Special Notice 7


By William J. Dodwell    July 26, 2018

For years the left has been pushing diversity as a way of balkanizing America, ultimately to destroy it as we know it by transforming the demographics of the country.  The most ostensible tactic has been affirmative action which pervades the workplace, academia, housing and society at large.  This policy has underpinnings in the law, as well as social acquiescence as a result of an intimidating imposition of political correctness.  


Another way of diversifying America has been through lax immigration enforcement, especially in recent years.  In the Obama administration, border patrol officers were ordered to catch and release illegal aliens, and at one point told not to come to work.  Now the left promotes complete disregard for immigration law in the designation of sanctuary cities and states while increasingly calling for open borders, and even the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Of course, the ultimate objective is to secure the votes of these immigrants when they eventually acquire voting rights.  They undoubtedly will overwhelmingly support liberal big government policies that will doom America.


The diversity agenda has long infected education where American exceptionalism is now heresy.  Accordingly, the left has suppressed the teaching of Western civilization, eliminated American history and civics in many schools, and generally dumbed down curricula and performance standards.  A most disturbing revelation was disclosed on the Laura Ingraham program last night by Dean Cheng of The Heritage Foundation.  Astonishingly, in response to Ingraham’s comment that American students are not choosing STEM curricula, Mr. Cheng indicated it was by design.  He said that college professors are telling their white students that mathematics is “… about grievance, whiteness … and oppression” and they thus discourage this course of study for them.  Hear his comment starting at 46:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27AiHx8jzjY  As a consequence, Asians dominate this discipline and other STEM concentrations in the colleges, rendering whites marginalized as to satisfying the increasing demands for highly technical and technological skills.  This deliberate surrendering of STEM education to Asians to the near exclusion of whites is aimed at establishing minorities at higher social levels and lowering the economic status of the current majority to ensure the demise of traditional America.    


The ultimate way of transforming the demographics of America is through interracial breeding, and the left is in high gear promoting it.  Consider the many racially mixed couples appearing in ads today ostensibly as mates, not dates.  Of course, this is no accident.  The left now overtly encourages interracial propagation by making it appear commonplace.  Interracial unions that evolve organically in the spontaneous course of human interaction and natural selection are one thing.  But proactive mass promotion of same by grossly exaggerating the practice for the purpose of de-whiting the population is quite another.


The American people have set the stage for the ongoing browning of America by caving to the corrosive political correctness that has spawned it.  In the end this cowardice will make the U.S. a genetically debased third-world country, before ultimately subsuming into a borderless, one-world amalgam of mostly impoverished inhabitants with a few elites at the top.  Karl Marx is alive and well. 

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