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Current Commentary 1

Miscellaneous Thoughts Posted to Linked In Between April and June 2018

By William J. Dodwell
  • THE WORLD CUP:  A LEFTIST TOOL.  This time of year we have to endure the ubiquitous media coverage of the world soccer championships.  The underlying political agenda should not escape astute observers of the political scene.  As a globally popular game it is a symbol of the Marxist one-world social dynamic, and thus a tool of the media to propagate those politics.  Despite America’s lack of interest in the sport, the left continues to foist it on the populace. By design, soccer has to some extent replaced (Little League) baseball in the grade schools. 

    But in fact, only foreigners residing in this country care about it.  The media, attracted by the huge foreign population in the U.S., promote the game to their economic, but also, political ends.  Every Greek diner displays the elimination contests on the television.  Newspapers splash their coverage as if it were the World Series.  Yes, some Americans respond to a brief focus on their ancestral homeland or ethnicity, and others see the competition as a gambling opportunity.  But the vast majority don’t care about the game with its minimal scoring, seeming lack of strategy, and hyper-emotional fans. What’s more, FIFA, the world soccer federation, has proved to be grossly corrupt. 

The left seizes on the general appeal of sport to get Americans to embrace this globalist symbol in the hope of ultimately inuring them to a one-world mindset and an open borders policy.  Indeed, the media-induced faux soccer craze is a leftist tactic aimed at influencing attitudes about non-white immigration in this country.  6/28/18

  • TRUMP THE GREAT.  The president continues to stick to his guns on immigration and trade.  He insists he will not support migrant camps in the U.S.  He is only enforcing existing law regarding custody for children separated from their parents because of their required jailing for the misdemeanor of crossing the border illegally.  Democrats and many Republicans want him to ignore the law and allow the migrants permanent entry which means effective amnesty and eventual voting rights.  Of course, doing so would encourage additional mass migration which Trump will not abide.  Many of the children detained were abandoned by horrible parents who never even toilet trained them.  What’s more, without current protection some children would be joined by kidnappers, pedophiles and traffickers claiming to be their parents.  As Trump says, Congress could quickly amend the law to mitigate the separation problem but Democrats refuse because they want to exploit the optics of crying children for political gain in the midterm elections.  Meanwhile the children are enjoying a physical quality life better than many Americans.

On the trade front, Trump just declared an additional $200 billion of tariffs on imports from China, in addition to the $50 billion currently in place.  China likely will cry “uncle” first, resulting in major tariff relief (ideally tariff elimination). In the meantime, many small businesses in particular have to bear higher prices for imports and for product of competing domestic producers.  Some may have to close shop.  This is most unfortunate but recall Fed Chairman Paul Volcker’s monetary tightening in the early 1980s that did the same amid a sharp recession.  That action ushered in economic growth and stability still enjoyed today.  Economic relief from fair trade would foster a similar stimulus.  It is worth the short-term pain.  The same applies to other trading partners.

Only President Trump has the courage and conviction to pursue these and other important policies.  What leadership! 6/19/18

  • See my paper entitled, “Rethinking Free Trade” published in Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a division of Elsevier Publishing at http://ssrn.com/abstract=3184446 6/18/18

  • See my June 10, 2018 article published in The American Thinker entitled, "A Protracted Trade War? Not Necessarily" at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/06/_a_protracted_trade_war_not_necessarily.html

    President Trump must persist in his trade stance, notwithstanding economic and political pressures in the short-term. In the longer run trade partners will likely relent because their suppressed export revenue from new U.S tariffs and concomitant inflated input costs from their retaliatory tariffs will hurt them much more than the U.S. Up to $200 billion in annual deficits, the equivalent of 1% of U.S. GDP, has been ceded to other nations. This incidentally finances socialist policies throughout the world. It must stop. 6/10/18

  • I FEEL A SONG COMING ON.  Time once again to shift from conservative politics to conservative culture.  Accordingly, The Comprehensive Conservative features some more of his piano recordings.  My first selection is that great Cole Porter classic from the 1930s, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” which I recorded in 2010. https://youtu.be/rhqEPH8FmQY

