Special Notice 4


By William J. Dodwell    5/31/18
  • As I watched him at the recent Tennessee rally I became more convinced that the guy is a gift from God to save this nation. He has truly made a believer out of me.  During the primaries I was skeptical of his abilities to be president.  So I supported Ted Cruz as a conservative maverick with a conventional political profile to break the mold of establishment politics.  As it turned out, Trump (whom I supported in the general) is producing great results as a genuine disrupter. His hallmark is his unparalleled courage coupled with incredible stamina for his age. His remarkable fearlessness makes him the best leader since Ronald Reagan, and in some ways better. All this despite a quirky personality that betrays some instability (but not enough to disqualify him).  As to his idiosyncrasies, as long as he implements conservative policies, I don’t care if he bangs Stormy Daniels in the Rose Garden in full view of the press corps.

His decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and Europe for their failing to correct grossly unfair agreements of the past took courage in the face of intense political pressure worldwide.  After some brinkmanship, I believe that Trump's determination will eventually result in concessions for the U.S. because our trade partners desperately need us. Similar courage displayed with respect to the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran deal, the VA problems, defeating ISIS, border deportations, including MS-13 animals, standing up to North Korea, the Jerusalem embassy, the NFL anthem, and his “free to try” experimental drug policy define him as a truly transformative president.  And of course, his immediate and ongoing effort to nullify the horrendous Obama legacy through a major tax cut, conservative court appointments and deregulation, to include the gradual dismantling of Obamacare, calls for a national standing ovation.  

Now with all deserving kudos in place, my advice to Trump is BUILD THE F***IN WALL.

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