Special Notice 45


By William J. Dodwell    April 19, 2021

Far-left politics and corruption permeate the nation’s institutions at the expense of freedom, meritocracy, security, the quality of life, trust and truth. Here are examples of the scourge in media, law enforcement, the judiciary, the scientific community, education, corporate America, the military, and the U.S. Postal Service. 

Media – Mass media have become grossly dishonest in the zeal to promote far-left politics.  Traditional objective investigative journalism is gone, replaced by hyper-partisanship fraught with agenda-driven lies, distortion and omission. The tyranny of social media with its exemption from lawsuits provides significant accommodation to leftist propaganda.  Regarding election fraud in the November 2020 election, even conservative media outrageously look the other way, dishonestly claiming no evidence.  All media say that to discuss the election fraud risks inciting insurrection.  Does truth mean anything anymore? The main ballast for conservatives continues to be talk radio, but without Rush Limbaugh now that medium has suffered a setback.    

Law enforcement – The corruption of the Department of Justice and the election of Marxist, Soros-backed attorneys general have seriously undermined the rule of law. This is manifest in open border policies, sanctuary cities and states, the castration of police departments, and mass prison release. DOJ corruption has enabled prosecutorial exemption for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play operations involving her Clinton Foundation, the FBI’s attempt to bring down a sitting president, President Biden’s influence peddling with China and Ukraine, and massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election.   In the wake of the George Floyd death and similar incidents, liberals have promoted a war on cops without any regard for the fact that almost invariably the perpetrator foolishly resisted arrest provoking a police reaction in self-defense. As a result of trumped up public opprobrium and the risk of frivolous prosecution, police have curtailed engagement to the peril of the community.

The judiciary – A most glaring injustice was the refusal of the courts, including SCOTUS, to hear cases claiming rampant election fraud in November 2020, despite abundant evidence publicly available.  They feared the consequences of a successful prosecution that would nullify the initial election result. Relief also would incite accusations of racism and voter disenfranchisement because the disqualified ballots would affect largely black precincts of battleground states. This is more disruption than most judges or jurors would want to create.  Nonetheless, this abrogation of duty cannot stand. On another front, many leftist judges release criminals to endanger communities out of sympathy for them and disregard for their victims.  Others, faithful to the rule of law, are bound by absurd no-bail laws.  Currently, the Supreme Court is in danger of degrade by Democrat calls to add four more justices in what would be dangerous added politicization of the body.

The scientific community (COVID-19) – The left has compromised some in the scientific community as evidenced by their support of COVIC-19 mitigation protocols challenged by science.  On the other hand, some officials dismiss inexpensive therapeutics, hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin, despite their effectiveness established in studies and some cases.  One has to suspect collaboration between certain scientists and Big Pharma in the quest for a vaccine payday. The alliance between the left, Democrat governors and media in promoting the political aspects of the vaccine is more transparent.  Chief among the medical hacks is the notorious Dr. Anthony Fauci, darling of the left. Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins, declared outlandishly that BLM and Antifa protesters should be exempt from social distancing because of the greater import of their social justice message. Meanwhile, mass media and some in the medical community muzzle contrarian scientists, while other medical authorities willfully remain silent for fear of losing their funding or job.  

Education – Marxist socialist indoctrination infects our youth at all educational levels now.  In particular, officials emphasize a concept of ersatz racial injustice called “critical race theory”.  In addition, a seemingly deliberate degradation of academic standards and curricula, including a re-writing or elimination of American history, has taken hold.  The aim is to discourage critical thinking and patriotism that interfere with establishing a top-down socialist state sustained by maximum voter support of the Democrat Party.

Corporate America – CEOs do the bidding of the Democrat Party through craven submission to political correctness founded on the victimhood theme of identity politics rooted in the promotion of racial, gender and sexuality differences.  Increasingly, these industrial cowards embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in corporate policy to curry favor with leftist regulators and the cocktail circuit that might otherwise cause problems for them. The Federal Reserve Bank plans to expand its historical mandate of ensuring price stability and optimal employment to incorporate environmental and social justice issues in its monetary policy

The military – Wokeness has infiltrated even the military as it sacrifices a degree of national security supporting the left’s agenda.  Political correctness has become de rigeur and compliance is indispensable for promotion through the ranks.  “Critical race theory” training is nauseating personnel.  Reportedly, Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, is targeting conservatives for expulsion.

The U.S. Postal Service - Many do not trust the post office anymore.  Today there are reports of mail carriers stealing tax refunds and intercepting tax returns to get data to file bogus ones. They also work with identity thieves who pay them for newly issued credit cards.  And, last November internet videos showed mail clerks opening ballots to discard Trump votes.  In addition, crooks invade mail boxes to forge checks within envelopes.  John Crudele of the New York Post wrote an article February 20, 2020 citing testimony of postal workers about improprieties https://nypost.com/2020/02/19/messages-from-employees-prove-the-us-postal-service-is-in-disarray/.  One said that saving on labor costs is paramount.  As such, carriers and managers throw out mail and falsify tracking data to hide delivery problems in order to limit time worked.

As the nation’s Constitutional moorings and institutional integrity wane amid forces dedicated to socialist transformation, the seeds of division, resentment and mistrust sprout.  Unrestrained, the development paves the path to third-world status.  It is hoped the checks and balances built into the republic will survive to trigger corrective action before it is too late.

©2021 William J. Dodwell