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Current Commentary 1

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between October and December 2018

By William J. Dodwell                                
  • #MeToo QUASHES SEXUAL REALITY IN THE WORKPLACE.  The recent Google employee walkout in protest of sexual harassment is testament to the groupthink and naivete of the movement’s sycophants.  Even the CEO publicly embraced the event, although intimidated workers would not speak with reporters.  Never is sexual harassment defined, and the woman is always to be believed.  It would seem that any overture is off limits, and a mere allegation is enough to banish an accused.  In fact, the Google CEO announced that no payments will be made to anyone named in a sexual harassment claim.  What a travesty!

    The nouveau puritanism imposed by #MeToo denies the natural sexual dynamics of the workplace. Indeed, what was normal male pursuit is now considered sexual harassment.  As such, the new mores leave little room for starting relationships.  The fact since time immemorial is that women want and expect to be wooed, especially if still disposed while the biological clock winds down.  Oftentimes the workplace is the only venue available to them, and men, as time constraints and circumstance preclude alternatives.  But for the #MeToo crowd emasculating men to empower women is more important.

 Historically, women rely on the workplace to meet men in the hope of marriage, children, and yes, sexual recreation.  Middle age women can’t go to clubs anymore.  And they may not be interested in adoption, surrogacy, childlessness or maidenhood.  Men instinctively initiate the interactive process that accommodates women’s desires.  Perhaps, it’s a prolonged gaze, an innocuous touch, mutually furtive knee contact under a conference table, or a slightly salacious double entendre with a smile.  This is not sexual harassment.  It’s flirting.  It’s sexual reality in the workplace.  Indeed, it’s life.  So, get out of the way #MeToo!

            When a few men and women work in close proximity for an extended time, such as a temporary office at an offsite function, sparks will fly.  Many men                 would eventually make a pass at a woman in that circumstance.  And many women would be disappointed if they didn’t.  But #MeToo makes that quite             dangerous today.

            I know of one man’s experience that is instructive as a microcosm of sexual reality in the workplace.  On three separate occasions in different years, he                 cautiously indicated sexual interest in a woman colleague.  In each case, she appeared with a plunging neckline the next day exposing abundant                             cleavage.  The message was clear:  You started it, so you complete it.  Today, such a scenario might prompt a woman to cash in through a frivolous                     sexual harassment lawsuit.

#MeToo deprives women of important emotional experience because of its taboo against sexual expression in the workplace, as it deters many men from behaving normally as women would expect.  The movement is supposed to benefit women.  But in reality it probably makes many of them quite unhappy.

See my manifesto, “War On MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary


  • A PERSONAL APPEAL TO SAVE THE NATION.  Vote Republican on November 6th.  Turnout is vital! It’s all been said but the following cannot be repeated enough. 

    • This election is mainly about keeping Democrats out so Republicans can retain control of the House and Senate.  But it’s also about increasing those majorities to facilitate passing Trump’s agenda.  Undesirable Republicans can be dealt with later.

    •  A Democratic House or Senate would undo the economic prosperity enjoyed since Trump’s election as business and consumer confidence wane and the left thwarts Trump’s reforms.  

    • The Democrats would raise taxes and abandon all immigration controls as they lead key committees that control the legislative process.

    • Democrats have lurched radically to the left in their dedication to making America a socialist nation on the order of Europe.  They are globalists.

    • Remember the corrupted Kavanaugh hearings, the caravans, and sanctuary cities all of which have shown the Democrats’ true colors.  Democrats support unbridled illegal immigration ultimately to create legions of new voters, the vast majority of whom will certainly vote Democratic if citizenship is eventually granted.  They don’t care a whit about the effect of waves of impoverished migrants and the many criminals among them.  11/5/18

  • THE NEW FOX NEWS:  ALL CHICKS ALL THE TIME.  Ever since Fox News settled several sexual harassment lawsuits last year it has flooded the zone with female anchors, contributors and panelists in desperate atonement for its supposed sins.  The news set now rivals the Rockettes conga line at Radio City Music Hall across the street from its New York City offices often appearing in the background.  What’s next, the Menstrual Minstrels?  It’s not that the women on the air aren’t whip smart and competent.  It’s a cultural thing.  There’s little testosterone left there.  Since men rule the world they are best suited to report on it, and probably constitute the bulk of the audience.

