Special Notice 22

2019 Man of the Year

For the second year in a row The Comprehensive Conservative names William J. Dodwell, its founder and sole content provider, Man of the Year.  Once again he is honored for his ongoing assault on political correctness wherever it rears its ugly head.  Last year he exposed the #MeToo movement with his shot-heard-round-the-world manifesto.  See   https://lnkd.in/d_xvnv

  This year he targeted the Diversity and Inclusion racket aimed at destroying America through political, cultural, and economic division, as      well as by demographic transformation.  His parody, “The Problems of a Diverse Workforce” warns of diversity chaos in the extreme. See  https://lnkd.in/eeC5SJn


 Always the iconoclast, Mr. Dodwell stands at the vanguard of the anti-PC resistance producing in-your-face  writings and rants that uniquely raise awareness of the left’s efforts to create a balkanized multicultural national polyglot ripe for the kill.  He excoriates the left for imposing identity politics that undermines national sovereignty  and culture, and for promoting a pluralism that dilutes the very DNA that built the nation.  In the effort to tear down the old to make way for a new global socialist order, leftists seek to divide America  through racial, gender and sexuality conflicts embodied in the nefarious LGBT movement.  He denounces their destructive tactics that include  open borders, sanctuary cities and states, massive government largess, pervasive affirmative action, large-scale interracial propagation, politicized education, and a break-down of the rule of law. 


Mr. Dodwell constantly exposes the evil of the left as it facilitates illegal immigration, dumbs down education, and indoctrinates students at all levels.  Hollywood, Madison Avenue and mass media promote widespread miscegenation in movies, commercials and television way beyond natural selection in a pluralist society. Unchallenged, the diversity cabal ultimately feminizes the patriarchy, reduces the national IQ, bankrupts the nation, and ensures a permanent Democratic voting class by maximizing government dependency amid a docile and ill-informed populace.  Mr. Dodwell condemns the leftist-inspired corporate obsession with a diverse workforce and decries the inequities of resultant reverse discrimination.  And he warns of the ultimate goal of gratuitous diversity that is to reduce America to a third-world nation subsumed into a global amalgam.


Cowed Americans fearful of lame charges of racism, sexism, misogyny, and homophobia readily submit to evermore nonsensical dictates imposed by the left.  It takes a staunch proactive conservative like William J. Dodwell to foster a backlash against indiscriminate diversity in a mass awakening from acquiescence.  In so doing, he voices the unspeakable truths that put the lie to the leftist egalitarian model that undermines the meritocratic law-abiding standard that has sustained this nation.  


Mr. Dodwell cautions against diluting that ideal in blind devotion to gratuitous diversity that creates incongruous forces that weaken the social and genetic fabric. Recognizing a benign heterogeneity that has evolved since the nation’s founding, certain diversity is accommodated out of societal comity. But it should be elective within the discrimination laws, not mandated by PC warriors in contravention to other values, or constantly propagandized by media images.  However, even willful diversity is dangerous if naively predicated on leftist influences bent on eroding sovereignty, meritocracy, family, assimilation and the rule of law.  Especially reprehensible, is the left’s dedication to disempower white America.  To be sure, conservative communication and education are paramount to counteracting the relentless onslaught of the left.


Mr. Dodwell does a public service as a crusader for truth in the face of severe opposition.  May his influence grow toward achieving that critical mass that will turn the tide in the restoration of diminished principles that, one might say, will make America great again. 


            In deference to that past and its prospective renewal, here’s Mr. Dodwell’s piano rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

©2019 William J. Dodwell
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