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Current Commentary 1

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between July and September 2018
By William J. Dodwell

Sexual harassment law on its face appears quite punitive, even draconian.  But according to Lex Machina, a legal analytics company, the defendant prevails in 95% of court cases, suggesting that few claims pass muster on the legal merits.  Because of this track record, there is a move among liberals to amend the law to make it more accommodating to plaintiffs.  What’s more, 75% of cases settle.  This shows that claimants avoid trial because of the slim chance of winning, but also because of the cost and unwanted publicity of a trial.  Defendants and their employers shun trial for the same reasons, despite an excellent chance of winning.   As a consequence, many accused unfairly lose jobs and more for behavior that may be risque´, but within the bounds of the law, just because skittish employers fear a media backlash from sexual misconduct charges.  Something is wrong with this picture.


The #MeToo movement encourages claimants to exploit the vast grey area between claims that hold up under the law when tested in trial, and those subject to a much lower ambiguous threshold in a settlement case.  In so doing, #MeToo sensationalizes cases through the media to become a propaganda force of the feminist left.  9/18/18


  • #MeToo RUN AMUCK IN KAVANAUGH HEARINGS.  The movement is a tool of the left to empower women by disempowering men.  But now we also see it is as a new identity politics weapon, like race, to block conservatives.  The accusation of a woman who claims Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 35 years ago when he was 17 is, of course, absurd.  But its truth and seriousness cannot be determined without formal adjudication that would derail the confirmation, despite a certain exoneration in court.  As such, the allegation serves as a reason for gutless grandstanding Republicans to withhold their support, which committee member Senator Flake has done already.  #MeToo must be defeated. 


See my recently released manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment”, available in its entirety at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary


  • MORE WAR ON #MeToo.  Here is the first in a coming series of excerpts from my recently released manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment”, available in its entirety at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary


    The #MeToo movement encourages claimants to exploit the vast grey area between claims that hold up under the law when tested in trial, and those subject to a much lower ambiguous threshold in a settlement case.  In so doing, #MeToo sensationalizes cases through the media to become a propaganda force of the feminist left.  It is safe to say women in the workforce are more litigious than men, as they are often quicker to sue over perceived discrimination.  Many such unheralded frivolous workplace cases commonly settle for as little as $20,000 without public knowledge.  However, the media often promote female claims against high profile figures, giving the accuser more leverage in settlement negotiations.  Fearing political fallout, employers terminate accused men for mere allegations without due process, other than perhaps a perfunctory internal investigation to cover themselves.  Many company defendants settle to the detriment of the accused employee just to cut their losses and avoid reputational damage, and accusers know it.  Justice is often lost in the process.  9/11/18

  • ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE ALSO CENSORS CONSERVATIVE CONTENT.  With all the attention on conservative censorship by social media, no one has mentioned antivirus software as a culprit.  After I renewed my antivirus protection recently using a different product called WEBROOT, I began to see the following alert message over the Google entry for my website, The Comprehensive Conservative:  “Suspicions Site.  Caution:  It is likely this website contains malware or other security risks.” This never happened before with other software. Nor does the alert appear when I access my website from another location.  “Conservative” is a prime keyword for these scoundrels. It’s like chum to a shark. Spread the word because I think this aspect of conservative censorship is under the radar.  9/6/18

  • BOOKSTORES SUPPRESS CONSERVATIVE WORKS.  Not only do social media platforms block conservative content.  Bookstores do too.  Last night I perused a store in Penn Station, New York City hoping to peak at some current conservative releases.  Appallingly, Jeanine Pirro’s “Liers, Leakers and Liberals” was nowhere to be seen.  Only after asking, did I see Greg Jarrett’s “The Russia Hoax” lying flat on a table in the back underneath several other books.  Both were recently #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list and they currently occupy the #4 and #2 positions respectively.  Ann Coulter’s “The Resistance Is Hopeless”, which initially makes the list next Sunday, was absent as well, as was Danesh’s D’Souza’s “Death Of A Nation” which has been on the list for 13 weeks. Why were these titles not in stock and, in Jarrett’s case, not displayed at the entrance to the store along with other popular books?  Is management afraid of rousing conservative sentiment before the midterm elections?


