Special Notice 5


By William J. Dodwell    September 19, 2018

            How credible is Christine Blasey Ford’s claim of sexual assault against Bret Kavanaugh?  She remained virtually quiet for 36 years. Reportedly, she is a             left-wing political activist, a prerequisite for a college professor’s career, who spent the weekend deleting all her social media accounts to                                     suppress her political bias for next week’s hearing before the Senate Judicial Committee (now in doubt).  Her long silence ended at the most                                 opportune moment as her conservative target is about to be confirmed for the Supreme Court.  One wonders how much some leftist benefactor paid her             to suddenly come forward.  Her claim flies in the face of Kavanaugh’s categorical denial and stellar legal and social track record.


How serious is Ford’s accusation, which is fraught with mitigating circumstances?  A hormone and alcohol fueled seventeen year old male groped a woman at a party.  Wow!  Unprecedented.  This is life growing up.  If Ford can’t abide it she should get thee to a nunnery.  Teenage boys do stupid things, such as instinctively drive fast, or engage in horseplay, which does not rise to the level of rape or assault.  In any case, Kavaugh’s meritorious achievements throughout adulthood belie the relevance of his adolescent judgement in a possible inebriated moment, and stand as justification for his confirmation.  However, Kavanaugh’s firm unequivocal denial would have to square with the nuances of the mitigated version of events to avoid a disqualifying perjury charge.


In the absence of a trial, the accusation is just an unprovable he said/she said case that should not dash his confirmation.  Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley must deny the Democrats’ latest ploy to delay a vote pending a formal investigation.  A sincere Ford would reject Democrat pressure and testify now or not at all.  Postponing the full Senate vote until after the midterm elections allows red state Democrats, such as Manchin and Heitkamp, to vote no with political impunity.  Unfortunately, the uncertainty that looms if Ford refuses to testify now may provide political cover for some renegade committee Republicans to vote nay in a fatal blow to Kavanaugh’s nomination. 

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