increasingly featuring articles about slavery to promote national guilt about its history. 


      The left is beating the drums with this triplet, and it gets louder as the election approaches.  Don’t be duped.  8/20/19


      Much has been written about the need for the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates, even beyond the July cut, the first one in eleven years.  Indeed, the latest escalation of trade tensions with China and its concomitant currency depreciation might make further cuts more compelling. Or not.  The principal purpose of a rate cut is to provide liquidity to foster greater consumption and business investment that stimulate economic growth in the face of sustained opposition forces.  But rate cuts without sufficient justification, such as those based on transitory developments, reaction to presidential jawboning, miming other central banks, or inadequate consideration of market fundamentals can thwart economic progress.  8/19/19

      • A STARK REMINDER:  Leading up to the 2008 financial crisis we know the government prevailed on banks to relax their mortgage underwriting standards, and pressured the GSAs to ease their credit criteria for their securitizations, all under the guise of the Community Reinvestment Act.  The aim was to increase home ownership among the near-poor. 




      What’s more, over $100 billion of bank settlements compensated (nationalized) Fannie and Freddie, the FHA, public pensions and previously compensated low-income homeowners for losses. But Obama's DOJ left non-public pension private MBS investors high and dry, including 401(k) plans. Even the MBS Trustees charged with protecting them against underwriting fraud sided with the bank issuers who paid their fees and hired them for new business. 


                  The politically motivated lending and much of the disposition of bank settlements were a massive wealth redistribution scheme under the affordable housing agenda  8/18/19

      1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY BENNETT (FEI post).  Set aside those assets and liabilities for a bit and see singer Tony Bennett perform near FEI Headquarters in Morristown, NJ at The Community Theater on August 13th.  Here’s my piano arrangement of his signature song, “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” in celebration of his 93rd birthday this week, and in honor of his guardianship of The Great American Songbook, that body of traditional popular music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.  7/29/19
      2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY BENNETT. Tony Bennett, singer and guardian of The Great American Songbook, that body of traditional popular music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, turns 93 this week.  In celebration, here’s my piano arrangement of his famous signature song, “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”.  7/29/19

    • MUELLER:  A SYMPATHETIC FIGURE.  Recall Admiral James Scottsdale. He was Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 presidential election who shocked the nation with his bumbling performance on the national debate stage with Al Gore and Dan Quayle.  Robert Mueller’s impaired conduct before Congress this week elicited a similar reaction. Some attributed Scottsdale’s behavior to torture experienced in Vietnam, but was still unanticipated.  As for Mueller, at 74, he apparently faltered from two years of intense political pressure generated by speculation about his work amid extreme media scrutiny. 


      The mental health of certain elderly political figures deteriorates before the public eye. Many say 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden seems visibly dissipated. Some questioned Rudy Giulliani’s mental state when he made some boneheaded statements in defense of President Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to stammer and sputter frequently. And, of course, many suspected cognitive impairment in President Reagan, possibly affirmed by an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in retirement.


      Mental illness looms large among the elderly. Politics aside, Mueller and the other high profile figures cited remind us of a universal vulnerability for which compassion is warranted.  7/26/19

    • WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO #MeToo?  It seems that ever since I published my anti-#MeToo manifesto last September at  https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary  the movement has been fading fast.  Coincidence?  As a self-proclaimed leader of the #MeToo resistance, I stood alone in the beginning publicly lambasting gross injustices, as the masses on the left and right flocked like lemmings in knee-jerk defense of the generic accuser. 

      But in less than two years the tide has turned.  Recently, even a Hollywood actress and seven Democrat senators have moderated their blind support for #MeToo.  Meryl Streep criticized the feminist campaign against “toxic masculinity”, and the liberal senators expressed their regret for their support to remove Al Franken from the Senate in response to sexual harassment accusations without any due process, thanks to coercion from a cowardly Chuck Schumer.  And daily news reports of sexual misconduct stories have dwindled to a trickle.  