        The next song is a Michel Legrand composition from the 1982 movie, “Best Friends” I recorded in 2016 entitled, “How Do You Keep The Music                     Playing?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVoVjirOE1k

        For the first time I add a third song, just because I feel like it.  Enjoy that old jazz standard from the 1940s, “On Green Dolphin Street” by Bronislaw                 Kaper.  I recorded this on tape in 1991 and later digitized it for CD and the internet, hence the raspy sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?    v=ZpxVQXy4_NM 

        For a wide selection of more recordings see my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgNxZBhgoNNZ6nmb7SAKxA
  • VULGARITY AND THE LEFT.  Liberals have legitimized profanity in public discourse, even among women who once were shielded from it in polite society.  Cursing in open forums is now an emblem of freedom, but with certain restrictions in the name of political correctness.  The firestorm over comedian Samantha Bee’s utterance of the “C” word in reference to President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is instructive.  On the one hand, the liberal canon promotes open vulgarity, but on the other hand that code proscribes this particular epithet on the ground that it encourages misogynist indulgence in contravention to gender politics.  (Yet, a reference to the male counterpart is apparently acceptable.)  

    Recall comedian Andrew Dyce Clay twenty years ago.  His act mainly involved salacious invective that traditionalists considered misogynist.  But he never spoke ill of black people.  Today, both women and blacks are off limits, as well as all others in the identity politics spectrum.  Liberal protected classes are sacrosanct and take precedence over vulgarity as a tool of the left to bring down America.

    In fact, liberals celebrate freedom of expression in general (but only for their nefarious ends).  However, they draw the line at the slightest negative racial invocation for which they administer the harshest reprobation for conservatives in a most hypocritical double standard.  We see this in the current Rosanne Barr flap regarding her jocular physical characterization of Valerie Jarret.

Another example of how public vulgarity and political correctness intersect under the banner of free speech is Michelle Wolf’s vile performance on national television at the recent Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner in which her closing line was, “… I gotta get the f**ck out of here.”  After Wolf finished, the association’s president, Margaret Talev, took to the podium to condone the entire act as a demonstration of First Amendment rights.  Oddly, while conservative critics rightfully scorned Wolf’s leftist political references, few seemed to object to her vulgarity, suggesting it is now indeed institutionalized.

Civility as a social guidepost is one thing; political correctness is another.  By any traditional standard all three women behaved reprehensively.  But civility is no longer the benchmark on the left.  Today, vulgarity and political correctness replace civility.  So, liberals get to curse like a sailor in public to the cultural detriment of the nation’s soul while upholding the PC bible.  As such, Samantha Bee can spew profanities, except for the “C” word that violates the gender card.  Rosanne Bar can joke with abandon, except as it invokes race.  And Michelle Wolf can spread her verbal excrement as she promotes the liberal agenda in her act.  The left gets to degrade America both culturally and politically in a double whammy to tradition.

Vulgarity and political correctness erode the nation’s underpinnings by design.  Whenever a PC violation emerges, all media recoil in feigned indignation meant to intimidate the public into common cause.  Really, how offensive is Samantha Bee’s utterance?  Likewise Rosanne Barr’s joke?  Not to condone them, but not at all, of course.  Nonetheless, the media say they’re verboten and you better think so too.  As such, the left seizes upon PC transgressions and vilifies the transgressors, especially conservatives.  As a result, everyone, even conservatives, cow in mass obeisance to the left pretending to be offended for fear of social retribution. 

The left loves public vulgarity because it degrades America. But it will not be permitted to undermine more pernicious political correctness whose purpose is to ultimately destroy America.  Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr recently learned that lesson.  6/3/18

  • DONALD J. TRUMP:  MESSIAH.  As I watched him at the recent Tennessee rally I became more convinced that the guy is a gift from God to save this nation. He has truly made a believer out of me.  During the primaries I was skeptical of his abilities to be president.  So I supported Ted Cruz as a conservative maverick with a conventional political profile to break the mold of establishment politics.  As it turned out, Trump (whom I supported in the general) is producing great results as a genuine disrupter. His hallmark is his unparalleled courage coupled with incredible stamina for his age. His remarkable fearlessness makes him the best leader since Ronald Reagan, and in some ways better. All this despite a quirky personality that betrays some instability (but not enough to disqualify him).  As to his idiosyncrasies, as long as he implements conservative policies, I don’t care if he bangs Stormy Daniels in the Rose Garden in full view of the press corps.

