Special Notice 44


By William J. Dodwell    January 14, 2021

Questioning Biden’s 2020 presidential election victory relative to alleged fraud has become verboten in all quarters subject to banishment from polite society, and even retribution.  Virtually no opinion about fraud is tolerated anymore on the left or the right.

Despite abundant evidence presented by Rudy Giulliani and Sydney Powell to several state legislatures, including hundreds of sworn affidavits, some 60 courts irresponsibly dismissed it without scrutiny, precluding the opportunity to prove the fraud in discovery.  Even testament to the allegations in the request of certain state legislatures to rescind their slate of electors in the recent Electoral College certification process was not enough.  Congress denied the request without review, compounding the apparent judicial nullification.

 The media also ignore a separate two-volume report of election irregularities and fraud by Peter Navarro.  While the individuals mentioned are partisans of the president, their voluminous and detailed findings, including outcome determinative statistical anomalies, certainly warrant independent investigation that can spur judicial relief.  Instead, the response everywhere is an incessant mantra of “no evidence”.  Didn’t Goebbles do this?  Don’t the Holocaust deniers do this?

Of course, the media-coerced “consensus” rejecting election fraud makes that position more suspect as we learned from precedents concerning Obama’s birthplace, the AIDS hoax of the 1980s, and climate-change.

Obama’s birthplace:  Compelling questions abounded about Obama’s birthplace as it related to his Constitutional eligibility for the presidency.  But they were dismissed out of hand by all media without any investigation, despite copious evidence indicating his foreign birth.  Media vilified those who challenged his legitimacy as racist.  Few dared to broach the topic, notably one courageous Donald J. Trump. His persistent call for an authentic birth certificate (which has yet to be proffered) reflected a fighter for truth. That quality hit a responsive chord for much of the electorate in 2016 who refused to be duped. Today most Americans do not believe Obama was born in the U.S.

 The AIDS crisis:  In the 1980s virtually all media closed ranks to promote the lie that the general population was at risk to AIDS.  In fact, the disease has always been a gay illness that also afflicts intravenous drug abusers.  The left in particular tried to democratize the scourge to dispel the stigma that fell to the gay community, and to maximize public empathy to attract more donation for research.  After about ten years, people finally got wise to the fraud forcing some activists to admit their dishonesty.

Climate-change:  For many years the media have promoted the notion that climate-change is “settled science” that should not be questioned.  But the propagandists took a big hit to their credibility in 2011 when emails from East Anglia University revealed serious data suppression and manipulation, as well as systematic banishment of dissenting scientists. Happily, in recent years naysayers have emerged in growing numbers amid an increasingly skeptical public. These heros have exposed innumerable examples of misinformation and fraud in the scientific community.

In each case truth gradually emerged, if not completely, as the propaganda flies in the face of reality when skepticism reaches critical mass. Will the increasingly strident prohibition against 2020 election fraud talk meet the same fate?

©2021 William J. Dodwell
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