      In a major strike for justice, the Trump administration ordered colleges to enforce due process rights in campus sexual misconduct cases.  This overrode an Obama directive that encouraged outrageously unfair prosecutions by threatening to withhold federal money from insufficiently aggressive college administrators. This injustice potentially destroyed the professional lives of student defendants.  Now many accused fight back winning exoneration and large settlements from academia.

      Public opinion about #MeToo has shifted significantly, as sympathy has emerged for men who lose their livelihoods and suffer major financial loss at the hands of this vile movement.  Indeed, for many converts, false and frivolous claims, often fabricated by corrupt plaintiff lawyers, have caught their own friends and family members in the net.  What’s more, the new weaponized feminism undermines legitimate calls for better opportunities for women. (What man would hire or even associate with women prone to filing sexual harassment complaints?) Societal castration in the course of empowering women by disempowering men no longer holds the day, except among man-hating lesbians likely behind many lawsuits.  The new consensus is, enough is enough.  People now realize the importance of due process under the law, such that “Always believe the woman” is an unjust standard.  The backlash is well underway.

      We await the results of the Harvey Weinstein rape and assault trial that begins in September.  A separate $44 million settlement was reached in connection with civil lawsuits brought by dozens of women.  The verdict in the criminal case will be a landmark test for due process and standards of proof in sexual harassment litigation.  What a blow to #MeToo if Weinstein walks.  And it is hoped that corporate pests who bring dubious sexual harassment lawsuits, some many years after the fact, will be brought to heel by legal rebuke and the absence of public support.

      #MeToo is somewhat diminished.  But let’s not relent until we witness its complete demise.  7/24/19

    • MORE CLIMATE CHANGE PROPAGANDA.  The weekend heat wave in the northeast prompts leftists to seize yet another opportunity to dupe the public.  The latest tactic is the “heat index”.  My wife said she heard on the local television station that it was 112 degrees outside.  I thought that can’t be right because it has never been near that hot here.  Then I discovered that the meteorologists cite the new (to me) heat index, which is a composite of the temperature and the humidity to arrive at the Fahrenheit reading it “feels” like.  The real temperature was 98 degrees. 

    •         Of course, this deception is designed to make people think that man-made climate change is creating unprecedented adverse conditions.  Indeed, many, like my wife, think they’re                 hearing or seeing the actual temperature reported.  Last winter I commented on the same ploy as it relates to the “wind-chill” factor, which has been around for some time.  Now we             have to be on guard against the weather nazis all year round.  7/22/19

      1. THE SQUAD AND THE RACE CARD.  President Trump’s comments denouncing anti-American criticisms and lies expressed by four freshman Congresswomen of color (the Squad) became a predictable lightening rod for mass media to invoke the race card, especially as the 2020 election approaches.  Even many Republicans joined the chorus.  Of course, race has nothing to do with Trump’s admonishment. He simply pointed out the irony of two Squad members enjoying American freedom and prosperity in stark contrast to the crime, pestilence and despotism of their countries of origin.  Albeit impolitic, Trump spoke of ideological differences, not race. 

        But the fear of being called a racist prevents the proper response to the four renegades.  (See my 12/10/18 post “Go Ahead. Call Me A Racist” at http://www.williamjdodwell.com/special-notice-8 .)  This is why these anti-American Members are not challenged by the Democratic leadership.  The Squad even called ultra liberal Speaker Pelosi racist.  Imagine four white freshmen getting away with what these ladies are doing.  The race card also intimidates cowardly Republicans into verbally joining the media outrage over Trump’s comments.  It is what gave Obama a pass on so many issues.  But Trump displays the audacity, candor and political incorrectness to challenge the race-baiting for which he should be roundly supported.  This is how to defeat the race card.

