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By William J. Dodwell    July 24, 2019

It seems that ever since I published my anti-#MeToo manifesto last September at  https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary   the movement has been fading fast.  Coincidence?  As a self-proclaimed leader of the #MeToo resistance, I stood alone in the beginning publicly lambasting gross injustices, as the masses on the left and right flocked like lemmings in knee-jerk defense of the generic accuser.  

But in less than two years the tide has turned.  Recently, even a Hollywood actress and seven Democrat senators have moderated their blind support for #MeToo. Meryl Streep criticized the feminist campaign against “toxic masculinity”, and the liberal senators expressed their regret for their support to remove Al Franken from the Senate in response to sexual harassment accusations without any due process, thanks to coercion from a cowardly Chuck Schumer.  And daily news reports of sexual misconduct stories have dwindled to a trickle.  


In a major strike for justice, the Trump administration ordered colleges to enforce due process rights in campus sexual misconduct cases.  This overrode an Obama directive that encouraged outrageously unfair prosecutions by threatening to withhold federal money from insufficiently aggressive college administrators. This injustice potentially destroyed the professional lives of student defendants.  Now many accused fight back winning exoneration and large settlements from academia.


Public opinion about #MeToo has shifted significantly, as sympathy has emerged for men who lose their livelihoods and suffer major financial loss at the hands of this vile movement.  Indeed, for many converts, false and frivolous claims, often fabricated by corrupt plaintiff lawyers, have caught their own friends and family members in the net.  What’s more, the new weaponized feminism undermines legitimate calls for better opportunities for women. (What man would hire or even associate with women prone to filing sexual harassment complaints?) Societal castration in the course of empowering women by disempowering men no longer holds the day, except among man-hating lesbians likely behind many lawsuits.  The new consensus is, enough is enough.  People now realize the importance of due process under the law, such that “Always believe the woman” is an unjust standard.  The backlash is well underway.


We await the results of the Harvey Weinstein rape and assault trial that begins in September.  A separate $44 million settlement was reached in connection with civil lawsuits brought by dozens of women.  The verdict in the criminal case will be a landmark test for due process and standards of proof in sexual harassment litigation. What a blow to #MeToo if Weinstein walks.  And it is hoped that corporate pests who bring dubious sexual harassment lawsuits, some many years after the fact, will be brought to heel by legal rebuke and the absence of public support. 

#MeToo is somewhat diminished.  But let’s not relent until we witness its complete demise. 

©2019 William J. Dodwell

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