Special Notice 27


By William J. Dodwell    January 23, 2020

THE NFL (THE NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE).  As Superbowl Sunday approaches it is fitting to reflect on a certain history of The National Football League, referred to as The National Felon League in private circles.  Specifically, consider how players’ off field behavior has transformed from the days of nearly all-white teams to today’s nearly all-black teams.  In recent decades, countless players have been charged publicly with assault, robbery and even murder, in addition to many more such transgressions concealed by the NFL.  By contrast, probably none of the white players of the 1950s ever engaged in any violent criminal activity. Indeed, this contrast is instructive as a social microcosm. When extrapolated to society at large, the NFL’s behavioral transformation has grave implications amid the political left’s effort to promote diversity through mass interracial propagation.

In yet another example of the left’s lurch to extremism, its powers-that-be have gone beyond just advocating interracial comity, to promoting genetic integration.  This is obvious in Hollywood content, Madison Avenue commercials and general media.  In addition, bank ATMs, that have featured interracial couples on the opening screen for some time, have kicked it up a notch. Now, lest the viewer think that the couple are just friends, the woman is visibly pregnant.  Message delivered. Yes, even the diversity-obsessed Federal Reserve Bank is in on it.

The left is bent on eroding the nation's gene pool in order to destroy America and build a new Marxist globalist social order in its place. The history of behavioral change in the NFL demonstrates what mass miscegenation would do to the social fabric. Through interracial breeding, coupled with open borders, the left aims to transform national demographics.  The new DNA inevitably will reduce the nation to third-world status. 

As the late great conservative radio talk show host, Bob Grant, used to say, “Someone’s got to say these things.  It might as well be me.”

·      ©2020 William J. Dodwell

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