Special Notice 38


By William J. Dodwell  July 3, 2020

·       Why does President Trump not replace Dr. Fauci with another prominent spokesperson from the scientific community who would rebut the COVID-19 propaganda aimed at sabotaging the economic reopening and undermining his reelection?  Mysteriously, Dr. Fauci, who is corroborative or reticent about the misinformation, has been the only superstar speaking on behalf of the Administration.  A few dissenting rank and file scientists have appeared sporadically in the media, but Trump needs the regular presence of a stellar naysayer of Fauci’s stature before he was corrupted. 

An esteemed expert under the auspices of the president must expose the truth and repudiate the fallacies spread by the media to allay the fear that deters an economic recovery.

-        The oft-cited number of infection cases is not important. As such, the emphasis on testing and contact tracing that multiplies the count is misguided, except for computing an accurate fatality rate. But the left promotes a current surge as a pretext to roll back economic reopenings.  The virus cannot be contained substantially by its nature and even intensifies indoors such as during lockdowns.  Most Americans probably have been exposed without consequence.  The vast majority of confirmed cases are asymptomatic or only mildly ill.  Children are virtually immune and do not spread the disease. The elderly as the principal risk group by far should be the focus. (80% of deaths have been over 65.)

-        Only rates of hospitalization and deaths are significant indices of COVID-19 severity.  Heretofore, fatalities are commensurate with the seasonal flu.

-        COVID-19 deaths are inflated by co-morbidities and an expanded definition that now encompasses not only confirmed cases, but also those having only coronavirus symptoms, or contact with one who has tested positive. For example, one report cites a sample of seventeen cases of which only one tested positive. In addition, some have suggested that Democrat governors are incented to occasion deaths to save on Medicaid costs.

-        Hospitalizations are inflated by government financial incentives to use ventilators and classify deaths as COVID-19 related. In addition, hospitals are admitting many mildly sick patients and extending their stays unnecessarily.  This is to shore up profits by maximizing capacity utilization.  The current faux surge in hospitalizations contributes to public hysteria the left tries to promote.

Dr. Fauci has lost credibility because of inconsistent statements and his failure to acknowledge the factors above of which he must be aware.  As a liberal Democrat government bureaucrat, he is inimical to the president, regardless of his expressed objectivity.  During the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s Fauci waffled over time on the question of whether heterosexuals were seriously at risk.  The propaganda then preached that the general population was vulnerable when, in fact, AIDS always has been a gay disease that also afflicts intravenous drug abusers.  Current CDC Director, Robert Redfield, was firmly in the propagandist camp at that time. 

President Trump must appoint a prestigious truth teller to combat today’s propaganda and justify a complete return to economic and social normalcy that could save his presidency.

©2020 William J. Dodwell
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