        Let’s be clear.  The Squad hates America and disdains the Constitution on which it is founded, despite claims to the contrary.  The two Muslims among them likely would hope to set the stage for Sharia law.  Meantime, they join the other two in an effort to plunge the country into socialist chaos as a prelude to that primary goal.  This development raises a serious question: How does the U.S. defend itself from foreign infiltration into the political system?  We see Muslims creating enclaves that grow to the point of legitimately electing themselves to local office and eventually to Congress in allegiance to Islam, not America.  How does the country protect itself from the nefarious intentions of this largely alien force that has no desire to assimilate, and transforms their communities to pig sties?  We see a similar threat in the invasion of Central American emigrants storming the border waving the flags of their homelands, who, if Democrats rule, would have voting rights.

        The solution, of course, is to keep truly inimical peoples from entering the country through sound constitutional immigration policy.  But such a program flies in the face of leftist legislative support and judicial empathy for sanctuary cities and ending border enforcement.  Democrats embrace open borders to admit new voters who eventually would ensure their permanent control of government.  They ignore the horrific cultural effects that divide and potentially doom the nation. Look no further than Europe.  


              Ultimate control over immigration policy lies with Congress.  The growing open borders crowd in Washington opposes the changes to immigration legislation that would quickly                 defuse the current border crisis.  And for many others, the fear of the race card undermines the effort to uphold constitutional protections against these threats to our security and                 sovereignty.  Imagine if enough politicians would emulate President Trump’s courage to defend the nation from destruction through alien ideology and foreign influences.  7/17/19

      1. MASS MEDIA PROACTIVELY MOLD PUBLIC OPINION.  Liberal media promote Kamala Harris’ candidacy as they relish the prospect of a black woman president.  At the same time, they try to eliminate front running, old white male, Joe Biden, the antithesis of the Democratic diversity model they cherish.  Accordingly, the media speak as a chorus in decrying Biden’s debate performance. 

      But in fact, Biden performed reasonably well.  His response to Harris’ challenge concerning his position on school busing in the 1970s and his conciliation with “segregationist” senators was eminently reasonable for the time.  In fact, the public overwhelmingly opposed busing, thus dooming it as a policy.  And Biden looked decidedly better than he did in the weeks before the debate.


      Meanwhile, the media celebrate Harris for her prosecution reflective of her role as California AG.  But all she did was raise the busing issue, with faux personal drama, to play the race card.  The contretemps with Biden was a nothingberger, but media insist it was a game-changer. 


      Mass media try to mold public opinion through a constant drumbeat for Harris and against Biden.  Since the public is gullible and malleable, Harris’ poll numbers have risen significantly.  How much more can the electorate be duped?  7/8/19

      Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between April and June 2019

      By William J. Dodwell       

      • A TRIBUTE TO DORIS DAY.  Singer/actress Doris Day died Monday at 97.  Perhaps the last original exponent of traditional popular music, her songs topped the charts in the ‘40s and '50s.  In the true spirit of conservatism, I am dedicated to at least the memory, if not return, of this great genre of music.  In particular, I remember getting dressed for school in the mornings while listening on the radio to what would become her signature song, “Que Sera, Sera”.  Here’s a clip of that performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbKHDPPrrc .  For perspective, it played at the same time that newcomer Elvis Presley was shouting “Hound Dog”.  5/14/19

      • WASHINGTON HEEDS MY WARNING ABOUT STUDENT LOAN EXPOSURE?  The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration hired McKinsey & Co. to investigate the accounting methods adopted for reporting the profitability of the federal student loan program.  In particular, McKinsey is charged with estimating the potential loan loss exposure in the student loan portfolio in connection with a possible sale. 