    His decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and Europe for their failing to correct grossly unfair agreements of the past took courage in the face of intense political pressure worldwide.  After some brinkmanship, I believe that Trump’s determination will eventually result in concessions for the U.S. because our trade partners desperately need us. Similar courage displayed with respect to the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran deal, the VA problems, defeating ISIS, border deportations, including MS-13 animals, standing up to North Korea, the Jerusalem embassy, the NFL anthem, and his “free to try” experimental drug policy define him as a truly transformative president.  And of course, his immediate and ongoing effort to nullify the horrendous Obama legacy through a major tax cut, conservative court appointments and deregulation, to include the gradual dismantling of Obamacare, calls for a national standing ovation.  

    Now with all deserving kudos in place, my advice to Trump is BUILD THE F***IN WALL. 5/31/18

  • STARBUCK’S HOWARD SCHULTZ:  A GUILT-RIDDEN LIBERAL FOOL.  His premium-priced lattes don’t attract too many downscale customers.  So, he feels compelled to open his restrooms in the interest of a diverse environment.  Of course, as the inevitable vagrants take over there will be no sales (not even pay toilet revenue) and still a monolithic store population.  How does Howie explain this to the shareholders?  They can’t all be “socially responsible” investors.  What is the protocol for a shareholders' action suit against a deranged CEO? Political correctness run amuck. 5/30/18

  • MY RESPONSE TO WOMAN'S COMMENT ABOUT "ME-TOO".  This is chick-speak.  You ask for more accommodation to girls in the classroom through greater consideration by their male counterparts.  That just plays to the nefarious political agenda behind the scenes.  As it is, boys have been marginalized by a feminist-dominated education system that neuters them. Their natural tendencies for kinetic behavior and aggression are suppressed in the schools today.  Watch out.  Your son’s support for his female classmates you mention may be the first sign of his indoctrinated feminization. Education fools even try to eradicate any semblance of gender difference.  They refuse to acknowledge the historically obvious that males are more naturally oriented by interest and ability for science and technology pursuits.  The first general sign of the emasculation policy appeared when coaches were first forbidden to allow the score of games to be disclosed. Boys have been furtively relegated in academics such that college attendance is heavily skewed toward women now.  All this has terrible implications for our future society.  At this rate, forget about men mentoring women in the workplace.  The guys will all be subordinates. Just what the left wants as the country careens toward third-world status.  5/28/18

  • THE ME-TOO MOVEMENT GETS WORSE. I used to say the lawyers were largely behind it to make a buck, which they were.  But now allegations of sexual misconduct don’t even reach the stage of litigation, or even of legitimate due process of any kind.  Almost daily mere accusations force resignations and firings that destroy careers, finances and family.  It would be interesting to know how many of those displaced men are strategically replaced by women as a means of forcing them up the ladder to diminish male dominance.  While a few reports of behavior may be reprehensible, most are innocuous, or they should be considered such.  A passing touch or comment, a raised voice, or much more, especially many years prior, do not warrant attention, much less action in the age-old battle of the sexes. Ironically, such charges make women look weak, at the same time they seek equality with men. To the aggrieved, grow up. The Me-Too Movement is simply exploitation by the feminist left with a big impetus from man-hating lesbians.  And, of course, the media seize the opportunity to push the identity politics envelope yet further in the left’s ultimate quest to divide and conquer America on the way to a globalist socialist regime (which would ultimately doom women as well). 

