Special Notice



By William J. Dodwell     November 23, 2016

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, let us be grateful for dodging a bullet in the recent election that will end the policies of that scoundrel who has occupied the Whitehouse for the last eight years.  As such, it is fitting we reflect on the nefarious force he has been, and record the ignominious legacy he deserves in the hope of preventing such a person from achieving the presidency again.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama heads for the exit in the wake of two terms of failure and venality buttressed by corrupt media, a gullible electorate and a diffident citizenry plagued by political correctness.  Of particular note, is his concealed empathy for Muslims manifest in his restraint in prosecuting the war on terror and, even in accommodation to the radical Islamic enemy, at grave risk to Americans.  Herewith just a sampling of his transgressions. 

The damage

He was lawless, repeatedly flouting the Constitution he was sworn to uphold.  He recurrently lied to the people, notably about Obamacare and Benghazi.  His politically motivated premature withdrawal from Iraq directly gave rise to ISIS.  He seemed to betray a certain sympathy for Muslims, starting with his refusal to utter the term “radical Islamic terrorism”.  And he ordered falsified intelligence reports to fabricate the success of his Mideast policy.  He squandered much of his economic stimulus meant for phantom “shovel-ready jobs” on transfers to the teachers unions in exchange for political donations to himself and other Democrats.  He doubled the national debt borrowing more than all his predecessors combined.  He secretly diverted billions to his homies in the hood from bank settlements and other monies as part of a grand scheme to redistribute income from the haves to the have nots in classic Marxist fashion.  Obamacare is just such a program.

Obama prevented normal economic growth throughout his administration through excessive regulation, and by refusing to cut taxes substantially across the board because rich people would benefit.  This despite an assured boon to small businesses and the lower and middle classes.  As a consequence, American workers suffered chronic real unemployment and underemployment which especially affected new entrants to the workforce.  For his legacy, he desperately forged a heavily one-sided nuclear deal with a wholly untrustworthy Iran creating grave risk for the Mideast and the world.  The country has already violated the agreement more than once and resists efforts to enforce compliance.  He opposed oil and gas development that would render the country energy independent.  He acquiesced to the IRS efforts to undermine tax-exemption applications of conservative 501(c)(4) social welfare groups that engage in political campaigns.  He harbored contempt for Congress as evidenced by his many imperious unconstitutional executive orders and regulatory schemes to bypass the will of the people.  He embraced a global socialist order marked by open borders and diminished American stature on the world stage, and gutted the military in the process. And with all our problems, he thinks climate change is the first priority, while his DOJ considers criminalizing dissent on the issue.

Obama sought to transform the demographics of the nation to create future Democratic voters and to dilute the white population. He was dedicated to Robin Hood tactics and pay-back against white America in some misguided notion of reparations for past injustices.  Accordingly, he surreptitiously directed extra funds to the inner cities via successor groups of ACORN which Congress voted in 2009 to defund for rampant fraud. Currently pending in Congress is The Stop Settlement Slush Fund Act of 2016 (H.R. 5063) to redress this outrage.  In the effort to reverse the white flight to the suburbs, he directs HUD to hugely subsidize low income residents to move into upscale neighborhoods, and coerces developers to accommodate the program.  This will surely result in skyrocketing crime and plummeting property values, as well as kill race relations.

He gave race hustler Al Sharpton and domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter seats at the Whitehouse table and surrounds himself with Muslim advisors.  In war, he hamstrings American soldiers through highly restrictive rules of engagement that have prolonged military operations costing untold lives, injuries and treasure.  He also has prevented effective success against ISIS by prohibiting the destruction of enemy oil fields out of concern for the environment at the expense of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.

Obama’s DOJ seriously undermines law enforcement by suggesting bogus racial motives to police action.  This has emboldened wanton black violence against cops that has caused them to retreat in fear of their lives.  Ignored is the historical highly disproportionate violent crime by blacks that has caused their frequent confrontation with police.  Rather than capitalize on his position as the first black president to address that stark reality, he accommodates imagined black grievances.  Ironically, race relations are the worst in decades.

He ordered Homeland Security to tell border control agents to stop working, such that in some locations supervisors told them to stay home. This, despite countless horrific crimes by illegals that have terrorized communities. He released thousands of violent felons from prison. He furtively settled tens of thousands of migrants from Central America across the country without informing local officials.  He admitted 10,000 Syrian refugees despite the inability to identify terrorists among them, and he supports settling many more.  He granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens only to be stopped by the Supreme Court.  To cover his tracks, he reports bogus deportation increases.

In his final days as president Obama is no doubt working to solidify his mark through more executive orders, regulation and affirmative action placements with his “pen and phone”.  Trump will be able to undo some of it but much of the taint will likely remain.

Obama’s path to the presidency

How did this character become president?  Obsessed with the prospect of Obama becoming the first black commander-in-chief, the media put him in play as a potential candidate after an uplifting speech he delivered at the 2004 Democratic Convention.  They have shamelessly protected, promoted, and cheated for him ever since.  The left figured that, as president, Obama would become an exalted symbol of the underclass that liberals could further exploit for their own empowerment.  Thus, the media refused to vet Obama during the 2008 election cycle or thereafter, despite serious questions about his background, including his birthplace.  In the 2016 cycle the media anti-Trump lies, red herrings and propaganda were at a fever’s pitch.

Challenges to his origin on the basis of compelling evidence were summarily vilified and dismissed, even by conservatives, as attempts to delegitimize the first black president.  In fact, the inquiry was about his compliance with a constitutional requirement and everyone knew it.  Of note, the same reservation was raised about Republican presidential candidates John McCain and Ted Cruz.  Obama’s so-called long-form birth certificate which supposedly establishes his birth in a Hawaiian hospital, produced several years into the controversy, is said to settle the issue.  Problem is, no record exists of his mother having been registered in the facility.  Oops.  Sadly, much of America indulged its racial guilt complex and sought absolution by electing the guy president.  

The electorate also fell for the leftist propaganda about big government, diversity and the environment fostered by the poisonous culture of political correctness.  Ironically, Obama’s transgressions may make it harder to elect another black president.  This would be a shame if the likes of such blacks as former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, former Congressman Allen West, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke were to run in the future.

A new day

But America finally awoke on November 8, 2016 in electing Donald J. Trump, as Obama had pushed the envelope too far.  The nation has been providentially snatched from the abyss that would have been a Hillary Clinton administration dedicated to continuing the Obama disaster.  Now the country can hope for large tax cuts and regulatory relief that will finally spur the economy to prosperity again.  Also in prospect are secure borders and deportation of criminal illegals, the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, new oil and gas development, and a Supreme Court that will uphold the Constitution.  As Trump might say, “This is H-U-G-E.”  But he must resist the many pressures within and without his party to relent. 

As Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”  The election worked out this time, but it could backfire in the future as the left further entrenches and the culture deteriorates.  After all, Hillary won over half the votes despite her leftist agenda and abject corruption.  And, Obama enjoys a high (personal) approval rating.  Trump had better do well because some black degenerate named Kanye West says he is going to run for president in 2020.  Will America fall for racial and other gambits again to allow another scoundrel to foul the office, whether it be that jerk rapper or some other leftist?

On January 20, 2017 the Marxist and likely foreign-born secret Muslim will saunter out of the Whitehouse with a smirk that says, “S-U-C-K-E-R-S”.  Good riddance, Obama.  May the door hit you on the way out … really hard.

                                                                        ©2016 William J. Dodwell