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Current Commentary 1

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between January and March 2019

By William J. Dodwell       
    • A WORD ABOUT ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ.  AOC looks like she needs a good lay. Why doesn’t anyone mention this? It probably explains her frenetic behavior. The chick is a tri-fecta for the Democrats: minority, woman and a millenial, who also is an avowed socialist. Bingo. That profile automatically makes her a media star.


      Her joining the House Financial Services Committee chaired by Maxine Waters is quite worrisome. They will fleece the banks by forcing them to liberalize lending standards. Sound familiar? They will push new social engineering programs. Corrupt organizations like the former ACORN will spring up to distribute the largesse (largely for themselves). Recall the billions of dollars of financial crisis bank settlements diverted to the ‘hood.

    In addition, the Committee will coerce banks to flood the zone with minority hires. Minorities have dominated bank teller and floor positions for years. Now the newly empowered Committee will aim for the executive ranks. Bank profits will suffer from giveaways, mismanagement and corruption. The Committee will browbeat financial executives to extract concessions. Imagine Jamie Dimon taking guff from AOC.

    Maybe AOC’s new status will earn her a much needed roll in the hay. 1/18/19

    • LIBERAL PROPAGANDA IN REALITY TELEVISION SHOWS.  The public has been exposed to leftist mind control in news, entertainment, sports and advertising for some time.  But now I notice propaganda penetrates even so-called reality television shows.  Generally, the only such programs I see are when I briefly leave Fox News/Business to other channels during commercials.  But over time, even that short interval is enough collectively to see the brainwashing.  Since I am not a regular viewer, my conclusions could be wrong.  But consider the following impressions.


    The Profit – It seems protagonist, Marcus Lemonis, is never critical of rank and file employees when clearly at times they would be at fault for business failure or certain problems.  Rather, the criticism always falls on the ownership or management.  Is this a socialist dog whistle to put down the haves and protect the have nots, notwithstanding the capitalist theme of the show?  And now amid the #MeToo movement, a recent episode featured a requisite case of workplace sexual harassment.  I have not seen how that issue played out, but I would bet the accuser prevails.


    The Undercover Boss – Just as The Profit conveys its liberal message by exempting underlings from criticism, The Undercover Boss sends a similar signal by lionizing and lavishly rewarding certain under-appreciated low level workers.  Every show culminates in a selected employee, almost always female, tearfully reacting to the boss’ life-changing monetary gift.  The message:  Celebrate the proletariat and denigrate the bourgeois.  The show seems also to promote gender equality by portraying indispensable women mainly who never get the recognition they deserve.  The program is reminiscent of the 1950s television program, The Millionaire, in which each episode a particular philanthropist anonymously gives away one million dollars to a down-on-his luck beneficiary.  Come to think of it, Was that program promoting a wealth redistribution theme?  It aired in the aftermath of the Senator McCarthy hearings that investigated communist infiltration in the U.S., to include Hollywood productions.


    Shark Tank – It seems Mark Cuban has a soft touch for black participants, as he makes deals with them he might not do with others.  In fact, people of color seem to fare better on this show.


    Deal Or No Deal – Although a game show rather than a reality show, my point applies.  In the early airings of this revived program, host Howie Mandel, went out of his way to insinuate that the banker is now a woman, unnaturally emphasizing the pronoun “she” when referring to her.  And, her shapely silhouette appears above the set throughout the show just so no one forgets. 


    Whenever animals are featured they are portrayed as sympathetic figures.  The camera does not show a close up of a killing.  And the act is prefaced by the killer’s expressed reluctance to end a life, as when the animal is deathly ill, or even when hunted for food.  In one case a character protested an order to kill an elephant that broke loose threatening dozens of lives.  The narrative always lectures about disposing of animals humanely.  God forbid that one kill an animal.  


    The public should be aware of this effort to inure viewers to the liberal agenda.  The next step is to object proactively to this politicization in daily interactions with others, and with the remote control.  The producers will get the message when they know so many viewers see through the manipulation, especially when ratings drop.  1/14/19

  • MY (IMAGINED) EVENING WITH STORMY DANIELS.  As the recipient of The Comprehensive Conservative’s 2018 Man of the Year award (see https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/special-notice/special-notice-3/special-notice-4/special-notice-5/special-notice-6 ), I had the opportunity to dine with my counterpart, Stormy Daniels, (see https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/special-notice-8/special-notice-9/special-notice-10/special-notice-11 ) in a shared celebration.  I began talking about trade, but she showed no interest.  So I changed the topic to interest rates.  Still nothing.  Immigration bored her.  I thought about discussing the rationale for her award as a foil for #MeToo but I decided that was too abstruse. 

  •         At this point, she seemed impatient tapping her fingers on the table as if to say, “When are we going to get down to business?”  But she seemed to look at             me as a revenue source rather than an object of affection.  I know she’s swinging from poles in the wee hours of the morning to pay President Trump’s                 legal fees he incurred defending against her failed lawsuit.  So, I thought perhaps she’s looking for a job at The Comprehensive Conservative.  Then she             turned aggressive and lascivious.  I sweated profusely saturating three napkins.  At last I got a hold of myself and asked her what would #MeToo say about         this?  Frustrated, she got up and yelled, “Who gives a !@#$^%&(z you wimp?”  1/10/19

    • THE LADY IS A TRAMP.  Here’s some fodder for the #MeToo movement.  Recall the hoopla about the 1940s song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  Feminists call for its ban as they absurdly claim the song’s theme is predatory and suggestive of rape because a man amorously pursues a woman in his apartment after a date.  Well, what does the left say about a much more well-known song, “The Lady Is A Tramp”? 


      This Rodgers and Hart song of the 1930s features a woman who rejects the customs of the high class set in favor of a simple life, an independence that renders her a “tramp”.  Actually, the lyric could be viewed as a comment on Marxist class differentiation.  But the term tramp in today’s parlance is pejorative connoting a loose woman, a trollup, or a baglady.  I would think #MeToo would object to celebrating such a characterization of women.  I await the battle cry.


      The song has been a popular classic among men and women performers.  See Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald in a duet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xafBWOxqssg  


      Buddy Greco gave it his own sexist treatment at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HeQVMMrVKg   (Take that, #MeToo!)


      Irrespective of the politics, the song is a great jazz standard.  Here’s my piano arrangement at https://youtu.be/eGA7mwZN8Rk       1/7/19

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW RIGHT-WING ZEALOTS.  Please join me to further badger and humiliate liberals into retreat.  In particular, let’s hope the corrupt #MeToo movement crashes and burns in 2019.  It’s already wounded.  I will continue to expose and denounce the crusade towards that end. 


            The runup to the 2020 elections will require serious battle as the Democrats lurch to the hard left. We must name ‘em, shame ‘em and lame ‘em to check the         advance of the Marxist juggernaut on a gullible electorate.  On the social front, we must break every PC rule in the book in a massive shift from capitulation         to hardball defiance and opposition against identity politics. 


            Trump’s tax cut and deregulation will likely continue to support economic prosperity in an over-ripe 10-year recovery.  This, despite the vicissitudes of the         stock market, which is largely driven by anomalous algorithmic trading formulae that seemingly override positive economic fundamentals to some degree.          However, economic slowdown in Europe and Asia will challenge U.S. exports and curtail foreign investment here.  But Trump’s persistence in trade policy         may finally pay off as China relents in the face of its faltering economy.  1/2/19     

    ©2019 William J. Dodwell