To the accused, man up.  Men must stand up against this attack – a tall order in today’s castrated America.  I relish the thought of the possible backlash scenarios. Here are some to ponder.  Increasingly, men will focus on small businesses that lie under the legal radar.  Even in large corporations, male executives will hire and promote as few women as possible without triggering discrimination and harassment prohibitions.  Even before “Me-Too” men were reluctant to hire women because they are prone to filing capricious lawsuits that invariably wind up settled in their favor to avoid further ramifications.  Many cases involve as little as $20,000, not the multi-millions that get the media attention.  These women are a nuisance.  They engender male resentment and skepticism about all women in the workplace, not sympathy for their advancement.  Because of the egg shells atmosphere in the workplace, women will have difficulty finding relationships, or even the chance to get laid, as men concentrate on other female populations.  In time, even women will revolt against the movement as too many eminently qualified innocents go down amid the fire.  After all, they know that, ultimately, it always has been, always will be, and always should be a man’s world.  5/28/18

  • TANYE AND “BENIGN SLAVERY”.  The debate about race is rarely honest.  Political sensitivities cause the focus to center only on black grievances and attendant accommodations as the solution to their difficulties.  This “the glass is half full” view suppresses inconvenient realities about black behavior and history.  Indeed, the pursuit of truth also requires a consideration of the role of personal responsibility and the deleterious reliance on excuses in “the glass is half empty approach”.  In particular, that contemplation should include an understanding of the complete reality of slavery, which is commonly ascribed to ongoing problems in the black community.

Last week rapper Tanye West created a furor suggesting that, because slavery in America lasted as long as 400 years, some slaves tolerated slavery by choice.  After all, if slaves opposed their plight en masse the resistance would have reached a critical mass that would have ended slavery much earlier.  Predictably, Tanye’s words created vitriol on the left.  True to form, some black thugs called for violence against him in a display of animus that is symptomatic of problematic black behavior writ large.  On the right, Laura Ingraham suggested Tanye meant to say something less toxic that did not diminish slavery as the sacred cow it is.  No, Tanye said what he meant.  What’s more, he’s right, the extent to which has to be determined.

I have long harbored Tanye’s thought about what might be considered certain benign slavery but have not dared to address it in my extensive writings on race.  But since Tanye opened the door, I will enter the fray.  Of course, this is not to ignore lynchings, whippings and other atrocities inflicted on slaves in undeniable bondage.  We also know that slaves were abducted and many tried to escape as their owners chased them in pursuit.  Involuntary servitude was a reality.  But could it be that for some, perhaps most, slavery was benign?  Consider, they got three square meals a day and a roof over their heads that might not otherwise have been available to them in a highly discriminatory society.  This phenomenon is seen among some long-term convicts who do not want their freedom when their sentence expires.  They only know prison life and they are comfortable with the succor it offers.  This acquiescence may have prolonged slavery as Kanye suggests.  To what extent was slavery benign, akin to the relationship of a Jack Benny to his domestic, Rochester?  The question is verboten because it undermines slavery as an excuse for the ongoing black plight that deflects from real solutions in the debate about race.  As always, politics trumps truth.

I continue to denounce Kanye West as a purveyor of cultural rot that corrupts our youth and degrades our civilization.  But if his expressed allegiance to Trump garners substantial black support for the president, as evidenced in the immediate doubling of Trump’s approval rating in the black community, I’ll give him a temporary pass.  And I’ll give him eternal credit for broaching slavery by choice, a notion heretofore never even whispered.  5/7/18

  • FIGHT DAVID HOGG AND HIS MANIPULATORS.  Here is at least a partial list of advertisers who have withdrawn ad placement from Laura Ingraham’s program in support for the latest pawn of the Left, David Hogg:  Ace Hardware, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Office Depot, Honda, Nestle, Wayfair, Nutrish, Ruby Tuesday, Miracle Ear, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Joseph A. Bank, Jenny Craig, and Stitch Fix.  Be sure to challenge this outrage by supporting a massive counter boycott against these companies and urge everyone you know to do likewise.  Do not buy their products and register your complaints with managements informing them of your boycott.  Show the Left and their toadies who’s really boss. 4/8/18

                                                                                    ©2018William J. Dodwell