    Here are some hypothetical substitutions that would improve the already good ratings.  Retain Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Brit Hume, Mark Levin and Brian Kilmeade, and add Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Bill O’Reilly, and Alex Jones.  Want gender balance?  Keep Jean Pirro, the hottest chick in cable news, and give Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin their own shows.  As to the other Foxettes, send them to Naked News.  I’ll gladly watch them over there.  (Take that #MeToo!)  10/31/18

  • TRUMP IS WRONG ABOUT INTEREST RATES.  The president has been quite vocal about his opposition to the Fed raising short-term interest rates, even calling into question the wisdom of his appointing Jerome Powell as chairman.  This concern no doubt stems from Trump’s historical sensitivity to interest rates as a real estate developer heavily dependent on borrowing.  But now he should concern himself with the entire economy and the need to normalize interest rates long suppressed by monetary stimulus following the financial crisis.  It is time to get off the medication and end the artificial comfort. (I was a lone wolf calling for rate normalization in my writings over five years ago.)

     To stimulate the economy after the financial crisis the Fed kept short-term rates near zero for ten years.  It also tried to suppress long-term rates artificially to stimulate consumption and investment.  This was achieved through two years of quantitative easing by which it purchased over $3 trillion dollars of Treasury and mortgage bonds, the proceeds of which flooded the financial system with liquidity.  As a result of the low rates, investors sought higher returns in risky financial assets such as stocks, exotic bonds and private-equity. 

        Barring an impending recession, it is long past the time to normalize artificially low rates to redirect capital away from the inflated financial economy and             back to traditional bank loans, savings accounts, C/Ds and corporate bonds that finance the real economy of goods and services, as well as to compensate             ordinary savers again.  That has started to happen in response to the Fed’s rate hikes.  For example, safe bank C/Ds now fetch about 3%, enough to compete         with volatile stocks, which recently have declined substantially.  But eventually, the Fed also has to unwind its $4 trillion-dollar balance sheet bloated by its         aforementioned bond purchases.  This will almost inevitably raise long-term rates as capital is withdrawn from the financial system to buy the bonds the Fed         is selling.  The Fed’s need to liquidate such a massive bond portfolio distinguishes today’s monetary circumstance from any in the past.

        Why normalize interest rates while the economy is doing fine with 2% inflation, 3.6% unemployment, around 4% GDP growth, a 2.25% Fed benchmark             rate, and a still relatively low 10-year Treasury bond yielding a little over 3 %?  Because the Fed thinks the economy is flirting with overheating having                 reached its long-awaited 2% target inflation rate, the central bank wants to nip potential inflation in the bud.  To that end, the Fed seeks an equilibrium rate         that is neither stimulative nor restrictive.  But some argue there is still enough slack in a possibly structurally changed economy not to warrant more rate                 hikes yet, as unemployment has uncharacteristically declined in the face of rising interest rates.  Indeed, for the first time on record, available jobs                         substantially exceed job seekers this year.

        However, recent growth is primarily a result of Trump’s tax cut and deregulation that have generated new private capital in the place of banks, as well as the         capital markets that have been distorted by a yield-chasing escape from low interest rates.  Eventually, the economy will need that diverted capital to                     support production and consumption for continued growth as the effects of lower taxes and deregulation abate.  That means raising rates to make traditional         saving and investment in traditional bank C/Ds, money market accounts, bank loans and investment-grade corporate bonds attractive enough again to                     fund the production and consumption of goods and services.  Otherwise, that capital will continue to be locked up in the financial economy in the form of             stocks and bonds.  Current economic conditions probably call for short-term rates in the 4% range and a 10-year Treasury at about 5.5%.  Mr. President,             brace yourself.  10/30/18

  • #MeToo IS REELING.  The movement has not only suffered from the behavior of its advocates in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and from the lies of Harvey Weinstein accusers exposed in his trial.  Its credibility diminishes every day as more women bemoan its politicization and the risk it poses for their male loved ones.  In addition, more and more realize that the movement doesn’t speak for women any more than NOW has.  Rather, it is largely promoted by bull dykes whose worst nightmare is to be touched by a man, even as an innocent “grope”.  These women are motivated by their man hatred, not the genuine abuse of women.  

