Special Notice 5

By William J. Dodwell    June 3, 2018

Liberals have legitimized profanity in public discourse, even among women who once were shielded from it in polite society.  Cursing in open forums is now an emblem of freedom, but with certain restrictions in the name of political correctness.  The firestorm over comedian Samantha Bee’s utterance of the “C” word in reference to President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is instructive.  On the one hand, the liberal canon promotes open vulgarity, but on the other hand that code proscribes this particular epithet on the ground that it encourages misogynist indulgence in contravention to gender politics.  (Yet, a reference to the male counterpart is apparently acceptable.)  

Recall comedian Andrew Dyce Clay twenty years ago.  His act mainly involved salacious invective that traditionalists considered misogynist.  But he never spoke ill of black people.  Today, both women and blacks are off limits, as well as all others in the identity politics spectrum.  Liberal protected classes are sacrosanct and take precedence over vulgarity as a tool of the left to bring down America.

In fact, liberals celebrate freedom of expression in general (but only for their nefarious ends).  However, they draw the line at the slightest negative racial invocation for which they administer the harshest reprobation for conservatives in a most hypocritical double standard.  We see this in the current Rosanne Barr flap regarding her jocular physical characterization of Valerie Jarret.

Another example of how public vulgarity and political correctness intersect under the banner of free speech is Michelle Wolf’s vile performance on national television at the recent Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner in which her closing line was, “… I gotta get the f**ck out of here.”  After Wolf finished, the association’s president, Margaret Talev, took to the podium to condone the entire act as a demonstration of First Amendment rights.  Oddly, while conservative critics rightfully scorned Wolf’s leftist political references, few seemed to object to her vulgarity, suggesting it is now indeed institutionalized.

Civility as a social guidepost is one thing; political correctness is another.  By any traditional standard all three women behaved reprehensively.  But civility is no longer the benchmark on the left.  Today, vulgarity and political correctness replace civility.  So, liberals get to curse like a sailor in public to the cultural detriment of the nation’s soul while upholding the PC bible.  As such, Samantha Bee can spew profanities, except for the “C” word that violates the gender card.  Rosanne Bar can joke with abandon, except as it invokes race.  And Michelle Wolf can spread her verbal excrement as she promotes the liberal agenda in her act.  The left gets to degrade America both culturally and politically in a double whammy to tradition.

Vulgarity and political correctness erode the nation’s underpinnings by design.  Whenever a PC violation emerges, all media recoil in feigned indignation meant to intimidate the public into common cause.  Really, how offensive is Samantha Bee’s utterance?  Likewise Rosanne Barr’s joke?  Not to condone them, but not at all, of course.  Nonetheless, the media say they’re verboten and you better think so too.  As such, the left seizes upon PC transgressions and vilifies the transgressors, especially conservatives.  As a result, everyone, even conservatives, cow in mass obeisance to the left pretending to be offended for fear of social retribution. 

The left loves public vulgarity because it degrades America. But it will not be permitted to undermine more pernicious political correctness whose purpose is to ultimately destroy America.  Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr recently learned that lesson. 
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