Special Notice 25


By William J. Dodwell  December 30, 2019

·       As we face a new year fraught with political turmoil running up to the 2020 election, conservatives must establish how they will engage the enemy that is the newly emerged far-left as it systematically tries to destroy the nation.  This is not exaggeration.  At stake is the presidency of the United States and gains or losses in Congress and statehouses that will determine the success or failure of the radical liberal agenda.  Conservatives must strive to win maximum hearts and minds by next November to defuse the threat to the republic.  This requires intense focus, not only on President Trump’s many triumphs, but also on specific new pathologies of the left foisted on the citizenry.  How has liberalism wreaked havoc?  Let us count the ways.


At the federal level, leading Democratic presidential candidates attempt to legitimize outlandish proposals for tens of trillions of dollars of new spending that would suffocate the economy and thereby drastically lower the standard of living for most Americans.  Plans include such chimera as Medicare-for-all, free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, and  a Green New Deal that would abolish fossil fuels and retrofit all buildings and infrastructure.  What’s more, the left wants to relinquish America’s sovereignty in a new globalist orientation and vitiate the education system by lowering academic standards and politicizing curricula and practices that includes eradicating American history.  Ultimately, this is to produce docile uninformed Democratic voters.  And now, post-birth abortion is acceptable to many liberal officeholders, and the effort to nullify the Second Amendment gains currency among them.


In recent years, liberal politicians have relaxed the rule of law.  This comes in the form of support for open borders and sanctuary cities and states that accommodate violent crime, drug smuggling, sex trafficking, opioid abuse, as well as create overcrowding and a burden on the public fisc. Corrupted prison release programs put dangerous criminals on the streets despite promises to the contrary.  Law enforcement curtailment gives rise to widespread homelessness that poses threats to community safety and health, and the viability of proximate businesses.  Mayoral stand-down orders to police forbid them to engage Antifa thugs in acts of violence, and apprehend shoplifters and fare-beaters at great expense to local businesses and the public transit budget.  A look-the-other-way policy regarding water thrown on police officers diminishes respect for them, seriously lowers their morale, and invites escalation.  To undermine the rule of law, the linchpin of any civilization, leftist George Soros is funding ultra-liberal candidates for Attorney General throughout the country.


Government is not the only culprit.  The left also operates through a now corrupt media, including Hollywood and Madison Avenue, as well as a radicalized academe that promotes societal division and demographic transformation that subvert the nation’s heritage, identity, and ultimate survival.  Increasingly intrusive identity politics founded on a proliferation of contrived grievance groups fosters this destruction.


To be sure, the goal of the left is to destroy this nation through insolvency from government largesse, chaos in the absence of the rule of law, social strife from forced heterogeneity, and through an ongoing effort to disarm Americans.  Conservatives have to promote acute focus on this reality and constantly highlight its manifestations in drumbeat fashion to help achieve electoral success in November that will render the nefarious Democrat Party a smoldering pile of rubble.

©2019 William J. Dodwell
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