Of course, this is not new.  I had the same experience in 1992 looking for Rush Limbaugh’s first book, “The Way Things Ought To Be”.  And that work was the fastest selling in publishing history at the time.  In the past, I found that hits by Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage also were buried in the back on the ground level shelf.  On one occasion, I took a Bill O’Reilly bestseller from obscurity and placed it upright on the front display table right over an Al Franken book.  I did the same with a Savage book to displace some liberal’s tome I don’t recall. 


The stranglehold the left has over media is beyond outrageous.  In this case, conservative readers have to question the store managers, let them know the political shenanigans they’re playing are obvious, and demand that top selling right wing authors be represented prominently, as often required by contract with publishers.  But beware.  In my experience this can lead to fisticuffs.  9/5/18



#MeToo is the latest identity politics play.  As an exponent of the leftist feminist agenda, as well as the LGBT cabal, this movement aims to capitalize on false and exaggerated sexual harassment claims to empower women by disempowering men.  Specifically, plaintiffs rely on a denial of due process for the accused and the opportunity for legal settlement extortion, a course that destroys careers, reputations, marriages and finances of hapless defendants.  Accusers avoid trial, where 95% of these cases fail, in order to extract lucrative settlements from their targets.  The #MeToo movement operates unchallenged because of a fear of political backlash in the media and a gullible public. Consider this paper a call to arms for men and women alike to restore justice and combat this new onslaught of the left.  Read my entire 10,000 word (21 page) report to understand the full context of this nefarious force.  9/4/18


  • ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE McCAIN TRIBUTES.  With all the media accolades for Senator John C. McCain in the wake of his death he’ll get whatever praise he might be due.  So it is incumbent on me to put the encomiums in perspective by highlighting his faults in the interest of truth.  He was a darling of the liberals for his many traitorous acts against his Republican Party.  He was the maverick, but always to the left.  He urged compromise while the Democrat Party drifts toward socialism. 


    In particular, he will be remembered in history for his momentous vote that defeated the repeal of Obamacare, even though he had campaigned on abolishing it.  For that he deserves eternal damnation.  Did he do it as a vendetta against President Trump?  Did he do it to preserve the signature legislation of the first black president?  He said he did not like the replacement plan but that is no excuse given how bad Obamacare is.  McCain was supposedly a champion of veterans.  But he did nothing in all those years to uproot the status quo at the VA fraught with union bloat, incompetence and corruption.  He just demanded more funds to feed the beast.  In all that time as one so close to veteran affairs, did he not know about the VA scandals?  Did he cover them up to protect the unions, or perhaps Obama?  It took President Trump to make some appropriate changes.  He campaigned for reelection in 2010 promising to support the border wall.  Recall his quip, “Build the dang wall.”  Then he reneged.  In the 1980s he was a member of the so-called Keating Five that tried to compromise bank regulators.  That contributed to depositors of a savings and loan to lose their life savings converting their deposits to junk bonds that financed failed risky real estate investments meant to enrich some bad actors. 

    Let’s hope McCain’s replacement will be a solid right winger who will support the Trump agenda.  That’s the kind of maverick we need.  8/26/18

  • SHAME ON FOX’S ED HENRY.  Usually a savvy commentator on Fox, last night Ed Henry made a fool of himself grilling the gorgeous Katrina Pierson about her knowledge of Trump having used the N-word as the traitorous Omerosa claimed.  I thought I was watching MSNBC.  As if the race card was not enough, he then pulled the gender card on her barking the question about whether it is ok to call a woman a dog, Trump’s reference to Omerosa for her recent criticisms of him.  Regarding the N-word, NO ONE CARES!  People may feign concern in public but privately they couldn’t care less. Knock it off! As to the dog reference, over time Trump used that term describing several white men, including Mitt Romney.  Why should women be exempt?  The term is not sexist at all.


