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2020 Man of the Year

December 28, 2020

For the third year in a row, The Comprehensive Conservative founder, William J. Dodwell, has captured its coveted Man of the Year award as he continues to defy and mock all things politically correct.  Moreover, he relentlessly condemns such leftist scourges as Marxist media, identity politics, socialist wealth redistribution, lax law enforcement and an increasingly subversive Democrat Party.  Of particular note this year, Mr. Dodwell has exposed the left-wing inspired politics of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the government-abetted fraud of the presidential election.  In addition, he has highlighted the institutional deterioration evident in the officially sanctioned summer violence and race pandering arising from the George Floyd incident.

In some thirty articles about COVID-19, Mr. Dodwell decried politicization and corruption in media coverage, supported by many in the scientific community out of pressure or self-interest.  To wit, those sources manipulated statistics, dismissed the potentially life-saving hydroxychloroquine, propagandized mitigation protocols, and suspended stringent editorial standards in major scientific journals to mislead the public. Indeed, nefarious media and government have created mass hysteria and unnecessary economic devastation. Early in the pandemic, Mr. Dodwell emphasized the need to protect the vulnerable, who are mainly the immune-deficient elderly, and free others from restrictions to permit robust economic recovery.  Citing scientists, he expressed the folly of obsessing over largely inconsequential infection cases, testing and tracking, as well as unnecessary and ineffective lockdowns, social distancing and masks.

Rather, Mr. Dodwell advocates spontaneous scientifically supported herd immunity through what is mostly asymptomatic exposure, while monitoring the miniscule death rate as the key metric. But the media suppressed medical doctors endorsing this approach. At the same time, they promoted Democrat Governors exploiting the virus to hurt Trump’s reelection prospects, to prolong control over the people, and to extend and exaggerate the pandemic as pretext for demanding ever more funds from Washington. In July, Mr. Dodwell called for the president to fire Dr. Fauci, the wrong-headed darling of the left doing its bidding.

Mr. Dodwell continues to support President Trump’s challenge to the grossly fraudulent November election perpetrated by left-leaning government, media, Big Tech, timorous courts, and even the Post Office.  He urges Trump to pursue every option toward achieving victory.  If unsuccessful, that gallant effort at least will firmly establish a copiously evidentiary record of permanent protest and, as such, the illegitimacy of a Biden presidency.  The fight also exposes the unlawful operatives and tactics involved in the fraud that can spur prosecution and election reform.

Throughout the year Mr. Dodwell again regaled his audience through occasional musical performances as momentary palliatives from the ongoing pain inflicted by the left.  Modesty prevents him from blowing his horn, so, alternatively, here he is playing the piano. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgNxZBhgoNNZ6nmb7SAKxA  (Click on “Videos”.)

The crusade continues.

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