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2020 Woman of the Year

December 29, 2020

Sidney Powell is a conservative lawyer who distinguished herself in 2020 on two fronts:  1) The effort to free former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn; and 2) President Trump’s challenge to overturn the fraudulent November election.  In 2014, she published “License To Lie” about prosecutorial abuse which exposed grave improprieties in the Enron and Arthur Andersen prosecutions that led to their dissolution.  Because of her willingness to express the verboten concerning the “deep state” and international cabals, many, even conservatives, discredit her claims as “conspiracy theories”.  But she goes where angels fear to tread in the pursuit of justice.  For that, she is a heroin.

This year Ms. Powell replaced fired white shoe law firm, Covington & Burling, as defense counsel for General Flynn.  The FBI had coercively extracted an admission of lying that resulted in his imprisonment.  Ms. Powell fought to allow General Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea.  She succeeded in convincing new Attorney General William Barr to investigate partisan behavior by the FBI, a review that ended in his dropping charges, pending a routine procedural assent by federal Judge Emmet Sullivan. But this partisan jurist most inappropriately called for an investigation questioning Barr’s decision.  Ultimately, President Trump pardoned Flynn rendering the case moot.  Nonetheless, Ms. Powell demonstrated mettle and legal skill that surpassed that of the conflicted and less than dedicated former elite counsel. 

As a member of President Trump’s legal team, Ms. Powell alleged voting fraud by Dominion Voting Systems involving the changing of votes through software operated from Europe.  Although she claimed to have compelling evidence, Trump removed her from the team, seemingly begrudgingly, at the behest of certain advisers who believed she undermined the credibility of others on the legal team because of the supposed outlandishness of her allegations.  Nonetheless, she continues to pursue her case independently, but unlike the other election anomalies, her verification likely will take many months.  Ms. Powell believes the fraud involves overseas communist operatives, as well as, George Soros and the Clinton Foundation.  Conspiracy theory?  It sounds like she struck a raw nerve.

Too many dismiss ideas as conspiracy theories out of fear of inviting public ridicule, especially those who know their adversary is on to something.  The fact is, nefarious factions flourish because of that cowardice.  Truth demands those of courage to lead the charge in the face of these detractors.  Sidney Powell is one of them.

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