Special Notice 6


By William J. Dodwell    September 24, 2018

Even some liberals think Dr. Christine Baisley Ford’s flimsy claim against Judge Kavanaugh hurts the movement for its transparent lack of substance and the obvious delay tactics of her Democrat operatives.  After all, the #MeToo crusade is largely about seizing upon a woman’s allegation as a substitute for a determination by trial based on the law.  As such, a claim must have at least some semblance of credibility to sustain duped public support for the movement.  The Kavanugh case could erode that trust.  Now it gets worse with his former classmate Deborah Ramirez’s claim that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party 35 years ago.  These much ado about nothings make #MeToo look bad, and that is good.


But there is more at play.  According to Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Democrats and the accusers’ lawyers might be trying to trigger a certain arcane Senate procedure that could derail the nomination even past the 2020 presidential election if a vote is not taken soon.  To do this, I fear Democrats could feign outrage at some comment in Ford’s, or even Kavanaugh’s, testimony on Thursday as a pretext for again demanding a special investigation.  Conceivably, Senator Grassley might have to agree on political grounds.  Accordingly, Ford’s lawyers, in cahoots with corrupt Democrats, could order, or pay, her to fabricate any kind of concoction.  At this point Ford’s claim has the backing of the entire liberal establishment as it exploits the popular #MeToo mindset to block a conservative from the Supreme Court.  Indeed, the movement is not just about feminism.  It’s about buttressing the left’s agenda writ large.


Ford’s claim has little credibility as there is no evidence, no corroborating witness, and no complainant memory of basic details.  As to the seriousness of the charge, Ford seems to construe an alleged incident of adolescent horseplay as attempted rape.  Hey, any 17 year-old guy who hasn’t tried to cop a feel as Kavanaugh allegedly did is probably an eventual candidate for the gay mafia.  Also, consider Ford’s initial legal representative, sexual harassment and anti-Trump activist Debra Katz, who orchestrated the claimant’s coming forward.  She is the very image of the far-left, clip-haired, man-hating lesbian on which #MeToo depends for particular impetus, as has the longstanding NOW movement.  At bottom, the case is primarily about combating a potential blow to abortion rights through the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the greatest threat to women’s equality, liberals believe.  But liberals also hold that the entire progressive agenda is at risk if another conservative ascends to the Court.


Will the Democrats keep drudging up more claimants to delay the vote beyond that supposed procedural deadline?  Senator Feinstein already has called for suspending hearings again to investigate Ramirez’s innocuous claim.  The mind boggles at the lies, innuendos, and exaggerations the Democrats could conjure from any number of planted complainants to sway a few Republican votes to derail the nomination, or even force Kavanaugh to withdraw.  Committee Chairman Grassley must stand firm and take a vote this week.  The fear of a voter backlash in the midterm elections for not further accommodating the Democrats is unfounded.  The left’s subversion of justice will galvanize the Republican base more than ever, and win over many sympathetic independents in the very defense of the republic.  


Meantime, the #MeToo spirit underlying the faux Democratic outrage in the hearings may be losing ground.   That definitely would be an added victory for justice.
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