Special Notice 2

By William J. Dodwell    August 26, 2018

With all the media accolades for Senator John C. McCain in the wake of his death he’ll get whatever praise he might be due.  So it is incumbent on me to put the encomiums in perspective by highlighting his faults in the interest of truth.  He was a darling of the liberals for his many traitorous acts against his Republican Party.  He was the maverick, but always to the left.  He urged compromise while the Democrat Party drifts toward socialism. 


In particular, he will be remembered in history for his momentous vote that defeated the repeal of Obamacare, even though he had campaigned on abolishing it.  For that he deserves eternal damnation.  Did he do it as a vendetta against President Trump?  Did he do it to preserve the signature legislation of the first black president?  He said he did not like the replacement plan but that is no excuse given how bad Obamacare is.  McCain was supposedly a champion of veterans.  But he did nothing in all those years to uproot the status quo at the VA fraught with union bloat, incompetence and corruption.  He just demanded more funds to feed the beast.  In all that time as one so close to veteran affairs, did he not know about the VA scandals?  Did he cover them up to protect the unions, or perhaps Obama?  It took President Trump to make some appropriate changes.  He campaigned for reelection in 2010 promising to support the border wall.  Recall his quip, “Build the dang wall.”  Then he reneged.  In the 1980s he was a member of the so-called Keating Five that tried to compromise bank regulators.  That contributed to depositors of a savings and loan to lose their life savings by converting their deposits to junk bonds that financed failed risky real estate investments meant to enrich some bad actors. 


Let’s hope McCain’s replacement will be a solid right winger who will support the Trump agenda.  That’s the kind of maverick we need. 

                                                                                                ©2018 William J. Dodwell

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