Here is an excerpt from my manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” available at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary


“What role does the proverbial man-hating lesbian play in the filing of frivolous and false sexual harassment claims?  Is #MeToo a subrosa manifestation of the LGBT community? Does #MeToo plan to emulate the activism and thuggery the gay mafia displays in its promotion of same-sex marriage and other demands?  Perhaps when #MeToo’s real identity and motives become apparent, women will realize that the movement might not speak for the majority of them any more than NOW has all these years.  No offense to lesbians.”  10/24/18

  • BEWARE THE DEMOCRAT LIE ABOUT HEALTH CARE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Since health care is currently the number one issue among voters according to polls, it is important to challenge the incessant Democrat mantra about GOP support for excluding pre-existing conditions in health insurance policies. The fact is every Republican proposal covers them and not a single Republican official objects, including the president. Of course, the left knows this but it shamelessly lies to scare many fearful citizens into voting Democratic on this basis next month. Without constant rebuttal everywhere, this lie could do serious damage to Republican candidates. It must be forcefully and persistently challenged on cable television panel discussions, Republican advertising, public debates, social media and grass roots political conversations. 10/23/18

  • THE KHASHOGGI HOOPLA IS ABOUT GLORIFYING JOURNALISTS.  Would we hear about this case so much if the victim were not a journalist?  Or a journalist working for a conservative publication instead of The Washington Post?  This is largely about media glorifying their own by portraying journalists as sacrosanct.  10/22/18

  • HARVEY WEINSTEIN PROSECUTON FALTERS.  The #MeToo movement may get another black eye to add to its embarrassment in the Kavanaugh hearings.  The rape trial of Harvey Weinstein, the supposed universal symbol of sexual misconduct and catalyst for the crusade, has exposed some inconvenient truths.  As it happens two of the accusers engaged in consensual, not coercive, sex with Weinstein according to revelations and an email.  In addition, the judge dismissed a leading figure of the prosecution for withholding exculpatory evidence that discredits an accuser.  With that, the leading Assistant DA resigned just before she reached a 20-year tenure that would qualify her for a pension.  Then a second Assistant DA quit. 

It’s funny what comes to light when sexual harassment cases go to trial where plaintiff lies are exposed and the rule of law is applied.  That’s why only 25% of sexual misconduct cases go to court and only 5% of those result in conviction.  The #MeToo modus operandi capitalizes on the reluctance of both the accuser and defendant to bear the cost and humiliation of trial by forcing lucrative settlements that sustain false and frivolous charges.  They also encourage more phony accusations that collectively create the inaccurate impression of massive injustice against women.  10/22/18

  • FEMINIST PROTESTORS UNDERMINE THE QUEST FOR WOMEN’S EQUALITY.  The behavior of Kavanaugh protestors in the Senate hearing room, outside the Supreme Court, in  elevator cages and elsewhere really makes women look bad.  These screeching hysterical broads are unbearable, many with crewcuts and buzzcuts that typify what one might expect in this lot.  Their fragility, self-pity and irrationality don’t inspire support for women’s equality.  On the contrary, they remind us of why women have always been subordinate.  They must be an embarrassment to the many level-headed conforming women who contribute so much.  From a man’s perspective, these demonstrations, coupled with the fraud and injustice of the #MeToo movement, reinforce the affinity for the proverbial old boys network.  Considering it is still a man’s world, all this ruckus moves women several steps backward.  It does more to send them to the unemployment line than to the board room.  10/12/18

