Special Notice 11

Stormy Daniels

2018 Woman of the Year


As a prominent figure in the news throughout 2018, Stormy Daniels is a fitting ballast to the concurrent #MeToo horror which she embodies as its very antithesis.  While the movement admonishes men not to touch women, Ms. Daniels refreshingly symbolizes a primordial reality:  woman as sex object.  While humanity has evolved well beyond that singular focus, that is not enough for the feminist left which punitively negates basic instinct to disempower men for political advantage.  Therefore, it is appropriate to invoke in juxtaposition the movement’s diametrical opposite.   As such, Ms. Daniels is to be celebrated as a theoretical antidote to the puritanical #MeToo model that has garnered so much blind support to the detriment of human relations.


As to her image as a nemesis to our great president, we now know that Ms. Daniels did not authorize her sleazy lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to file her failed lawsuit.  So, that move should not be held entirely against her. In fact, she has become a largely sympathetic figure as she swings from poles in strip clubs across America to raise some $300,000 to pay multibillionaire Trump’s legal defense fees according to court order.  Fortunately, her national publicity has multiplied her performance fee, which might say something about what some people really think of #MeToo.  12/18/18

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