Perhaps Fox management ordered Henry to put on the act.  I’ve said in the past that Fox is DESPERATE to shake off the supposed sexist image it acquired in the wake of the network’s many sexual harassment settlements.  The complete feminization of the Fox lineup that ensued is exhibit #1.  Ed Henry should stop grandstanding to the PC police or move back to CNN or on to MSNBC.  This is why for some time I have called for an alternative major conservative network that refuses to play these PC games.  I nominate Alex Jones as its signature host and suggest a prominent role there for Katrina Pierson.  8/15/18

  • KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE LEAVES FOX.  Sadly, beautiful Kimberly Guilfoyle left Fox News to join pro-Trump “America First PAC” as vice chairperson, no doubt to help the president’s reelection in 2020 .  At Fox she was an excellent spokesperson for the conservative cause.  But she also contributed aesthetics with her great gams and one of the better racks in cable news, especially during the summer cleavage season.  (Take that #MeToo!)  She’ll be sorely missed.


Some speculate she wants to capitalize on her friendship with President Trump and new courtship with ten years younger Don Jr. to start a new career in politics.  But I don’t think that’s her only aspiration.  I bet she’s angling for half of her beux’s eventual inheritance through a marriage and divorce.  She’s a very savvy chick.  Message to Don Jr.:  Watch your wallet.  7/28/18

  • THE DIVERSITY AGENDA IS DESIGNED TO DESTROY AMERICA.  For years the left has been pushing diversity as a way of balkanizing America, ultimately to destroy it as we know it by transforming the demographics of the country.  The most ostensible tactic has been affirmative action which pervades the workplace, academia, housing and society at large.  This policy has underpinnings in the law, as well as social acquiescence as a result of an intimidating imposition of political correctness.  

         Another way of diversifying America has been through lax immigration enforcement, especially in recent years.  In the Obama administration, border                 patrol officers were ordered to catch and release illegal aliens, and at one point told not to come to work.  Now the left promotes complete disregard for                 immigration law in the designation of sanctuary cities and states while increasingly calling for open borders, and even the abolition of Immigration and                 Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Of course, the ultimate objective is to secure the votes of these immigrants when they eventually acquire voting rights.  They         undoubtedly will overwhelmingly support liberal big government policies that will doom America.

         The diversity agenda has long infected education where American exceptionalism is now heresy.  Accordingly, the left has suppressed the teaching of                 Western civilization, eliminated American history and civics in many schools, and generally dumbed down curricula and performance standards.  A most             disturbing revelation was disclosed on the Laura Ingraham program last night by Dean Cheng of The Heritage Foundation.  Astonishingly, in response to             Ingraham’s comment that American students are not choosing STEM curricula, Mr. Cheng indicated it was by design.  He said that college professors are             telling their white students that mathematics is “… about grievance, whiteness … and oppression” and they thus discourage this course of study for them.              Hear his comment starting at 46:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27AiHx8jzjY  As a consequence, Asians dominate this discipline and other                 STEM concentrations in the colleges, rendering whites marginalized as to satisfying the increasing demands for highly technical and technological skills.              This deliberate surrendering of STEM education to Asians to the near exclusion of whites is aimed at establishing minorities at higher social levels and                 lowering the economic status of the current majority to ensure the demise of traditional America.    

         The ultimate way of transforming the demographics of America is through interracial breeding, and the left is in high gear promoting it.  Consider the many         racially mixed couples appearing in ads today ostensibly as mates, not dates.  Of course, this is no accident.  The left now overtly encourages interracial          propagation by making it appear commonplace.  Interracial unions that evolve organically in the spontaneous course of human interaction and natural                 selection are one thing.  But proactive mass promotion of same by grossly exaggerating the practice for the purpose of de-whiting the population is quite             another.

         The American people have set the stage for the ongoing browning of America by caving to the corrosive political correctness that has spawned it.  In the             end this cowardice will make the U.S. a genetically debased third-world country, before ultimately subsuming into a borderless, one-world amalgam of                 mostly impoverished inhabitants with a few elites at the top.  Karl Marx is alive and well.  7/26/18

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