Special Notice 20


            By William J. Dodwell    September 5, 2019

The leftists are coming! The leftists are coming!  Just as Paul Revere alarmed the colonists of the oncoming British Army bent on their destruction, so do Americans today need an acute warning about the nefarious ideological revolution brewing on the political left.


Make no mistake, the goal of the left today, implicit in its evermore audacious policy proposals, is to destroy America and preside over the spoils in the creation of a new globalist Marxist order.  It accomplishes this with full complicity of mass media, academia and a growing number of representatives in government, as well as through the worrisome politicization of the courts.  The evidence is clear. 


Immigration and demographics


Consider the sudden call for open borders and sanctuary cities, support for orchestrated caravans of invaders from Central America, as well as systematic voter fraud.  The ultimate goal is to create virtually permanent electoral Democratic control of government by capitalizing on a large socialist predisposition that results from chain migration and eventual blanket amnesty with citizenship.  This outcome would sustain an ongoing Marxist agenda that would dismiss American sovereignty and culture.  Impoverished immigrants from south of the border and elsewhere, having no interest in assimilation, flood communities around the country to strain resources, perpetrate horrific crime, and diminish the quality of life while contributing relatively little as a whole.  A society riven by such malaise is destined to collapse.  Indeed, the left’s obsession with diversity is a ruse to balkanize America toward that end.


The left hopes to transform American demographics on a grand scale through unrestricted immigration and a naive spirit of egalitarian tolerance.  For example, Madison Avenue, a major ally of the left, assists that conversion by subtly promoting mass interracial propagation among citizens in most advertisements today.  Of course, that prospect has grave implications for the country’s DNA as to affect global competiveness, economic progress and national security.  Countless individual exceptions notwithstanding, the scientific reality of the strategy overall dilutes the fountain of intelligence, industriousness and ingenuity that built America.  At the same time, creeping Muslim infiltration aimed at imposing Sharia law overtakes communities and penetrates institutions, even Congress now. The debilitating genetic and social polyglot that results from the left’s transformation plan sets the stage for a docile population that readily submits to the lure of largesse from an unchallenged tyrannical government.




Consider the abysmal quality of public schools as leftist teachers unions deliberately dumb down America through diluted curricula, lowered performance standards and relaxed discipline.  In the process, they re-write or eradicate American history to degrade the country’s heritage in the minds of malleable youth, undermining their allegiance to the country.  The liberal education establishment vigorously opposes efforts to rectify failed education through decidedly more effective charter schools in order to preserve the power of the teachers unions, a self-interest that far supersedes student well-being. (But, of course, it wants them to be ignorant anyway.)  In the colleges, intellectual diversity and impolitic speech have become verboten in the face of relentless left-wing indoctrination aimed at advancing the “destroy America” agenda.


Media and technology


Mass media are already corrupt. The networks and liberal cable outlets distort or suppress news that does not conform to the left’s agenda, such as black crime.  Consider that 90% of news about President Trump is negative according to media studies.  What is more, 90% of journalists identify as liberal.  Media promote outright lies, such as the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that leftist news outlets continue to report as a murder despite rigorous investigations, including by Eric Holder’s Justice Department, that determined a police officer fired in self-defense.  CNN and MSNBC present gross hyperbole as legitimate commentary.  Publishers and bookstores suspiciously restrict the distribution and availability of conservative works.  And most reprehensibly, monopolistic technology companies Facebook, Google and Twitter increasingly quash conservative content on the internet to the benefit of a global socialist order, and the detriment of free speech.


Societal emasculation


The left promotes societal emasculation through pervasive female favoritism in the grade schools, a hiring bias toward women in the workplace, a rejection of the traditional male role in the family, a mockery of men in advertising campaigns, and of course, the weaponization of natural male behavior toward women through the #MeToo movement.  Unchecked, all this makes for a castrated, marginally employed American male that is a very prescription for destroying the nation.


The rule of law


The left is trying to abolish the rule of law, a principal underpinning of civilization, to foster the collapse of the republic.  Its operatives ignore immigration statutes and allow criminals to re-offend repeatedly with impunity.  They hamstring police from enforcing the law for minor offenses resulting in miscreants blatantly avoiding mass transit fares and illegally smoking pot in public places. They permit homeless encampments on public property that threaten the safety, health and viability of surrounding households and businesses.  Lawlessness has resulted in stand down mayoral orders that protect marauding Antifa thugs, citizens dousing police with water, open marijuana smoking in inner city schools, and a general decline in the quality of life that continually slides down the slippery slope. 


Worst of all, the courts become politicized.  Consider the 2018 decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to disallow President Trump’s temporary travel ban applied to several Muslim countries for security reasons.  The Court struck it down despite explicit statutes to the contrary.  The Supreme Court overruled it, but only in a 5-4 decision.  And, of course, many consider John Roberts’ deciding vote to uphold Obamacare in 2010 a gross politically motivated legal contortion.  What’s more, the Supreme Court too readily defers regulatory cases to unelected bureaucrats in the agencies because of their technical complexities.  As such, regulators often render partisan applications of law in the rulemaking process that result in confiscation and tyranny.  This is particularly true in environmental and discrimination cases.


Identity politics


A principal cudgel by which the left undermines American society is through identity politics that promotes an egalitarian utopia that seeks to eradicate traditional and historical boundaries that delineate black/white, male/female, gay/ straight, and rich/poor.  By highlighting grievance between races, genders, sexualities, and economic classes, leftists try to create societal conflicts that result in a divide-and-conquer approach to their Marxist goal.  The left celebrates diversity as a holy grail branded by the LGBTQ moniker and associated rainbow color scheme.  Immigration and class warfare play to race and economic status.  #MeToo plays to gender.  Gay and transgender rights play to sexuality.  A multiplicity of grievance groups results in a hypersensitive society that becomes paralyzed by a fear of offending.  A panoply of politically correct dictates codifies the sensitivity as to render the general population acquiescent to the encroachments of the left in a growing tyranny.


The Democrat Party


The Democrat Party has long embraced big government.  But now in its lurch to the far left it espouses maximum government control to redistribute wealth in pure Marxist fashion.  The left hopes to expand government by nationalizing as many economic sectors as possible, such as health care, education, housing and energy.  It does this, not only by means of legislation, but also through executive regulation involving the fatuous expansive enforcement of that law.  The Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and free college for everyone are the latest voter gambits among some of the Democratic presidential candidates.  


The left also wants to nationalize the energy industry through a chimerical environmentalist agenda that eliminates fossil and nuclear fuels in favor of extremely limited alternatives, including solar and wind. The prohibitive cost of the whole agenda at tens of trillions of dollars would bankrupt the nation.  This imperial move is about power and the economic residuals that ensue for those in control from taxation, extreme indebtedness, fees, penalties and confiscation.


            In the final analysis, a few elites will rule from the top over a massive underclass robbed of freedoms and possibly consigned to squalor. Just look at Venezuela, Cuba and North                 Korea to name just a few examples.  It is up to an informed and motivated electorate to avoid this Armageddon.  A tall order indeed.  

©2019 William J. Dodwell
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