Special Notice 15


By William J. Dodwell    July 1y7, 2019
           President Trump’s comments denouncing anti-American criticisms and lies expressed by four freshman Congresswomen of color (the Squad) became a predictable lightening rod                 for mass media to invoke the race card, especially as the 2020 election approaches.  Even many Republicans joined the chorus.  Of course, race has nothing to do with Trump’s                     admonishment. He simply pointed out the irony of two Squad members enjoying American freedom and prosperity in stark contrast to the crime, pestilence and despotism of their             countries of origin. Albeit impolitic, Trump spoke of ideological differences, not race. 


But the fear of being called a racist prevents the proper response to the four renegades.  (See my 12/10/18 post “Go Ahead. Call Me A Racist” at http://www.williamjdodwell.com/special-notice-8 .)  This is why these anti-American Members are not challenged by the Democratic leadership.  The Squad even called ultra liberal Speaker Pelosi racist.  Imagine four white freshmen getting away with what these ladies are doing.  The race card also intimidates cowardly Republicans into verbally joining the media outrage over Trump’s comments.  It is what gave Obama a pass on so many issues.  But Trump displays the audacity, candor and political incorrectness to challenge the race-baiting for which he should be roundly supported.  This is how to defeat the race card.


Let’s be clear.  The Squad hates America and disdains the Constitution on which it is founded, despite claims to the contrary.  The two Muslims among them likely would hope to set the stage for Sharia law.  Meantime, they join the other two in an effort to plunge the country into socialist chaos as a prelude to that primary goal.  This development raises a serious question: How does the U.S. defend itself from foreign infiltration into the political system?  We see Muslims creating enclaves that grow to the point of legitimately electing themselves to local office and eventually to Congress in allegiance to Islam, not America.  How does the country protect itself from the nefarious intentions of this largely alien force that has no desire to assimilate, and transforms their communities to pig sties?  We see a similar threat in the invasion of Central American emigrants storming the border waving the flags of their homelands, who, if Democrats rule, would have voting rights.


The solution, of course, is to keep truly inimical peoples from entering the county through sound constitutional immigration policy.  But such a program flies in the face of leftist legislative support and judicial empathy for sanctuary cities and ending border enforcement.  Democrats embrace open borders to admit new voters who eventually would ensure their permanent control of government.  They ignore the horrific cultural effects that divide and potentially doom the nation. Look no further than Europe.  


Ultimate control over immigration policy lies with Congress.  The growing open borders crowd in Washington opposes the changes to immigration legislation that would quickly defuse the current border crisis.  And for many others, the fear of the race card undermines the effort to uphold constitutional protections against these threats to our security and sovereignty.  Imagine if enough politicians would emulate President Trump’s courage to defend the nation from destruction through alien ideology and foreign influences.  7/17/19

©2019 William J. Dodwell
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