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By William J. Dodwell    November 25, 2020

President Trump’s credo throughout his career has been, “Never give up.”  As such, possibly apocryphal reports of wavering in his bid to overturn the election are uncharacteristic.  He does not have to concede until the Supreme Court rebukes him. Lower court rulings and state certifications do not preclude that eventuality.  Moreover, the case is truly about preserving the integrity of the electoral process, indeed the republic.  So, claims of undermining democracy by delaying the Biden transition are nonsense.

Increasingly, Republicans advise the president to throw in the towel.  But that is to protect their relationships with a Biden administration in typical RINO fashion and to avoid political retribution. Others who contemplate becoming lobbyists have to curry favor with former colleagues across the aisle. Senator Pat Toomey comes to mind. Chris Christy, a strident advocate of concession, likely has designs for a 2024 presidential bid and therefore wants to avoid an obstructionist label.      

The basis for Trump’s supposedly waning chances are media reports on the left and right that he has no evidence.  But his legal team has presented it in abundance, notably in Giulliani’s press conference last week.  Yes, the lawyers have to prove it, but they need opportunities to do so in court.  They cannot tip their hand and present details in the court of public opinion as the press expects.  That Pennsylvania Judge Brann, a conservative no less, denied a hearing without even considering compelling evidence seriously calls his motives into question.  Extortion and bribery are in the air.  Georgia Republican Governor Kemp is already suspect in some quarters.

However, a Nevada judge has agreed to hear evidence.  And there is some comfort in that PA, MI and AZ state legislatures plan public hearings in advance of the Electoral College meeting on December 14th.  Traditional recounts underway offer no solace if they aim simply to reaffirm a total vote without removing illegal ballots and adding missed legal ones. A correct count requires an audit.

Trump’s lawyers have to prove that abnormalities are material enough to turn the election outcome.  This should be a no-brainer given enough time.  A main issue concerns Secretaries of State waiving standard controls over signatures and postmarks through illegally amending mail-in voting procedures under the guise of COVID-19 considerations.  According to the U.S. Constitution, only the state legislature may do this.  The changes resulted in legitimizing ballots received long after election day and countless bogus voters.  

Another concern is Constitutional equal protection with respect to officials denying Republican voters the right to cure flawed ballots, and depriving Republican inspectors reasonable access to processors.  Also compelling are gross statistical anomalies in vote compilations, as well as discrepancies between the number of registrants or ballots requested versus ballots cast.  In addition, hundreds of sworn affidavits were filed. But most alarming are allegations of fraud involving the role of Dominion servers placed in Germany and Barcelona that flipped hundreds of thousands or more votes in realtime. Sidney Powell is now pursuing this on her own off the legal team. It is hoped she can adjudicate this within the prescribed electoral timetable.

No evidence?  Yet Democrats pursued a known hoax contrived to convict the president with Russian collusion respecting the 2016 election, about which four investigations uncovered no corroboration whatsoever.  The polarization of today’s politics is wholly justified because it is about defending the rule of law against utterly corrupt government and media.  Overturning the 2020 election would be a major corrective.

Advice to Trump:  Hold the line.

©2020 William J. Dodwell

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