Special Notice 4


By William J. Dodwell    September 5, 2018

Not only do social media platforms block conservative content.  Bookstores do too.  Last night I perused a store in Penn Station, New York  City hoping to peak at some current conservative releases.  Appallingly, Jeanine Pirro’s “Liers, Leakers and Liberals” was nowhere to be seen.  Only after asking, did I see Greg Jarrett’s “The Russia Hoax” lying flat on a table in the back underneath several other books.  Both were recently #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list and they currently occupy the #4 and #2 positions respectively.  Ann Coulter’s “The Resistance Is Hopeless”, which initially makes the list next Sunday, was absent as well, as was Danesh’s D’Souza’s “Death Of A Nation” which has been on the list for 13 weeks. Why were these titles not in stock and, in Jarrett’s case, not displayed at the entrance to the store along with other popular books?  Is management afraid of rousing conservative sentiment before the midterm elections?


Of course, this is not new.  I had the same experience in 1992 looking for Rush Limbaugh’s first book, “The Way Things Ought To Be”.  And that work was the fastest selling in publishing history at the time.  In the past, I found that hits by Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage also were buried in the back on the ground level shelf.  On one occasion, I took a Bill O’Reilly bestseller from obscurity and placed it upright on the front display table right over an Al Franken book.  I did the same with a Savage book to displace some liberal’s tome I don’t recall. 


The stranglehold the left has over media is beyond outrageous.  In this case, conservative readers have to question the store managers, let them know the political shenanigans they’re playing are obvious, and demand that top selling right wing authors be represented prominently, as often required by contract with publishers.  But beware.  In my experience this can lead to fisticuffs. 
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