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By William J. Dodwell    May 28,2018

The Me-Too movement is outrageous. I used to say the lawyers were largely behind it to make a buck, which they were.  But now allegations of sexual misconduct don’t even reach the stage of litigation, or even of legitimate due process of any kind.  Almost daily mere accusations force resignations and firings that destroy careers, finances and family.  It would be interesting to know how many of those displaced men are strategically replaced by women as a means of forcing them up the ladder to diminish male dominance.  While a few reports of behavior may be reprehensible, most are innocuous, or they should be considered such.  A passing touch or comment, a raised voice, or much more, especially many years prior, do not warrant attention, much less action in the age-old battle of the sexes. Ironically, such charges make women look weak, at the same time they seek equality with men. To the aggrieved, grow up. The Me-Too Movement is simply exploitation by the feminist left with a big impetus from man-hating lesbians.  And, of course, the media seize the opportunity to push the identity politics envelope yet further in the left’s ultimate quest to divide and conquer America on the way to a globalist socialist regime (which would ultimately doom women as well). 

To the accused, man up.  Men must stand up against this attack – a tall order in today’s castrated America.  I relish the thought of the possible backlash scenarios. Here are some to ponder.  Increasingly, men will focus on small businesses that lie under the legal radar.  Even in large corporations, male executives will hire and promote as few women as possible without triggering discrimination and harassment prohibitions.  Even before “Me-Too” men were reluctant to hire women because they are prone to filing capricious lawsuits that invariably wind up settled in their favor to avoid further ramifications.  Many cases involve as little as $20,000, not the multi-millions that get the media attention.  These women are a nuisance.  They engender male resentment and skepticism about all women in the workplace, not sympathy for their advancement.  Because of the egg shells atmosphere in the workplace, women will have difficulty finding relationships, or even the chance to get laid, as men concentrate on other female populations.  In time, even women will revolt against the movement as too many eminently qualified innocents go down amid the fire.  After all, they know that, ultimately, it always has been, always will be, and always should be a man’s world. 

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