Special Notice 41


By William J. Dodwell    December 14, 2020

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Texas lawsuit challenging the massively fraudulent 2020 presidential election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia culminates a developing disregard for the rule of law. It further exposes the corruption, or at least weakening, of our institutions evident in recent years at the federal, state and local levels in all three branches of government fostered by the nefarious forces of identity politics, political correctness, and cowardice.

Government irresponsibility combines with the pervasive venality of mass media, Big Tech, and the Democrat Party to undermine the Constitutional norms meant to sustain the integrity of our democratic republic. Dishonest Democrat officials allowed a sham impeachment, an attempted coup by a corrupt Justice Department and FBI to remove a sitting president, and outlandish influence peddling by a vice president and a secretary of state – all with impunity. The Chinese Communist Party infiltrates government, big business and academe through the complicity of high-level American operatives.  Lawless mayors and Attorneys General accommodate Antifa and BLM terrorists, and decriminalize behaviors that seriously threaten public safety and the quality of life. Imperious Democrat governors ignore science in mandating senseless pandemic restrictions just to galvanize their power and grandstand to the far left.  State officials adopted unprecedented uncontrollable mail-in voting despite the inevitability of mass fraud.  Now even a conservative Supreme Court joins the infamy.

The High Court ruled that the Texas lawsuit, supported by 17 other Republican state attorneys general, did not have standing to justify a hearing.  That is because the Justices do not believe the plaintiff suffered injury from the claimed election procedural irregularities of other named states, even though fraudulent and maliciously implemented under the guise of a pandemic.  Texas maintains disenfranchisement by possibly millions of illegal Biden votes cast nationally that effectively nullified Trump votes in Texas by virtue of his illegitimate national loss. At bottom, massive fraud, provable by an abundance of evidence, but ignored by SCOTUS and the lower courts, denied the rightful will of the people of Texas and Republicans across America.  Texas represents in microcosm and in common cause the impact of the Trump loss on the entire nation.  Proponents believe this role constitutes valid legal standing.  In any case, the sheer scale and national importance of the case distinguishes it, thus demanding trial and remedy.

It appears that possibly seven Justices, as well as the lower courts, did not have the appetite to be party to the mammoth disruption of a successful challenge.  Rather, they seemed to cop out on the grounds of legal sophistry.  Such diffidence, and in some instances lack of integrity among judges in the lower courts, electors, governors and secretaries of state, was on display.  Not a single state court agreed to hear Trump’s case, despite overwhelming evidence that compelled prosecution. What’s more, certain state executives refused to convene their legislatures to revoke invalid voting procedural amendments enacted by the executive or judicial branches that only the legislature may legally effect. This is malfeasance.

The best laws and governmental infrastructure cannot sustain a nation if elected officials and their agents do not enforce them.  As founding father Ben Franklin said, a democratic republic is the best form of government “if you can keep it”.  The Supreme Court decision virtually precludes further recourse for redressing a blatantly stolen presidential election.  So many failed to do their jobs.  And there is no accountability.

Has corruption and timidity amid the body politic validated Franklin’s warning? Increasingly lax law enforcement, that sometimes flouts the Constitution, as well as an apathetic and uninformed electorate, may have paved the way toward the republic’s demise. Blame the clueless voter in part on systemically degraded education and cultural decline. The Supreme Court, and the judiciary in general, may no longer be expected to reliably backstop wayward government, which in this case looked the other way from election fraud. The cowardly decision in the Texas case, and those of lower courts, will encourage more voting rackets, undermining public trust and possibly causing irreparable damage to democracy in America.

More appalling is the growing acceptance among the electorate of far-left policy and corrupt tactics.  Putting aside illegal ballots, Biden probably garnered at least 70 million legitimate votes, versus Trump’s 74 million, despite his and his party’s corruption, his manifest cognitive deterioration, and a campaign of hibernation.  Hillary Clinton’s popular vote majority of 66 million in 2016 under similar circumstances was a harbinger of a dangerous sea change in U.S. politics. 

America, we’ve got a problem.

©2020 William J. Dodwell
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