  • #MeToo IN DAMAGE CONTROL MODE.  In the wake of the black eye resulting from the Kavanaugh imbroglio, #MeToo runs for cover.  The new mantra is to remind the world that men who make accusations about sexual misconduct also should be listened to.  Witness recent statements by Kamala Harris and Melania Trump, just to name a couple.  So now that the movement acknowledges that men may also file phony charges of sexual assault everything is supposed to be fine.  No consolation here.  Only an infinitesimal percentage of sexual charges are filed by men against women.  After all, what red blooded straight American male would complain about sexual aggression from a women?  Is this concession aimed at same-sex offenses?  In any case, nothing mitigates the gross injustices of so many he said/she said disputes that have defined the movement.  10/11/18    

         - "Rally grass roots support for a non-violent insurgency using “War on MeToo” T-shirts, hats, buttons and bumper stickers. Feature man/woman couples             arm-in-arm wearing the gear."


- "Fire suspected troublemakers before they sue for sexual harassment. An employer is legally free to terminate an employee for any reason other than discrimination, barring specific contract proscriptions. Therefore, the employer must ensure that the termination does not appear to be retaliation for an anticipated sexual harassment claim. State of the art surveillance technology is available that could surreptitiously monitor employees to detect brewing sexual harassment lawsuits. For example, employers increasingly use sensors to track working performance, communications, and customer service." 10/10/18

  • #MeToo IS ON THE ROPES. GO FOR THE KNOCKOUT.  Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a huge battle victory in the war against #MeToo as the movement’s undue influence in the senate hearing backfired.  Now is the time to leverage a public awakening about #MeToo abuses in the effort to slay this beast.  The new calls for due process involving an initial presumption of innocence and appropriate evidentiary standards for the accused must be adopted in the workplace where so many are targets of false or exaggerated allegations of sexual misconduct.  The automatic credibility of the accuser must end.  Henceforth, Kavanaugh’s name should be invoked as a caveat to every sexual harassment accusation.
 For background information about the movement and inspiration for defeating it, see my manifesto, “War On #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual

            (It was published two weeks before Christine Blasey Ford came forward.) 10/9/18

  • JOIN THE WAR ON #MeToo. Brett Kavanaugh has become a grand symbol of the injustices of the #MeToo movement. Consider his case in the broader context as presented in my manifesto, “War On #MeToo: The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” at https://lnkd.in/d_xvnvJ Here’s another excerpt from the paper under the heading “What hath#MeToo wrought?” “The new paradigm is a godsend for feminists, particularly the man-hating lesbians among them that give the movement impetus. #MeToo also invites the pursuit of potentially lucrative paydays for the litigious and their lawyers, and provides an outlet for personal vengeance against work colleagues. Now employers face potential liability amid new workplace conventions that negate natural male tendencies toward women. Indeed, today companies hire women at their own peril.” As in any war, collateral damage is inevitable. As such, talented, productive women may be caught in the cross fire, even some who may run rings around their male counterparts. But just as war is the price of national security, it is also the price of national justice. 10/3/18
    • #MeToo EXPOSED.  The #MeToo mentality was on display for all the nation in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  The Democrats and their operatives demonstrated how the movement leverages the feminist agenda for larger political purposes.  Indeed, its credo has been exposed:  Defend the accuser and vilify the accused regardless of exculpatory evidence, and perpetrate lies, concealment, and any dirty trick toward that end.  Now for the first time, commentators are defending the generic accused.  Let’s see if this change of heart extends to the countless cases involving companies and other settings where so many defendants faced gross injustice.                                                  

    The confirmation spectacle makes my anti-#MeToo manifesto all the more compelling.  See the complete paper at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary 


                Christine Blasey Ford


    Ever since Christine Blasey Ford came forward she has been coddled ad nauseum by the Republicans and, of course, the Democrats.  This includes the Republican senators on the committee, Brett Kavanaugh himself, the interrogator for the Republicans, Rachel Mitchell, and even the president.  Indeed, the Republicans have been loath to criticize Ms. Ford at all out of fear of appearing to bully her and thus alienate women against confirmation in the court of public opinion, and as voters in the midterm elections.  As such, Senate Judiciary Committee leader, Senator Grassley, bent over backwards to accommodate Ms. Ford’s conditions for testifying, except for an unprecedented demand that the accused appear for questioning first.  Meanwhile, the Democrats on the committee and Ford’s lawyers subvert the process through delay tactics in the hope of extending the process to the November elections and thus end Kavanaugh’s nomination.


