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Dedicated to truth, justice and the American way, this kick-ass, right-winger defies and mocks political correctness at every turn. Without regard for his personal safety, Mr. Dodwell penetrates enemy lines to uncover the ravages of the left.  Moreover, he challenges and humiliates odious liberals as they promote ever-more intrusive government and encroachment of individual liberties.   


This year, Mr. Dodwell single-handedly led the charge against the corruption and propaganda of the #MeToo movement, notably through his manifesto, “War on #MeToo:  The Real Story About Sexual Harassment” available at


He exposes the truth that has destroyed men's careers, reputations, families and finances in the wake of false and frivolous accusations of sexual misconduct brought forth by grifters, vengeful colleagues, man-hating lesbians, spurned spinsters and corporate vestal virgins.  Mr. Dodwell blows the whistle on dubious allegations treated as fact by a media standard which holds that a woman accuser is always right and due process be damned.  #MeToo fraud was borne out in the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the faltering Harvey Weinstein prosecution.  Of late, the movement is taken aback by those embarrassments, as well as growing public support for the accused, and some media acknowledgement of the widespread injustices this horrible feminist crusade has wrought.


In honor of his heroism Mr. Dodwell will always be prominently recognized by The Comprehensive Conservative that he founded and for which he is the sole writer and operative.   12/17/18
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