        As it happens, in 2015 I published a white paper entitled, “The Developing Federal Student Loan Debacle and the Real Cost to Taxpayers” detailing the anomalous accounting methods of the CBO and Department of Education that grossly understate loan defaults reported to the public.  See my report at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2653119.  I sent this paper to John Crudele of the New York Post, who dedicated a portion of his column to my thesis without attribution.  I also sent it to still Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., and then Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Tom Price, R-Ga.  In addition, I sent the report to The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Editor, Paul Gigot, along with a request to write an op ed piece on the topic.  Not surprisingly, I never heard from any of those recipients, but a couple of subsequent WSJ editorials some time later seemed to have drawn from my paper.
      Interestingly, I was prompted to write the piece when I heard presidential candidate Donald J. Trump suggest that the sizable reported profits of the student loan program be applied to defraying costs for student borrowers.  Knowing that the portfolio really posed a potential multitrillion-dollar cost to taxpayers, I began writing.  In view of the McKinsey contract, now Trump apparently knows the truth about misleading accounting at the CBO and Education Department.  Might I be presumptuous about my possible influence here?
      Well informed citizens can make noise in Washington from scoops appropriately documented and suitably disseminated to have an impact beyond the ballot box.  This intervention should be encouraged.  5/6/19
      • MEDIA LIBERALS DERAIL TWO FEDERAL RESERVE NOMINEES.  The left torpedoed two successive conservative nominees of President Trump for open seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  Former Kansas City Fed Governor and 2012 presidential candidate, Herman Cain, had to withdraw because of bipartisan objections about allegedly having hit on a few broads many years ago.  Likewise, supply-side economist Stephen Moore had to pull out partly on account of long-past statements about his disinterest in women’s basketball. 


        This absurd #MeToo influence on our politics, most prominently displayed in last year’s Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, is a corrosive force that must be challenged en masse.  Ongoing vociferous grass-roots opposition would show elected officials that they should not fear this leftist cabal because it does not have substantive public support.  Rather, media propaganda sustains it and, as such, the Fourth Estate demonstrates it is indeed the enemy of the people.  Rise up America!  5/3/19   

      • #MeToo REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN IN THE BIDEN FLAP.  After a period of seeming hibernation following the embarrassment of the Bret Kavanagh debacle, the #MeToo movement re-emerges to capitalize on Joe Biden’s physical proclivities toward women.  During the retreat many women finally have awoken to speak out about the excesses of the movement.  Interestingly, this attitudinal change coincides with the publication of my anti-#MeToo manifesto last September  at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary

        I like to think that treatise was influential in driving the movement underground for a while, and inspiring an epiphany among many women.  You’re welcome.


      Was Biden’s now infamous behavior weird?  Absolutely.  Is it disqualifying for his possible presidential run?  Absolutely not.  As expressions of affection, his tactile impulses are anomalous as a matter of decorum, but heretofore considered harmless.  Now #MeToo gets involved to construe his physicality as predatory behavior against women, calling for the vilification of any man who would similarly engage.  On that front Biden and his fellow grabbers must be defended.  Of course, sudden concern about Biden’s behavior is partially borne out of an effort by Democratic presidential candidates to keep him from joining the race.  But #MeToo is bent on exploiting the issue to advance its radical feminist agenda.


      Men have harbored sexual thoughts about women since the Garden of Eden.  It is quintessentially natural.  In fact, most women want that attention.  But #MeToo and the political left proscribe the so-called objectification of women in order to empower women and disempower men through the hyper-politicization of frivolous offenses.  Women who cannot navigate or tolerate common, albeit inappropriate, libidinous forces in their midst should get thee to a nunnery or join the LGBTQ brigade.  They should not expect equality in the workplace because in a #MeToo atmosphere they pose a serious threat to men’s careers.  As such, those women deserve circumspection, avoidance and even expulsion. 


      How bad is it?  Amazon recently cancelled a four picture deal with Woody Allen because of his comments characterizing #MeToo cases as potential “witch hunts”.  Amazon claims that heresy diminished the benefit the films could be expected to deliver.  Such is the perverse power of the movement.  Fair-minded people must stand up to this rein of terror by ensuring #MeToo gets no further traction through such opportunistic incidents as Joe Biden’s unorthodox touching practices.  4/8/19

      ©2019 William J. Dodwell