    Under questioning, Ms. Ford appeared weak and childish, but nonetheless credible.  In fact, many say she seemed somewhat imbalanced.  Besides her odd demeanor before the committee, her statements about her state of mind, supposedly attributed to Kavanaugh’s alleged attack, are telling.  One example concerns her paranoia in installing a second front door on her house against her husband’s adamant objection.  In addition, some speculate that hypnosis administered during a session with her therapist might have created a false memory involving Kavanaugh.  Would any Republican suggest that she submit to a psychiatric examination that might call into question her wholly unsubstantiated claims about the incident in question in the face of Kavanaugh’s categorical denials?  After all, Democrats cite Kavanaugh’s alleged vulnerability to blacking out during drinking as a taint on the veracity of his firm denials.  Of course, Republicans would not dare challenge Ms. Ford. 


    Her lawyers


    As mentioned, the Democrat game plan is to delay the process past the midterm elections.  This affords the possibility of snuffing out Kavanaugh’s candidacy, as well as any other conservative nominee, through a newly elected Democrat Senate majority in January. (A confirmation during the lame duck session is very unlikely.)  That Democrat majority could further diminish the prospect of a conservative nominee by keeping the vacancy unfilled until a possible Democrat presidential victory in 2020. 


    To that end, Ms. Ford’s lawyers, recommended to her by Senator Feinstein in a most unorthodox intervention, have been quite instrumental.  They stalled Ms. Ford’s appearance in Washington for ten days while insisting on outlandish demands and lying about her fear of flying.  As to the latter, her lawyers withheld from her Senator Grassley’s offer to fly a representative to her home in California for the questioning.  Her counsel also refused to present Ms. Ford’s medical records of the alleged assault.  And, those lawyers did not present to the committee the complete notes of Ms. Ford’s therapist concerning a 2012 session.  Ms. Ford says she mentioned the incident to the therapist then, but admits that Kavanaugh’s name did not appear in the notes.  One has to wonder whether these lawyers are the culprits who leaked to the Washington Post Ms. Ford’s letter she sent to Feinstein, thus denying her the privacy she coveted by thrusting her into the public spotlight for purely political purposes.


    Committee senators


    No Republican on the committee questioned the dishonesty of Ms. Ford’s lawyers in trying to delay the process, because by extension that would impugn Ms. Ford.  Might that restraint also be out of some perverse sense of professional courtesy to fellow lawyers?  Rather than confront Ms. Ford and invite accusations of bullying, the all-male Republican majority on the committee hired a female prosecutor to interrogate her, while those members remained totally silent.  What cowardice.  The search for truth should transcend political optics, which were exaggerated anyway. 


    Most reprehensively, Democrat Senator Feinstein concealed from the committee Ms. Ford’s letter to her about Kavanaugh’s alleged offense for some six weeks, raising the issue just before a committee vote on confirmation was to be taken.  This was the most egregious delay tactic.  It forced additional hearings and another FBI inquiry that could have occurred much earlier.  Now the current one-week FBI investigation of allegations against Kavanaugh could raise additional implausible or bogus allegations in an extended probe that could run out the clock on the confirmation process. 


    Committee Democrats and Ms. Ford’s lawyers subverted the process through corruption and character assassination amid the total absence of evidence supporting the complainant.  And Republicans lacked the courage to call foul on the lawyers’ dishonesty and were too timid to effectively challenge the accuser.  In an eleventh hour flourish Senator Lindsey Graham forcefully denounced the attacks on Kavanaugh to good effect.  But it was not nearly enough.  As many have said, if these hearings are prologue, justice in America is seriously endangered.  10/1/18