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By William J. Dodwell    November 6, 2018  

The recent Google employee walkout in protest of sexual harassment is testament to the groupthink and naivete of the movement’s sycophants.  Even the CEO publicly embraced the event, although intimidated workers would not speak with reporters.  Never is sexual harassment defined, and the woman is always to be believed.  It would seem that any overture is off limits, and a mere allegation is enough to banish an accused.  In fact, the Google CEO announced that no payments will be made to anyone named in a sexual harassment claim.  What a travesty!


The nouveau puritanism imposed by #MeToo denies the natural sexual dynamics of the workplace. Indeed, what was normal male pursuit is now considered sexual harassment.  As such, the new mores leave little room for starting relationships.  The fact since time immemorial is that women want and expect to be wooed, especially if still disposed while the biological clock winds down.  Oftentimes the workplace is the only venue available to them, and men, as time constraints and circumstance preclude alternatives.  But for the #MeToo crowd emasculating men to empower women is more important.


Historically, women rely on the workplace to meet men in the hope of marriage, children, and yes, sexual recreation.  Middle age women can’t go to clubs anymore.  And they may not be interested in adoption, surrogacy, childlessness or maidenhood.  Men instinctively initiate the interactive process that accommodates women’s desires.  Perhaps, it’s a prolonged gaze, an innocuous touch, mutually furtive knee contact under a conference table, or a slightly salacious double entendre with a smile.  This is not sexual harassment.  It’s flirting.  It’s sexual reality in the workplace.  Indeed, it’s life.  So, get out of the way #MeToo!


When a few men and women work in close proximity for an extended time, such as a temporary office at an offsite function, sparks will fly.  Many men would eventually make a pass at a woman in that circumstance.  And many women would be disappointed if they didn’t.  But #MeToo makes that quite dangerous today.


I know of one man’s experience that is instructive as a microcosm of sexual reality in the workplace.  On three separate occasions in different years, he cautiously indicated sexual interest in a woman colleague.  In each case, she appeared with a plunging neckline the next day exposing abundant cleavage.  The message was clear:  You started it, so you complete it.  Today, such a scenario might prompt a woman to cash in through a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit.


#MeToo deprives women of important emotional experience because of its taboo against sexual expression in the workplace, as it deters many men from behaving normally as women would expect.  The movement is supposed to benefit women.  But in reality it probably makes many of them quite unhappy.


See my manifesto, “War On MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” at https://sites.google.com/site/thecomprehensiveconservative/culture/current-commentary

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