Special Notice 35


By William J. Dodwell    June 8, 2020

 A singular act of universally condemned police brutality by a white police officer on a black offender precipitated nationwide protests of systemic racism in law enforcement. Now that grievance has grown to calls for broad racial reform.  The catalyst is a combination of peaceful protests along with violence perpetrated by organized Antifa thugs, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts, and released prison inmates, all in the name of the original police victim, George Floyd.

Mayors and governors have told police to stand down out of fear of uncontrollable escalation, vilification by leftist media, and charges of racism.  Even some police themselves pathetically kneel in solidarity with protestors.  Many demonstrators justify looting and destruction simply because property is “replaceable”. Antifa operatives funded by George Soros and some Hollywood celebrities threaten to invade residential areas, and now even train to gouge eyes out of their victims.

The destruction is reminiscent of urban civil rights riots in the 1960s.  Like now, violence and looting nearly leveled particular major cities, some of which never fully recovered.  Such is also the case in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, still devastated from unrest in 2014 and 2015 following fatal altercations between white police and black perpetrators.  Also in the 1960s, anti-Vietnam War and free speech protests wreaked havoc on college campuses and elsewhere, but interestingly stopped when the military abolished the draft in 1973.  Unlike today, elected officials in the 1960s generally supported the police in using appropriate force against the rioters. But like some mayors amid current protests, cowardly college presidents cravenly caved to student demands.          

After nearly two weeks of continuous disorder including massive property damage, it appears police finally have freer reign to contain the violence, although in the face of popular and official opposition.  National Guard troops have intervened in some cities, but Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser summarily ejected them. In addition, President Trump offered military troops followed by the public disagreement of his defense secretary and some generals.

Meanwhile, George Floyd, deplored in life, is celebrated in death.  Encomiums abound for this drug addict who spent many years in and out of prison. And corporations are once again intimidated into reassessing their policies regarding racial representation on boards and in the executive suite. The call for yet more affirmative action will create in-house tension, but large companies seem eager to placate the threatening left.  And, of course, governments promise to open check books for more social programs.

In fact, the left is conducting an increasingly popular campaign to defund or abolish police departments by transferring their budgets to new boondoggles that inevitably will spawn corruption like the former Acorn groups under President Obama that Congress defunded.  The resultant law enforcement void could plunge cities into anarchy and set the stage for a new Marxist state coveted by the new Democrats.  An attempted coup is underway.

Strong resistance in the streets is essential to ending the mayhem, ruffled political feathers notwithstanding.  This includes military troops as needed.  Senator Tom Cotton (R-ARK) said it best in a controversial op ed in the New York Times in which he called for military intervention:

“One thing above all else will restore order to our streets:

                            an overwhelming show of force.” 

©2020 William J. Dodwell